#SundaySeries: Focus on God

Monday, November 18, 2019

I was quite lucky to have heard Mass where Bishop Ongtioco was officiating.  I was very much surprised and felt really lucky to have been there.  I have started this #SundaySeries because I wanted to share my thoughts on that I learned about my faith every time I hear Sunday Mass.

Bishop Ongtioco emphasized on being God centered.  That in life, we should just focus on God.  God will not care if we donated millions or donated a few pesos.  As long as we give it from the heart.  It's not extravagance or bring boastful of what we have done for the Lord or for his Church - but silently in our hearts - we offer everything to God and He sees it more.

Let's not waver in our faith and focus on the Lord.

Lord, please strengthen my faith.

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