Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I went to see my pediatrician for different shots.  She told me that the hospital is having giving FREE #OPV to kids 0-59 months old.  The location was near the back parking of the MAB.  She told me to go since I was already at the hospital.  And so we went.  And this was what I saw:

This particular program is also available in St. Luke's BGC.  So if you have kids ages 0-59 months, PLEASE head on to St. Luke's QC or St. Luke's BGC for this FREE #OPV.

I personally felt lucky that they were giving away this #OPV for FREE!  I am PRO-vaccines, because they work.  I personally believe that vaccines are there for a reason.  There has been a LOT of talk about vaccines causing autism.  This is NOT TRUE!  The study that anti-vaxxers have been holding as a bible has been debunked!

Think of your child.  Give them to opportunity to be healthy.  Please.

We are given ONCE CHANCE TO TAKE CARE OF GOD'S GIFT TO US.  Please do it well, please do it with LOVE.

Please see the schedule above and make time to visit the hospitals.

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