Starbucks celebrates the Year of the Rat!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Every year, I look forward to Starbucks' collection for the Chinese New Year!
This year, we welcome the Year of the Rat and here are some of the products they have in store for us!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

#IFLIX K-Drama: Sky Castle

Monday, January 13, 2020

I've long heard that the K-Drama #SkyCastle is very good.  When I had the opportunity to see it on IFLIX, I immediately did.

The first episode was shocking.  What was more shocking are the episodes that followed.  I was shocked, surprised, overwhelmed and in disbelief of what I was seeing on the screen.  I was told that this happens in real life in Korea.  I then realized, this happens to in our local setting.

I remember when Kailee was still starting out in pre-school, I was being told to put her in various classes.  This was for Kailee's benefit, they said - because schooling now is quite competitive!  I laughed when I heard this - but then when I applied her in ICA, well - that's when I saw what they meant.  Kailee was in a midst of peers that knew how to read and etc!  But to be honest, I didn't want to burn her out - I knew my daughter would be able to catch up.  And I personally believed that if Kailee knew most everything that would be taught to her - what would the school do then, right?

Sky Castle is relatable to us parents simply because we want what is best for our child.  We want them to have the best form of education that we can afford.  Also here in the PH, there is the shame of not being able to follow the footsteps of successful parents.  I am curious - when did this 'shaming' start?  I never thought that for Koreans, it's the same thing.  I was so surprised at the level of eagerness the parents go through to 'help' out their children to the point of making it easy for them.

I felt that thais K-Drama was quite heavy and it honestly took me a while to finish the whole series.  I had to de-stress for a few days before I can watch another episode.  But I was able to finish the series.  It was a good eye opener to me as a parent.  I still shudder when I think about certain scenes from the series.  It's really too good to be true, but it happens in real life.

Sky Castle is an honest depiction of the cut throat life that is being a parent.  It transcends race and the message is universal.  Here are some of the lessons that I learned after watching the show.

1)  We need to let our children fail.  So they can learn that they can go back up.  We parents are there to guide and teach.  I know it's hard, but we need to control our helping them or else, they will give up at the first sign of hardship.

2)  Love is seen and felt differently by different people.  Love is a universal thing, but what I saw in the series let me to believe that we as children and parents see it differently.  Our parents work had for us so they can provide for our needs.  We children yearn for their presence and resent them from when they don't notice us.  I wonder, is there a way to balance this out?  It's quite hard honestly and sometime providing for physical needs is not enough.

3)  Compassion.  This is something I really feel is lacking in the world.  So many of us just go and do our thing without thinking of the effects on others.  As long as we're not directly affected - we just ignore things and let them be.  How I wish every human being is a socially responsible person - I think the world would be a better place.

4)  Stop the cycle.  If what is happening is not ideal or bad, learn to say no and STOP the cycle from happening again.  We tend to see what is wrong but we are too afraid to stop it from happening again.  It has to begin from us, we should learn to stop the cycle.  This has to be our intention - continue with the good and stop the not so good.

#SundaySeries: Going through the process

Most of the time, we like things to become easier.  We like taking short cuts to save time.  We like everything at out own pace - may it be fast or slow.  As long as it's what we want.  But with the Lord, he has his own timing.  It may be fast or it may be slow - but it's His chosen timing.

We go through the process of getting it know Him.  It may be from something that is going on in our lives - but it;s a process that lead us to Him.

Our life is one whole process of getting close to the Lord.  We must be patient and trusting of his timing.  We must have faith and believe.

In life, there is no shortcuts.  There is only trust and faith in the Lord that he will provide for whatever it is that we need.  In his perfect time.

D&D Green Code Floral Shampoo for Hair Loss Regrowth

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be conscious of my hair.  You see, I grew up having nice black hair.  I never had issues with hair loss, nor having white hair.  My black hair was a source of pride because as I got older, I never experienced having white hair.  It was something that I was proud about - not having a single thread of white hair.  My brother had white hair during our teens, so you'll understand where my pride comes from.  It was only when I had kids that white hairs began to crop up!

Aside from white hairs, hair loss is something I really dreaded.  And so, when I learned I was pregnant with Connor and Shobe, my immediate thought was the postpartum hair loss because that  was an effect of my breastfeeding (or hormones).  It is something I disliked most - the hair loss. My  hair loss was very very evident - it was right on my forehead hairline.  So imagine the horror, I had receding hairline!!

My postpartum hair loss experience with Kailee was really shocking.  White hair started creeping up, I had massive hair loss that I didn't even notice.  It was only when a friend noticed it and when she told me, I was in disbelief and was so surprised.  I knew I looked odd, I just couldn't place what it was.  It was then that I realized, it was the receding hairline.  It was a sad realization.  My hair was never the same again.  I remember writing about my being conscious with my hair the most.  The weight gain, I can handle - the age-ing, I can accept - but the hair, it's really my hair that I am finding quite difficult to come to terms with.

When I learned I was pregnant with Shobe, the second thing that came to mind was - the hair loss I was going to experience after I give birth.  I was secretly hoping that, that time around - the hair loss would be minimal.  I really hated the baby hairs that I have (until now), but then I let it go and thought - a new baby is a blessing, I should now worry about the small stuff.  It was inevitable - and I had to accept it.  I just needed to find a product that can help me cope with this.

A few months after giving birth, my friend April sent me a message if I wanted to try a shampoo line that they have brought it from Europe.  This was specifically for hair re-growth.  Perfect timing, right?  Who would have thought!?  I mean my friend just casually asked me without knowing my concerns.  And I was so happy to accept of course because it meant that I may have a solution on my hands with this shampoo.

