Bake With shYUMMY: Soft, Moist & Yummy Cupcakes

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A food post is something that makes me do a double to triple take on IG.  It makes me click the IG handle and then browse the feed for more food posts.  And that is what I did, when I saw Animetric's post on Bake with shYUMMY's cupcakes.  They were running a flash contest and I decided to join.  Who would have thought that I'd win?!  Hahaha!!

So here are my prizes:

Above are the Banana Hydrangea Cupcakes

While these are the Chocolate Weave Cupcakes

They look so nice right?  Well, they tasted as good!  My favorite has to be the Chocolate Weave Cupcakes.  They're soft, moist and really really good.  I can compare the consistency and texture with my favorite Cafe Mocha cupcake from Everyday Mom's.  Now I have a new option - Bake with shYummy's Choco Weave cupcakes!  Yey, more choices for me!

The Banana Hydrangeas are really good too.  I really like that I was able to taste the bananas in it.  And what do you know, I looooooved icing on my banana cakes and this was just perfect!  Talk about meant to be, right?

The boxes were delivered via Grab and they came in perfect condition, lookie:

I was really excited to try them and had my Panget try it too.  He said they were very good!  So, it's also Panget approved!  Kailee liked the chocolate cupcake and asked it to be her baon for school.  I just hope it survives in her baonan.  Hihi..

Here are a couple of pictures with a close look at the cupcakes:

And below was what I posted on my IG stories:

So there you have it!  I'm not really obliged to post, but I decided to because I really enjoyed Bake with SHyummy's cupcakes.  And as they say, sharing is caring - so here I am sharing my newly discovered cupcake maker via @Animetric!  Thanks Sharmaine and Ro!

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