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Thursday, July 11, 2019

I'm sure it has happened to you more than once.  You run out on Chuckie or Fresh Milk.  Well, it always happens to us.  My kids would consume more than they should and by the middle of the week, I've run out and I would need to run to the nearest grocery store to replenish my stash.

In this day and age, where time is so precious - we are very lucky that we have technology on our side.  Recently, I learned about a milk subscription plan from my good friend Kris - she handles (please click the link and browse the site)

It's such a convenient way to make sure that our milk staples are always in stock in our pantries!  Kailee absolutely loves Chuckie and I love milk, but there are times that we consume more that what I buy on our usual supermarket run - so this really solves the problem - a subscription plan that specifically suits our needs.  You can see on the site that they have different subscription plans for their read to drink products.  They even have different sizes for them, it's really convenient and the best part is - it gets delivered right to your doorstep EVERY month.  Yes, that's every month!  And that means, you'll never run out of your favorite ready to drink packs at home!

Please log on to the site, register and you can start your subscription plan!

Payment is via credit card or Paypal - but you don't have those, there's the C.O.D. where you will just hand the money to the delivery personel!  Convenient, right?

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