Banana Leaf: Still good after all these years!

Monday, October 07, 2019

Banana Leaf has been around for a while now.  I know because my MIL really likes this restaurant and it used to be a go-to restaurant when we can't think of any.  I personally love Banana Leaf's Roti and would order it all the time.

I'm glad that the food still tastes good after all these years.  It was only recently that we went back to try it again.  And here are what we had during our re-introduction to the restaurant:

We had a wonderful feast of Banana Leaf's popular dishes.  The Beef Rendang is a must try as it is quite similar to our local beef kaldereta.  My personal favorites are the roti, the pad thai, the chicken curry and the spicy clams.  I am partial to food with a kick of spice!  You may request that they tone down the spice when you are eating with kids.  Kailee's favorite was the shrimp balls with cheese!  She ate soooo much!  I was so happy that she ate them!  Haha..

It's so nice to experience Banana Leaf again after all these years.  Brought back so many lovely memories of enjoying food with friends and family.  I'm impressed that the quality of food had remained outstanding.  The service too was very warm.  It was like I reconnected with a long lost friend and the feeling was very comforting and warm.

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