#SundaySeries: Relationship with God

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Having faith is something I feel is needed more than religion.  Religion will teach us that there is a higher being, but it's really up to us to start that relationship.

In school, we were taught prayers and good deeds in religion class.  When I was younger, I took the class for granted.  I didn't feel the need at that time to have a relationship with God.  As I grew older, I felt I needed it and started one.

I respect all kinds of religion.  I will never put down another for mine.  I respect people's faith and even admire them for their relationship with God.  Most religions have flaws, but I think the bottom line is that - when we start and continue on a relationship with God, then it should be personal.  We need not declare to the world that we are going to Church, or the ministry that we do.  The Lord sees all our efforts.

I firmly believe that our relationship with the Lord should be personal and private.  We ask for prayers because we too pray for others.  It all boils down to good deeds that we do.

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