#SundaySeries: Faith in the Lord

Monday, November 25, 2019

A lot of people question the existence of God.  I remember in philosophy class, the professor asked us why we don't question the existence of a god when we don't see that entity.  I think we all answered because we have faith.  It opened a can of worms and the discussion was lengthy - I think we ended it with the phrase 'to see is to know'

I don't see God, but I feel his existence all around me.  I know there is a God but I won't force my beliefs on you.  I respect people's beliefs and I will never put their beliefs down for the sake of uplifting mine.

More often than not, there are people who will mock my faith.  Yes, I feel bothered but I will not defend it because I know that person will never be convinced.  I always just lift it up to God and say 'Kayo na po ang bahala sa kanya'

My faith is young, and I want it to grow.  Slowly but surely.  The journey is enlightening.  I have put my trust and faith in Him.

Lord, thank YOU for all the blessings.  Please forgive me for my sins and please listen to the prayers of your people.

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