Then the products arrived, it looked really 'scientific' because, look at the packaging and what's written on it.  Of course, I also googled the product - D&D Green Code Floral Hair Shampoo and from it's official website, this was the description:

I immediately tried the shampoo and it was so fragrant and light, the scent wasn't overpowering.  I thought to myself who would have thought that a scientific shampoo would smell great!  The conditioner was such a surprise, it smelled even better!! I swear, then I had some on my hands to apply to my hair - I stopped and appreciated the scent for a few more scents, it was really super bango!  Reminded me of a vanilla caramel-y scent!.  I couldn't believe that I was enjoying shampooing with D&D products!

I knew that the results won't come in fast - as hair growth takes quite a while, but I stuck on the routine and used it everyday until I finished the two bottles that was given me.  I patiently waited for the results.

Look at the regrowth.  Look how thick it is:

My friend sent me the shampoos in April (no pun intended) and I started using it right after.  This was taken in late August 2019.  Look at at that regrowth.  I honestly didn't think that the regrowth will be this nice and healthy looking.  With my previous pregnancies, that portion of hair would have been sparse and dry looking.  I'm surprised that my baby hairs look healthy and clumped!  This has got to be the result of the D&D Green Code Floral Shampoo.

I can truly attest that D&D Green Code Floral Shampoo really works.  It's not instant or immediate, but it works.  This has got to be the saving grace of my hair and scalp.  I am amazed and impressed, most importantly - the regrowth!!  So thankful for this product!

Thank you April and Dycorp for bringing this in to the country.  This will definitely be a wonderful help to those experiencing hair loss.  The regrowth is amazing and impressive!  Yaya B even commented that she feels that my hair is a bit thicker than usual.  My hair fall is a lot less now but I'm confident that if I do experience hair loss once again, that I can trust that there's a product in the market that can help 'save' it from turning for the worse.  Thank you!!!

D&D Green Code Floral shampoo will soon be available in Lazada.  Currently you can purchase the shampoo online at

They have an ongoing promo - if you buy a bottle of shampoo, you'll receive a complimentary bath towel!  Lookie lookie:

Try it to believe!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR + #SundaySeries

Monday, January 06, 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!

It's the most apt greeting for the new year because we all want to have some positivity when the new year enters.  I haven't done resolutions because I they simply don't get done, well - most of the time.  Hahaha!!

Last Sunday, I heard Mass with Kailee and it really touches my heart that she now comes with me.  It's a mababaw thing, but I really like that she comes with me.  It's a start, that's always what I have in mind.

The homily last Sunday was moving.  Well, I felt the sincerity of the priest and it I can't help but be drawn to what he was saying.  I think I understood what he felt.  The priest was narrating that 2019 was a very challenging year for him.  It was a year that he got a LOT of assignments from the Diocese of Cubao.  To be honest, I know that he recently got assigned to be the parish priest and so it was a mighty big role that he had to fill in.   The priest said that he had a LOT of questions on why he was given all those challenges by the Lord, but he just went on with it and served.

He then narrated that when he started out as a priest, he initiated an advocacy - and that was to help children with special needs.  The group started with 5 kids and it grew over the years.  This advocacy would help children with special needs, they would host some therapy for the children and so one.  As they years grew, the priest would see them less, but would always pray for them and be there when he is needed.  Now he tells us, that the group is serving about close to a hundred kids already.  I have friends with special needs kids - and I see them and feel their joys and heartaches.  I know too that these therapy sessions don't come cheap and so it's so heartwarming to know that there is a group  that is greatly helping the kids and parents as well.

Last Christmas, the group had a celebration and the priest was going to be there.  When he arrived he saw a swarm of kids run to him, when they reached up they were all smiles and so happy.  They were giving him huge hugs and saying their thanks.  The priest then was so overwhelmed with happiness.  It was then that he realized that all his worries and questions were answered.  That seeing these children saying thanks and hugging him was worth all the sacrifices that he has made.  It made everything worth while.

When I heard him say this, I got teary eyed.  I felt the sincerity and it really struck me.  I knew the feeling of being overwhelmed with things to do.  There are days that I just go through the motions without fully understanding what it is that I am doing.  I just go on because I needed to go on - I needed to be function, for myself and for others.  There are days that I feel so drained because I do so much but I don't feel appreciated for what I do.  I pray and question, but then I lift it all to the Lord because I know that I will be rewarded somehow.  And with the priest's story, I realized that someday, my sacrifices will all be worth it and I can't wait for that day to come.

Life is hard, because we get thrown out off course - but we need to be strong, have faith and try our darndest to stay on course.  I felt so happy for the priest, I really did!  And when he was giving his final blessing, I shed tears - tears of happiness because one day, I'll feel the same fulfillment he felt.  But right now, I just need to hold on and stay on course.

I have to tell you, my faith is one of the things that I hold on to.  It has greatly helped me deal with things going on in life.  I am thankful that I have a relationship with God.  It's not a perfect relationship, but it's my own little relationship with the Lord.  I just hope that I can share this relationship with my kids.  I want them to know God early on and have their relationship with the Lord.

We are all going through something in our lives.  We all deserve understanding and support.  And I am trying my best to be that to most people I meet.  I am not a perfectly good person, I have done bad things too.  But know that I am sorry for them and that I am trying to be a better person.  Every day is a new beginning, every day is a new chance to be better.

Happy New Year everyone!