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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


What’s Your Mood?

Your period cycle always affects your feelings. This Women’s Wellness Month, let Jeunesse
Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liner help you through sluggish days, sticky situations, and avoiding emotional conflicts

When a woman is unreasonable, it’s easily tagged as “that time of the month”. It can often be
unfair, especially because there is more to this than what the men in our lives like to

Our period cycles span almost an entire month and every few days, something changes in
our body. Hormone levels can change dramatically, depending on where we are in our cycle.
That’s why there are days when we feel like we can do anything and days when we just
want to stay home with a bag of chips and Netflix.

Here’s a short break down of what happens during a woman’s period cycle:

The Beginning
● Days 1-2: The first day of your cycle is
the first day of your period. Tissue and
blood lining your uterus is the blood
otherwise known as your period.
Estrogen is low and women often
experience fatigue and cramps. You
might not feel like it but these days
would be good days to exercise. Your
mood might not be so great and your
energy level is low.

Feel Good
● Days 3-5: Estrogen begins to increase towards the end of your period. This hormone
helps boost endorphins or your brain’s “feel good” chemicals. The same one that is
released during exercise. Your energy also rises along with the rise in estrogen and
ultimately this is you feel more upbeat at this time.

On Top of the World
● Days 6-9: With your estrogen up, you
are sure to feel more beautiful and
energetic. And it’s no wonder because your
skin is glowing and your face looks more
symmetrical. Testosterone also rises during this time and you are most likely to feel
unstoppable and on top of your game.

Bringing Sexy Back
● Days 10-13: You are now approaching your ovulation which means you are feeling
sexiest. You are most fertile during these days and women who want to become
pregnant have the best chances of conception when they try at this window until
ovulation day. Your orgasms are more intense and are attainable during sex.
Estrogen levels are at the highest and women feel best emotionally and physically.

Hello, Ovulation
● Day 14: For most period cycles, ovulation happens on this day. Ovulation is when an
egg is released from the ovary. This egg lives for 12 to 24 hours. There is also a
sudden hormone change during ovulation, which may intensify your emotions and

Watch What You Eat
● Days 19-22: Estrogen level begins to drop while testosterone surges if you are not
pregnant. Your skin might be producing more oil than usual. This means you might
be experiencing breakouts or sensitive skin. This is a good time for you to eat

Ending the Cycle
● Day 23-28: If you are not pregnant, your estrogen and progesterone levels continue
to drop. You may begin to experience bloating and sluggishness. The quick change in
your hormones is also responsible for your quick changes in mood. This is a good
time for you to boost your serotonin levels through exercise and to cope with breast
soreness. You should also reduce your intake of sugar, make sure to stay hydrated,
and reduce your caffeine intake.

An unfertilized egg will
soon leave your body
together with the
uterine lining that your
body created in
preparation for possible
pregnancy. Once your period begins, 
you go back to Day 1 in the period cycle.

Jeunesse Anion pads help with the cramping and dysmenorrhea through the anions
released by the strip. These anions “bind to the positively charged ions (of the body) which
restricts the movement through the ion channel,” says the research result of Yasmin
Endañol, UP Diliman Institute of Chemistry. “If there are no ions available for movement, the
channels will remain closed, and signals will not be transmitted. Thus, pain felt by the user
during dysmenorrhea is lessened to a minimum.”

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