Playful Diapers: One PIECE FULL night + Giveaway!

Friday, January 25, 2019

I am a diaper snob.

There, I said it.  I have certain brands that I like - well, actually - I have only 4 brands that I like.  EQ, Mamy Poko, Goon and Huggies.  All the rest, I honestly don't bother with them anymore.  Why?  Well, I've tried them and they're not hiyang with my kids. 

I've not bought diapers for years, so when I gave birth - first things first, choose a diaper brand that you will *want and wish* to be hiyang with the baby.  I started with EQ for Shobe and so far so good!  I was happy because out of the 4 brands, EQ was the most *economical* of them.   Honestly no matter the status in life - what we want is to get the most of our purchases, and personally - I felt that we had just that with EQ.

After the new year, I received a care package - when I opened it, it contained two packs of Playful Diapers and wipes (this is for another post).  I honestly have NOT heard nor seen the brand around at supermarkets that I frequent.  I honestly thought it was a bit strange, that I didn't see it before.   Along with the diapers was a small note that indicated their social media accounts @playfulbabydiaper .  I was really curious and so I googled and found the company's website.  Apparently, the brand has been around for quite a while.  

I opened a pack and checked the diaper.  I must say, the #PlayfulDiaper didn't look cheap.  I inspected the diaper and it passed my visual standards.  I compared it to EQ and noticed that the length is the same - but the width of Playful is a bit more narrow - it was actually perfect with Shobe.  It didn't look too chunky (compared to EQ) it fit very well - as Yaya B would say - it looked really sexy!  Hahaha..  So size wise, it was acceptable.  The magic tape is a plus too as we can adjust the diapers easily.

Look at the packaging - it says ONE PIECE FULL NIGHT.  It was a challenge that I took to heart.  I really wanted to see if their claim is legit.  So immediately tried it that night.  I was skeptical - checking Shobe's diapers every so often, touching it and poking the diaper just to make sure it was okay.  She wore her diaper at 7:00pm and there was no change since.  Shobe usually wakes up at 6:30am.

So the next morning, when she woke up, I did the following:

I checked her clothing - nothing was wet.
I checked the water proof cover that was protecting the bed - it was dry.
I then poked on her diaper and it was really full.
Another thing was that - Shobe wasn't complaining or was irritated.  In fact, she was smiley even!

This is what her diaper looked like:

As you can see - it's quite full really full.

Please excuse the image of the diaper with poop - but I wanted to show you how full the diaper was:

I was really IMPRESSED and HAPPY that there were NO LEAKS.  NO RASHES.
And most of all - NO DIAPER CHANGE the whole night!

It was indeed ONE PIECE, FULL NIGHT!
One PEACEFUL night - you see what they did there?  Hahaha!

And what else?  The price point:

Look at that!  The snob in me is hiding and embarassed now - I mean, look at the pricing, I mean really really look!  How much does one piece come out to, amazing - right??

According to Primero World Allinace Corp., the distributor or Playful Diapers, these diapers are available in Landmark, Unimart, SM Supermarkets, Puregold, Metro Gaisano and in Mercury.  I love that a Filipino company can come up with a budget friendly diaper that is comparable to the quality of those imported ones.  Thank you for thinking of Filipinos - THANK YOU!

Again, my motto is sharing is caring - so here's the Giveaway!!

 I'm giving away two (2) packs of Playful Diapers - the size is Small.  So this giveaway is really meant for babies - so they can try it, see the difference and shift to the brand.

This giveaway is open to those who have babies that still wear the size SMALL for the diapers.  Just follow below and leave the necessary details:
a)  Share this blog post on your social media accounts
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That's it!
Below are some reminders:
a)  Make sure that your child can wear size SMALL
b)  This giveaway is open to Metro Manila residents only (I will ship the prize for FREE)
c)  You have until February 4, 2019 to join - One person One entry.

