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I got curious because the lead actor won a Golden Globe for his portrayal in the show. I like watching shows that deal with cooking. I guess the topic resonated with me and I feel a connection somehow.

The plot is simple – Carmy is a renowned cook, he came back to his family’s beef sandwich restaurant because he inherited it when his brother committed suicide. Straightforward, right? Well – it is, but of course there will be twist and turns in the story.

I see why Jeremy Allen White won a Golden Globe, his acting is admirable. Every time he’s on screen it seems like he’s going on a panic attack at some point. He ‘looks’ calm and collected, but with the mess that is going on in his life, and in the restaurant – we know very well that it’s far from calm. While seeing Carmy in action, and seeing the rest of the restaurant staff ignoring him, well – it’s infuriating! This reminds me of how it is in the real world, that when someone new and young takes over – seniority takes precedence. What the routine was should be continued DESPITE it not working well. There is no room for improvement because the people who have been doing their jobs for a long time REFUSE to adjust. It was frustrating and heartbreaking at the same time watching Carmy do what he’s doing, trying to understand who the restaurant works when everyone around him, just goes through the motions.

Sydney, applied for the job of a sous chef. To be honest, I only encountered the word sous chef about 18 years ago. I had no clue that it was! So, what is a sous chef? Below is the definition of a sous chef according to Google:

In simpler terms – it’s the head chef’s assistant. Sydney being a culinary arts graduate – that meant she knew the job description very well because all throughout the show, you’ll see her taking notes, trying her best to teach the more senior staff, and try to streamline the kitchen and the procedures. One thing I realized is that – when you want to work as a chef in a restaurant, you should be prepared for the disrespect that entails a beginner or a novice, and to be honest – that is one thing I do not like, seeing her being disrespected, it’s angering! (I know, too much emotions coming out, right?!)

I saw the finale last night and it was such a nice series finale. The Bear’s monologue was very real and relatable. It was then that I realized, now I understand why I’m so drawn to the show – the monologue – it sums it all up. Here is the link of the script, read through the monologue. I found it really powerful.

So, by the last few episodes of the show – you’ll see the whole restaurant staff start to work together. Their flow seems better and the kitchen seems to look brighter! I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s a LOT cleaner and more organized now. Hahaha!!

The characters of the show each had their complexities and it’s symbolic of the people around us, each character represents a person, feeling or a situation in our life at a certain point in time. I keep laughing whenever the character Tina calls Carmy and Sydney JEFF instead of Chef. Her refusal to adapt was so real to me, I must admit – I am like her in certain situation, but when I see the light – well, it all changes. I can understand why she refuses to adapt, we area all allergic to change, but you know what – change is the only thing constant in this world (well, except for death and taxes!) I really enjoyed the show and what it represents to me PLUS in a perfect setting as I have always always dreamed of cooking for people. I hate to admit it, but once or twice – I have thought of opening a restaurant or a food place. I am taking baby steps as I have my canDIshhhbakes where I bake (by myself) and sell focaccia!

I like to eat, and I appreciate good food, but let me tell you this. I will not pretend to know the names of all the famous chefs in the world. In fact, when you throw a famous chef’s name my way – more often that not, I will be unaware of who they are. What Sydney said to Marcus – I related so much because, I am just here to eat and appreciate. I do not need to know if the chef is famous for me to appreciate the food that is being served me. I appreciate good food, whether it be served by a trained chef, a home cook, or a just anyone who was tasked to make one. I personally believe that one’s palate cannot be trained, it can be exposed to different types of tastes – but training a palate is difficult ESPECIALLY if that person does not appreciate good food.

I remember watching a cooking reality show where the contestant chefs HAD to taste a dish and recreate it based on memory. I was telling a friend that I was that chef, I would have been eliminated immediately – why? Because I am soooo bad at identifying spices and ingredients! Well I can obviously identify the protein and all the basics, but other than that – I cannot.

Try watching the show to see what I mean. It’s on Disney+, so if you have Disney+, go go go!






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