Poor eyesight!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

One thing I am was proud of was that my vision is was still clear.  I have never worn glasses in my whole existence.  Never felt any need to because I still see clearly.  I can still read small fonts, I can read texts from far away.  But recently, well - after the new year, well - my vision has been a bit blurred.  Not very very blurred - but just a bit.

And it bothers me.  Really bothers me.

I used to put whatever I needed to read near my eyes to be able to see them more clearly (if the font is mall) but now - I have to put it at a distance for me to see it better.  What used to be a normal sized font for me to read, is now shadow-y.  Those number countdowns on stoplight?  Blurry.

I can't believe this is happening.

I was told that when I hit 40, my vision will for sure be not the same.  In my head I was laughing at the thought.  I am NOT laughing now.

So I went to #OwndaysPH - to try and have my eyes checked.  The reason why I went there - it was very well lit.  And I loooooove very well lit places.  Hahaha!  I was impressed with the equipment they were using - also the service.  I sat down in front of a machine to check (a more or less check) of my eye sight, and then when I transferred into the refraction room, I expected to see what I usually saw in the malls - the chair with pieces of lenses on the side!  But what greeted me was a machine, a table and a sort of display.  I sat down - and my goodness, it was so high-tech.  No need for me to do anything but sit, listen to the questions and answer as accurate as possible.  I swear, it was such a pleasant pleasant experience for me.

The doctor that was assisting me was very very calm and patient.  He was very accommodating too and his voice, I must say - very soothing and re-assuring.  He was asking questions and patiently doing the changing of the lenses.  I just need to emphasis - that the eyesight check experience in #OwndaysPH - really impressive and really really high tech.  Even Kailee was so curious on what was happening and what I was seeing.  Hahaha!!

So the verdict?  Well, according to the *test* I had astigmatism and needed reading glasses.  They recommended a dual lens but it was still up to me if I wanted one.  I told them that my only issue was the reading thing and that I didn't need to wear glasses all day to function.

I am turning 39 in a couple of days, so I guess this is age-ing telling me that I'm not getting any younger.  Well, I've long accepted age-ing, but one thing I have a hard time accepting is - blurring vision.

I'm still in denial.

My Panget has offered to get me glasses, he would always tease me whenever we're at the mall.  But I told him - I'm still in denial.

I might need to though, get glasses.  As I have this headaches - not massive ones, but small one - that I've honestly never experienced before.

So this is age-ing, huh??

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