#SundaySeries: Going through the process

Monday, January 13, 2020

Most of the time, we like things to become easier.  We like taking short cuts to save time.  We like everything at out own pace - may it be fast or slow.  As long as it's what we want.  But with the Lord, he has his own timing.  It may be fast or it may be slow - but it's His chosen timing.

We go through the process of getting it know Him.  It may be from something that is going on in our lives - but it;s a process that lead us to Him.

Our life is one whole process of getting close to the Lord.  We must be patient and trusting of his timing.  We must have faith and believe.

In life, there is no shortcuts.  There is only trust and faith in the Lord that he will provide for whatever it is that we need.  In his perfect time.

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