Byba: Baby food my baby looooooves!

Friday, July 19, 2019

I have long forgotten that babies need different kinds and types of food to help them with the real solid food.  I honestly forgot what I fed Kailee and Connor apart from the usual lugaw, meat broth and oatmeal.  I knew of those baby food brands from seeing them inside Healthy Options - but the thing was, they're quite pricey.  Yes, pricey - you see there's this impression that healthy food are quite - expensive because you pay for quality.  But I don't think that's necessarily the case all the time.  As you know, Shobe came as a surprise to all of us - and I saw flashbacks of what I needed to do, sleepless nights, breastfeeding and her first taste of solid food!

I was very lucky that my friend, Marie introduced me to Byba, the baby food made in Spain that she is distributing.  She gave me samples to try - and boy, did Shobe like them.  At first, I was skeptical - because to be honest - I never did follow this route - it was always lugaw, soup, misua and oatmeal for us.  But Marie was very confident, and of course - I had to try it to believe.

These are the Byba Baby Food and they're made in Spain!  Look through the official website - Byba Baby and see the process of how they make and pack Byba baby food.  One thing that I really liked is the packaging it comes it.  It has a cap that you can snap back on and keep until your baby is able to finish a pack.  Shobe used to eat very little, and so this was her dessert - we would only take a few spoons full and keep the rest in the fridge.  It's capped back tightly so it doesn't spill nor will it get contaminated easily.  It's also perfect on the go - because you won't worry of spills in the bag.  (The containers are reusable too, we now use it to put dry snacks for Shobe when we go out)

On the image are the nutritional values that come in each variant, that is for the discerning moms who reads labels.  I confess that I rarely read labels - this is because I trust that the brand is good.  But I should right?  And I did with Byba, they use natural ingredients only.  I tried it and it tasted natural, even the texture was real, unlike other brands.  Kailee and Connor tried them and even said 'Not bad!'  I think they were expecting unflavored goo.  Hahaha!!

So there you have it!

You can purchase Byba Baby Food in Milk and Honey Online store.

Something new from Johnson's Baby

Monday, July 15, 2019

Johnson's Baby has been around for a quite a while.  For the longest time, the packaging design has been the same.  It has been iconic in my opinion.  When you see the shape, you'll immediately associate it with J&J Baby products.  So you can imagine my surprise and delight  when I opened the box - I was wonderfully surprised to see the NEW and IMPROVED Johnson and Johnson products!  They look so pretty and refreshing, don't you think?

This care package came at the most perfect time - my little Shobe will be able to use the different products!  And what's more is that they're created for our little ones!  Look:

This is the first time I've seen Johnson's Cotton Touch lotion, even more surprised that it is a face AND body lotion!  Now that's a first for me from the brand!  I love how they made this especially for newborns, isn't that special?

It's so refreshing to see the new packaging that we got very excited and immediately started using the J&J's Top to Toe wash on Shobe and we're very happy with the results!  So glad she didn't have any reactions to the product.  My older kids actually grew up with J&J products, Connor is currently using the blue, active kids shampoo.  This is our go-to shampoo for him because his hair smells fresh all day long.  You know how active boys, are right?  Kailee on the other hand enjoys the pink shiny drops shampoo, especially the Frozen themed ones.

So glad to see the new packaging the market, even more happy that it's available almost anywhere!  I remember the advice of my Pedia Derma, Dra. Francisco - she tells me that most of her patients cannot afford the expensive brands and that's why she recommends J&J to them.  It's wonderful to know that J&J products are hypoallergenic, and free from parabens, phthalates and dyes.

Chuckie & Nestle Fresh Milk Subscriptions from

Thursday, July 11, 2019

I'm sure it has happened to you more than once.  You run out on Chuckie or Fresh Milk.  Well, it always happens to us.  My kids would consume more than they should and by the middle of the week, I've run out and I would need to run to the nearest grocery store to replenish my stash.

In this day and age, where time is so precious - we are very lucky that we have technology on our side.  Recently, I learned about a milk subscription plan from my good friend Kris - she handles (please click the link and browse the site)

It's such a convenient way to make sure that our milk staples are always in stock in our pantries!  Kailee absolutely loves Chuckie and I love milk, but there are times that we consume more that what I buy on our usual supermarket run - so this really solves the problem - a subscription plan that specifically suits our needs.  You can see on the site that they have different subscription plans for their read to drink products.  They even have different sizes for them, it's really convenient and the best part is - it gets delivered right to your doorstep EVERY month.  Yes, that's every month!  And that means, you'll never run out of your favorite ready to drink packs at home!

Please log on to the site, register and you can start your subscription plan!

Payment is via credit card or Paypal - but you don't have those, there's the C.O.D. where you will just hand the money to the delivery personel!  Convenient, right?

Birthday Misua

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

When I was younger, my mom would wake up really early in the morning to prepare our traditional birthday misua.  I never realized how tedious this task was until I was a bit older.  I would see my mom sweat over slicing the ingredients by hand one by one and cooking them in batches and then finally plating them so beautifully.  She would tell me that she learned all of this from her grandmother.  As we grew older, my mom would teach our cook to make it, but it was still different from how she made it - I guess it's because she made it with lots of love and sacrifice.

