DIDIscoveries: Tsubaki Shampoo & Conditioner!

I am not what you call particular with shampoos and conditioners. I remember growing up that I didn’t see the use of apply conditioner on my hair. But I learned as I grew up that conditioner was far more important than shampoo!

To be honest, I would just use any conditioner. It was only in my 40s that I learned that I needed a more potent type of conditioner for my hair. I remember during a 2018 trip to Japan that I became interested in the brand Tsubaki, I knew I bought a refill pack and used it but I don’t exactly remember being bowled over, maybe because I was too busy to notice?

Last year, when my hairdresser noticed that I had too much falling hair, he suggested that I switch shampoo brands. I then remembered that I had Tsubaki in another bathroom that was just there. I immediately used it and would you believe, that in just 2 days – I saw less hair fall when I showered? YEP! It was magic. Thus, I immediately bought in Lazada, buti nalang it’s available na locally!

I’ve tried the gold and the red versions.

Then I saw there was a black version in Singapore! So I made sure to buy a set. It’s called PREMIUM X Intensive Repair. I gathered that it won’t cause harm, but instead my hair would be pampered. I but the bottle at the back of my shower shelf and would use sporadically.

It was only the day before yesterday that I noticed that my hair was not as frizzy and was felt softer and lighter to the touch. I knew that this black Tsubaki was the answer to why my hair is like this. My hair doesn’t feel rough, nor does it feel brittle! It was as if I had hair treatment! I was beyond AMAZED! So I searched Tsubaki in Lazada and found what I was looking for! It’s available locally now! Yipee!!

Here’s the link:

Stay tuned in for promos, the more you buy – the bigger the discount and FREE SHIPPING pa!!






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