Byba: Baby food my baby looooooves!

Friday, July 19, 2019

I have long forgotten that babies need different kinds and types of food to help them with the real solid food.  I honestly forgot what I fed Kailee and Connor apart from the usual lugaw, meat broth and oatmeal.  I knew of those baby food brands from seeing them inside Healthy Options - but the thing was, they're quite pricey.  Yes, pricey - you see there's this impression that healthy food are quite - expensive because you pay for quality.  But I don't think that's necessarily the case all the time.  As you know, Shobe came as a surprise to all of us - and I saw flashbacks of what I needed to do, sleepless nights, breastfeeding and her first taste of solid food!

I was very lucky that my friend, Marie introduced me to Byba, the baby food made in Spain that she is distributing.  She gave me samples to try - and boy, did Shobe like them.  At first, I was skeptical - because to be honest - I never did follow this route - it was always lugaw, soup, misua and oatmeal for us.  But Marie was very confident, and of course - I had to try it to believe.

These are the Byba Baby Food and they're made in Spain!  Look through the official website - Byba Baby and see the process of how they make and pack Byba baby food.  One thing that I really liked is the packaging it comes it.  It has a cap that you can snap back on and keep until your baby is able to finish a pack.  Shobe used to eat very little, and so this was her dessert - we would only take a few spoons full and keep the rest in the fridge.  It's capped back tightly so it doesn't spill nor will it get contaminated easily.  It's also perfect on the go - because you won't worry of spills in the bag.  (The containers are reusable too, we now use it to put dry snacks for Shobe when we go out)

On the image are the nutritional values that come in each variant, that is for the discerning moms who reads labels.  I confess that I rarely read labels - this is because I trust that the brand is good.  But I should right?  And I did with Byba, they use natural ingredients only.  I tried it and it tasted natural, even the texture was real, unlike other brands.  Kailee and Connor tried them and even said 'Not bad!'  I think they were expecting unflavored goo.  Hahaha!!

So there you have it!

You can purchase Byba Baby Food in Milk and Honey Online store.

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