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Monday, August 26, 2019

Ever since I was introduced to PayMaya, my shopping and spending has never been the same.  I am able to pay bills, buy load and receive money 24/7.  It was so easy!

When they introduced the QR payment, my golly - it became much more convenient!  Even if I didn't have my wallet on me, I would still be able to pay using the app!  I didn't need to take my wallet out!  As we always have our mobile phones on our hands - it was so much easier!  My friends would often wonder why I keep using PayMaya - well, it's because of the ease and convenience.

They have deals like my favorite cash back.  At first I was't aware of that promo, and then one time - I made a purchase in Mercury and I received a text message right after I scanned and paid via QR.  The text said that I received a cash back with the amount of 10% of my total purchase!  Well, since then - I would always make it a habit to use my Paymaya and pay via QR code.

So, what else can PayMaya do?   When you register, you automatically are assigned a virtual credit card.  This virtual credit card can be used on all international sites that require a credit card purchase!  Can you believe it?  You don't need a physical card to purchase on the popular international shopping sites!

If you do what a physical card, you can get yourself one from their website.  They have promos on it too because you can link multiple cards to your account.  Also, the PayMaya card is widely accepted worldwide!  I have successfully used the PayMaya card in Tokyo and Hong Kong, convenient - right?!!

Try it to believe!

So download the PayMaya app NOW on Android and iOs!  Input the code below and earn yourself P50.00!


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