Eat Cleaner with Habits by Mia Sison

I am a salad snob. Yes, me – I am a salad snob. Why am I one? Well, because I find it pretentious sometimes when I see people consume just salad for a main meal. But now, I am a salad lover, yes – I have turned a new leaf this 2023 and appreciated greens, salads, and plant bowls more. It took me a long time to realize that eating cleaner is the correct route. I am not saying that I will skip all those delicious proteins and junk food, but there should be a balance of some sort, don’t you agree?

Last 2022, I learned not to over eat (even if I did so many times, haha!!). I learned that when I put my mind into it – I can control and portion what I eat. THERE IS ALWAYS A CHOICE, I can indulge once in a while BUT I need to be able to balance out the indulgent meals with cleaner meals. What do I mean by cleaner meals? For me it means that I eat a little lesser ‘unhealthy’ proteins and add more vegetables in my diet. But I’m a salad snob, diba? Well – things change, people change, views change, and perspectives change.

I decided that in 2023 – my goal is to eat cleaner. That means including more greens to my food intake. The first step that I did was go on a Plant Fast. I jumped right into it and told myself, it’s now or never. I felt that I needed to do it immediately or else, I might change my mind, haha! So I ordered a two day plant fast from Habits by Mia Sison because I saw my friend Kath order from her. Mia Sison’s two day plant fast consists for four (4) plant bowls and two (2) freshly pressed juices. When I saw it, well – I wasn’t the happiest, but then I told myself ‘andito na e, might as well enjoy it!

For two whole days, it was just these four plant bowls, two juices, and unlimited water and tea. Guys, I survived it. I was so proud of myself! It was a major feat for me! I learned that I am ABLE to survive and do my daily tasks normally. Yes, I was short fused on the first day – but the succeeding day, I was good! I realized that, this as possible – to eat cleaner. I just need to inject more veggies in my diet. The most important realization was to consciously put more greens & plants to my meals.

Veggie Burrito Bowl
My most favorite – the Genki Bowl

To be honest, it gave me an idea – I computed the cost and told myself with a little yabang that I CAN DO THIS MYSELF. But that yabang was short lived because – well, I just looked at the variety of ingredients in the plant bowl. I told myself, I CAN buy all these ingredients and fix my own plant bowl BUT – can all these ingredients stay fresh in my ref? Can I push myself to assemble my own bowl EVERYDAY? Well, the answer is, NO. Sure, I can prepare them but with my daily life getting in the way – do I still have time? You can say, I can make time – well true, but then come on – let’s all admit it, tatamarin tayo.

The colorful Rainbow Plant Bowl

That is why I subscribe to Habits by Mia Sison‘s plant bowl. The plant bowls are delivered to me, I just put them in the ref and take them out whenever I need to eat na. It’s that simple, convenient, easy and saves you a lot of time and wastage in veggies when you forget to make a bowl or forget that you even have those veggies in the ref! Oh, did I say that her dressings are AMAZING? Yes, they are – the dressings are AMAZING! Parang when you look at the plant bowl, it’s colorful and full of different veggies and clean protein – kaya mo ba yan gayahin? Kaya….. BUT will you do it? My answer is again – NO.

I thought about it talaga, why do I pay this much for a plant bowl. Well, I mean – look at it! You will go on an amazing race search for all these ingredients all over the metro, think of how much time and effort you will put into this search and buy, let’s not forget – the prepping pa! Oh my gosh, all the slicing and assembling ADD to that the mixing of the different salad dressings! Gosh, thinking about all those – I told myself ORDER FROM MIA NA! Hahahaha…

I am grateful for Mia because if not for her, I won’t be able to do appreciate and love plants bowls this much. I told her that because of her, I feel like I’m heading to the right direction when it comes to a cleaner healthier eating this 2023.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post ha, I paid for all my plant bowls.







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