JAPAN VISA for YAYA: A Guide on how to successfully get one

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Happy New Year!

One thing I really like doing - filling up forms!  Yes, yes and yes!  I am weird that way but it's a good thing because since we all hold a Philippine Passport, that means forms need to get filled up - and I'm lucky because I willingly lovingly do them!

When we travel, we usually bring Yaya B along.  I keep getting asked why - well, we want Yaya B to experience traveling but most of all well, we need the extra help while traveling!  Our favorite place to go to is Japan - and when traveling to Japan, well - you need to get a visa!

So, why this post?  Well, I want to help out all those who are considering bringing their Yayas along to their trip - especially to Japan!  We found it very easy to apply for a visa for Yaya, as long as the requirements are complete.  Please make sure that all Yaya's requirements are AUTHENTIC!! You don't want to be black listed.  Remember that!

What are the requirements:
1)  a VALID Passport
Of course you need a passport right?  Make sure Yaya has one.  And if she has a Passport to also note of the expiry date of her passport.  There's this universal 6 months before expiry thing that you NEED to take note of!  Remember!  Remember!  Make sure to check her expiry date and make sure that on your dates of travel - well, that it still has another 6 months away from expiry.

2)  PSA Birth Certificate/Marriage Certificate (if married)
The Japanese embassy requires that your Yaya has a PSA (formerly NSO) birth certificate that is issued within one year from your application.  This simply means that if you are applying Yaya's visa on January 10, 2019 - the time stamp on Yaya's PSA birth certificate must be at the very most - dated January 11, 2018.  They're very maarte with this one, the reason being the PSA changes papers every so often.
  A)  Additional forms NEEDED when Yaya's Birth Certificate is a LATE REGISTERED one
    A.1)  Form 137
          Let's face it, not all of our Yayas finished High School, so having a Form 137 is highly
          non-existent, but there is a way - well, I found a way!  Just write a letter, explaining why Yaya
          doesn't have one.  Have her sign that letter too!

    A.2)  Original Baptismal Certificate
          For additional proof of identity, the Japanese Embassy requires this.  Simply ask Yaya where
          she was baptized and call that Parish to ask for an original certificate.  Make sure that there is a
          phone number indicated in the certificate, just in case the Japanese Embassy wants to verify.  I
          know it's quite difficult to trace, I personally had a hard time tracing Yaya's but if there's a will,
          there will be a way!

3)  Picture
Make sure to have Yaya's picture taken in a photo center with the required size.  Don't worry, the photo center will know the size - all you need to say is I need a photo for Japan Visa and size it for such.  Bring two (2) pieces just in case.  Write the name, birthdate and signature of Yaya at the back of the picture

4)  Application form
Download a form, fill it up correctly and accurately.  If you will be the one to fill it out for Yaya, make sure to brief her on the contents and explain it to her before having her sign it.

5)  Employment Certificate
Simply make a generic employment certificate stating that Yaya is your nanny and also state how long she has been working for you.

6)  Letter of Support and Guarantee
You will need to have this affidavit notarized.  It should be two different forms, but I compiled and made them one and the same.  This is your way of saying that you will be the one supporting Yaya's trip financially.

7)  Original Bank Certificate
The Japanese Embassy needs this to be able to know that YOU will be supporting for Yaya's expenses while in Japan.

8)  ITR
This is also an additional financial document that will support your claim that you are financially capable of spending for Yaya's trip.

9)  Photocopy of Your VALID Japanese Visa
For the Japanese Embassy's reference that you can actually AND validly accompany Yaya to Japan.

Well, that's about it guys!!  Good luck!

We go to Discovery Tours (in Makati) for our Japan Visa requirements.  They work fast kasi and their rate is the cheapest amongst all the travel agencies.

The Japanese Embassy usually gives Yayas a 3 month SINGLE entry visa.  So, don't apply very early!  But also don't apply too late.

In case you have questions - please feel free to email me at candishhh@gmail.com

Happy New Year!

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