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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

I am not staring at the screen thinking of what I should write.  I was planning to write about my son's chinese lessons in school, a cooking post using #HeinzAsianSauces, and something about being grateful of what we all have right now.

Yesterday, I woke up to the news of Kobe Bryant's death.  He was with his 13 year old daughter, Gigi.  It's sad news really - and it made me and so many of us realize that life is really short.  I took for granted the blessing that my Panget and my kids get to go home safe.  I saw one IG post of my IG friend - it says

Just last week, I witnessed two motorcycle accidents.  It made me realize that so much can happen in an instant.  After seeing those accidents, I said a little prayer and thanked God for keeping me safe.  Everyday, I pray for the safety of my friends and loved ones.  Now, I'm starting to say to keep everyone safe in the world.

Currently, the world is facing a panic on the Wuhan Coronavirus.  So many news here and there and social media is adding to the fear with hysteria because of fake news.  We can only be vigilant and be socially responsible citizens by sharing factual news and by discerning if we should share it or not.  Being socially responsible is not only for our online lives - in real life, we should also be responsible enough not to bring our kids to school when they are really sick.  We should also wear masks for our safety and the safety of others.

Bottoml ine is - let us appreciate all that we have and be thankful for them - EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Love more and forgive more.  I remember Pope Francis' message - MERCY and COMPASSION.

So, I want to take time to THANK you guys - who have supported this blog for years.  I started in 2005 and I'm still here now.  Thank you for still reading through my blog.  THANK YOU to the brands and PR companies that still believe in me.  I know that I don't have a huge following, and so I appreciate from the bottom of my heart every invite that you give me, every package that you send my way, THANK YOU for believing in me.  THANK YOU!

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