A very meaningful Sunday homily of love and forgiveness

Monday, February 04, 2019

I make it a point to hear Mass every Sunday.  I make time for it because it's only one day a week for me to give thanks to the blessing that I receive.  I have this routine time that I like hearing Mass and there's a particular Church that I like going to because of the Holy Water blessing at the end of Mass.  I adjust the time I hear Mass depending on our Sunday activity.  I have to be honest, there are some Priests who I like listening to because they make a lot of sense - they say short homilies, but mind you there are very meaningful.

For a particular time in my favorite parish - there's this priest who always has a presentation - he officiates late in the afternoon.  I attend his Mass if I have no other choice of time.  I find that he gives one the best homilies - it's just that, they're quite long and it's a bit dramatic for my taste.  But he makes a LOT of sense.

So yesterday, I attended Mass in a parish nearby.  When I turned my head to see who was officiating - lo and behold, it was that priest.  I laughed inside and told God, 'Lord, your humor talaga' and laughed silently.  As usual - he prepared a visual presentation - and as always, it had some technical difficulties.  But he went on with his homily - and I must say, God has this trick up his sleeve - He lead me to a Church that was nearby and comfortable - and He made sure that the officiating priest would say something really meaningful.  I won't go through the details anymore of the readings and gospel - but instead just share what was the best take away during the Mass that resounded very well with me.  I teared up honestly because I felt that it hit home, I have been struggling with emotional and mental things lately and it was such a perfect explanation.  The Lord does work in mysterious ways.  It was such a wonderful validation.

When I heard this, it was a different feeling.  I can't explain why I was tearing up, but I did.  This really hit me you know.  I have been struggling lately for the past month, with not so nice feelings I don't want to validate.  I can't help but ignore them - but they're there.  The struggle has been real - and I'm trying my best not to be affected.  And yesterday after Mass, I felt a LOT better, I think it was the answer to my prayers of strength and wisdom.

Before the Mass ended, we were given another activity - which was brilliant in my books.  Read through this very famous bible verse:

Now, instead of saying LOVE and IT, replace it with your OWN NAME.  And say it silently or outloud.  It means so different diba?  It gives this bible verse a new meaning.

It was such a lovely Mass yesterday.  Love is the answer, forgiveness is key - the Lord knows, the Lord sees everything.

I feel a bit stronger.  My day will look a bit brighter and I am smiling - from within. 

Have a blessed Monday everyone.