DIDIscoveries: Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturizer

I have never been a fan of Clinique products.


You see, when I was a LOT younger – I tried Clinique products and I’ve had an allergic reaction to their products. My face would heat up, I would feel some stinging, and the red rashes will appear. I’ve declared at that time – that, Clinique is NOT for my young Asian skin.

Fast forward to about 20 years later – I received a sample of Clinique’s Moisture Surge Moisturizer. In my head, I there was a laugh and a challenge to try it, I mean – what is the worst that can happen, right? I’ve already experienced the worst when I was in my teens when I tried Clinique skin care products.

So, I tried it. I opened the sample sachet and even side commented that the product was too few to be able to sample it properly. But lo and behold, when I put it on my face, MY GOSH – it was as if my skin suddenly felt alive again! In Tagalog, nabuhayan agad yung skin ko! I did not experience any rash or any side effects. The only effect that I felt was that my skin absorbed the product instantly and my skin magically felt so moistured all so suddenly! AND that was with the little product I squeezed out from the sample sachet.

I was immediately impressed, thus I searched the malls and check out the prices. And my my, was it NOT cheap! But then I checked in Lazada and surprisingly, they were on sale when I checked. I took the risk of buying it on Lazada and was pleasantly surprised that the products are LEGIT and there are freebies given!

There was no looking back from there. I instantly became a huge fan and look where it got me, I have empties! Yehey to me!

In case you’re interested to try, do drop by any Clinique store to try the product out first. If you like it and it’s great with your skin – I suggest going to Lazada to purchase your stash. Take advantage of the sale and the freebies!

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