Starbucks' Reusable Cups!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A few years ago, I bought Starbucks' reusable cups. 

Four (4) reusable hot cups.

The reason?

Well, I realized that when I see these cups - they encourage me to drink more!  At that time I was training myself to drink a LOT of water.  So I got a lot so that I can have it anywhere.

Fast forward to a recent Tokyo trip, where I saw in a small convenience store a reusable Starbucks cold cup!  It was really cute, and I knew I wanted one - but it wasn't for sale.  It was just a sample of sort.  

To my delight - that particular cup that I like - is AVAILABLE NOW in all Starbucks outlets!!  YES!!

These cups are P100.00 each!
For the cold cup - if you want a straw with it, you will just need to add P30!

So hurry and grab yours now!

Let's help planet earth.
We owe it to Mother Nature to be involved in saving the environment.

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