Fast forward to years later, when I got married - it was my duty to 'make' misua for my Panget.  To be honest, I never learned how - the only way I knew was to 'buy' misua.  But our usual supplier was well, in my opinion wasn't 'masarap' anymore.  They may have changed recipe or cook, but it was really not so good anymore.  As I was scouting for a new supplier - I was introduced to Classic Chef's Birthday Misua.

Classic Chef, I know of because they're the favorite caterer of my Ninang Cris.  She would always always hire them for her pre-Christmas get together.  The food was always good and was always very presentable.  I knew for a fact that they served good food.  So on my Panget's birthday 8 years ago, I ordered birthday misua for the first time from Classic Chef.  And there was no looking back since then.  For any birthday -  I would always call them to order, be it for my parents, my aunt, my kids and my Panget - it was always always Classic Chef's Misua.

Taste wise, I really really like it.  It's my favorite 'ordered' birthday misua.  The different flavors are always present, and it has been consistent through the years.  You will see shrimp, meats, sliced mushrooms, sliced scrambled egg, the all important quail eggs, green onions, peanuts and my favorite, fried scallions.  It was always a reminder of my favorite home cooked misua by my Tai-Ma and my Guama's misua.  I especially loved Classic Chef's birthday misua because it would always remind me of the misua served at my Tai-Ma's house - the brown misua served in those porcelain bowls with matching red wooden chopsticks.

So what about the pricing?  Well, it's really reasonable for me, because when you think about it - buying all the ingredients and slaving in the kitchen making one - costs a lot more!  When I first ordered, the price was at P1,000 for 2 chafing dishes.  Then a few years after it increased to P1,200 and right now it's P1,500.  But for me the P1,500 is still all worth it because it's really really good.

P1,500 will be good enough to consumed by 20 people if you will divide it accordingly in bowls (1 bowl per person)  By 15 pax if you will not measure it like that. But if you guys are misua lovers like me, then it might be a little less than that - at least by 10 people (heartily).

You will also need to send your chafing dishes to them, but fret not if you can't send them - they will have aluminum trays for you - but there's an additional charge for it.  I realized that alum trays are not cheap (check your local supermarket for them)  The down side is it's only for pick-up.  For me, it's convenient because it's just nearby - but for others, it's quite a distance for them.  I think what you can do now is to pay ahead and then to have it picked up by Grab or Lalalove.  Please order at least 3 days ahead so they can prepare the ingredients accordingly.  They can do early pick-ups, but also please ask them nicely in advance.

Classic Chef
Tel. 721-2286 / 741-4427

Back to School, Blood Donations and Cancer.

Monday, July 01, 2019

Yes, and it's back to school for us!
Summer flew by so quickly.
But the kids are excited.

I am well, not very - because that means scheduling conflicts.

Now, Connor gets off at 1pm.

I suddenly have a problem of - do I have lunch before I leave?  or do I have lunch when I get back?
How do I pump my milk for Shobe?  My milk supply has not been outstanding - it has been just enough for Shobe.  My right boob is not working - and so it really frustrates me so much!  I am sad but what can I do right?  I was told to slow down, but how does one slow down - I mean really?  Remember when I slowed down during Holy Week, only to get really really sick?  It was so ironic really - but what was I to do but roll with the punches?

So many crazy things really and I'm starting to adjust.

Add to that - my aunt, the sister of my mom who was recently diagnosed with recurrence of endometrial cancer.  I have been the runner for her and her needs.  I have taken time out to accompany her during her chemotherapy sessions and stays in the hospital.  For the past months, it has been hectic and stressful.  I never thought I would be the same as with the stories I hear for being in the hospital waiting for results, nor running to the Red Cross and Philippine Blood Center to purchase blood and platelets.

I have a new found respect for blood donors, not to mention the wonderful staff in these blood centers that makes blood available for patients.  I have spoken with people from different walks of life who were with me waiting for their blood purchases.  I never thought that one day, I will be needing a pack or more for a loved one.  Donating blood does save lives and I am forever grateful to donors every where.

I never thought too that this journey would be emotionally draining.  It is physically draining, but emotionally - I needed to be available for my loved ones.  My mom, my aunt, my family and my children.  I am thankful that my Panget is understanding of these circumstances - and that my children too are not demanding too much.  I do my best explaining to them why mommy is away a lot of times.  I am thankful and grateful to technology that allows me to be in communication with them with a tap on my phone.  I get to speak to them and see them when I can.

Currently, I have three direct relatives who have cancer.  An aunt and two uncles (one from each side of the family) and this only means one thing - the chances are high of me having cancer.  It's in my genes.  But is it really genetics?  I'm an not sure - some say it is, while some say it isn't.  But one thing I should be is CAREFUL.  But how does one be careful?  I mean seriously, how does one be careful?  I have a friend who's dad runs 2 kilometers a day and never smoked in his life - but contracted lung cancer.  He recently passed away too.  He was quite depressed because, a short time after his diagnosis, he was unable to walk because the muscles in his legs were gone.

Right now, all I can do is pray.  Pray that I be given strength to serve my aunt.  Mental strength, emotional strength and physical strength also wisdom.  I hope you can pray for me in this trying time.