Little Dapitan at Ayala Cloverleaf Balintawak

Monday, October 21, 2019

Dapitan.  The home of wonderful finds.  I remember going there a years ago in search of Christmas decor when I was newly married.  Years later, I went there to look for wooden stuff and what nots.  I remember walking the streets of Kanlaon and going into the Dapitan Arcade to just browse what they were selling.  I remember too that they change the items they sell depending on the season.  Nowadays, parking is a huge problem.  I've often wondered what will happen to those who frequent Dapitan Market.

Look no further, but with the comforts of an open parking area beside it - comes, #LittleDapitan.  It's housed on the compound of Ayala Malls Cloverleaf in Balintwak.  It's literally a #LittleDapitan because the stalls hail from the actual Dapitan Market!  Here are what I found when I went around:

These #capiz decorations are a classic in Dapitan!  It's so nice to see them showcased and being sold here in #LittleDapitan at #Cloverleaf!

How cute is that drawer chest with numbers on them!

These #GratitudeCups are a winner for Christmas gifts!  I personally can never have enough of mugs.  They're so useful for me and I appreciate more that they have words like Thank you and Congrats!

The classic #ChristmasParol will never be absent during the Christmas season in Dapitan Market!

The clocks above and below are a sure hit for those who are in the lookout for timepieces for their home.  My Panget is a sucker for clocks!  I'm sure he'll have a field day looking at them!

The wall decors above and the wooden series shelves below are so nice!  I really wanted to get them, but the realized - I didn't know where to place them in my home.  But they're really nice!

Ceramic displays!

The signage above really made me smile.  

This blue piggy is my most favorite purchase.  I have been wanting to get a real piggy bank, but most of what I see being sold are made of plastic.  This is ceramic!  Look how cute!  I didn't need to think if I needed it, I wanted this.  I wanted this so much!  Hahaha...

I had a nice time walking and looking around the stalls of #LittleDapitan.  I'm sure you will too!  So head on out to Ayala Malls Cloverleaf!  There, you won't have problems with parking and getting rained on.  #LittleDapitan is covered!!  Cool, right?

Sharing with you what I got in #LittleDapitan at Ayala Malls #Cloverleaf

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