When my Friend Wins by Robyn Rodriguez + Giveaway!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

It was last year that I first saw this book.  We were given a signed copy of it by my sister in law, Liza.  The author of the book is my niece, Carlie's speech therapist.  My kids were fighting over it actually, simply because they saw their names on the book.  Kailee said it was hers, while Connor said it was his.

That same night, Kailee read the book to Connor.  Kailee immediately understood the story, while Connor - well, he just heard it without listening to it.  But it was okay, I mean - I just needed to repeat the story again for his benefit.

Then I totally forgot about the book altogether.

I just saw it again when a friend posted it on Instagram.  I got intrigued and inquired on where to purchase a copy.  The reason was - well, Connor was in this phase of always wanting to win.  He was having a hard time *losing* at games.  The first time we played Chutes and Ladders, Kailee won - he screamed and cried so hard!  It was really funny, but we couldn't laugh!  The next episode was while we were playing Monopoly and he landed in jail, he screamed so hard and cried saying he was scared!  He thought, it was a real jail that he was going to.  I think the concept of a *game* was different for him.

It was by some stroke of being at the right place at the right time.  I was cleaning the clutter in my room just before the holidays when I saw the book again.  I thought to myself - the book looked really familiar!  And when I opened it - tada!  It was the signed copy that my sister in law gave us.  When I saw it, we had to read it together.  This time, Connor's grasp of the story has become better.  He understood the story more.

The book is quite simple really - but for the kids - well, they can see themselves in the story.  They see themselves as characters of the book.  I'm sure they've gone through similar situations and with this book, they can relate to the story and that's the most important for me.  That at a young age - they empathize with the characters and the story.  My Panget has long said that Connor needed to be enrolled in a group/team sport because he doesn't take losing very well.  And with this book, I feel - it's a start towards the right direction.

During the holidays - I received another copy of the book as a gift.  And because I feel that sharing is caring - well, with the permission of the author - Robyn Rodriguez, I'm doing a GIVEAWAY!  Yes, yes yes!  I'm giving away one (1) copy of the book!  Yehey!

The giveaway is really simple - just do the following:
a)  LIKE Gail and Pablo - When my friend wins page in FB
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c)  Share the link to this blog post (  ) on your social media accounts
d)  Leave a comment here on the blog with the following details:
  -  Your name
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  -  the links to your social media shares (one person one entry!)
This giveaway is open only to Metro Manila residents
You have until next week to join - I will be picking a winner by January 31st!

Thank you Robyn, for making this book!  Please do make more of them!  God bless you!!

Poor eyesight!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

One thing I am was proud of was that my vision is was still clear.  I have never worn glasses in my whole existence.  Never felt any need to because I still see clearly.  I can still read small fonts, I can read texts from far away.  But recently, well - after the new year, well - my vision has been a bit blurred.  Not very very blurred - but just a bit.

And it bothers me.  Really bothers me.

I used to put whatever I needed to read near my eyes to be able to see them more clearly (if the font is mall) but now - I have to put it at a distance for me to see it better.  What used to be a normal sized font for me to read, is now shadow-y.  Those number countdowns on stoplight?  Blurry.

I can't believe this is happening.

I was told that when I hit 40, my vision will for sure be not the same.  In my head I was laughing at the thought.  I am NOT laughing now.

So I went to #OwndaysPH - to try and have my eyes checked.  The reason why I went there - it was very well lit.  And I loooooove very well lit places.  Hahaha!  I was impressed with the equipment they were using - also the service.  I sat down in front of a machine to check (a more or less check) of my eye sight, and then when I transferred into the refraction room, I expected to see what I usually saw in the malls - the chair with pieces of lenses on the side!  But what greeted me was a machine, a table and a sort of display.  I sat down - and my goodness, it was so high-tech.  No need for me to do anything but sit, listen to the questions and answer as accurate as possible.  I swear, it was such a pleasant pleasant experience for me.

The doctor that was assisting me was very very calm and patient.  He was very accommodating too and his voice, I must say - very soothing and re-assuring.  He was asking questions and patiently doing the changing of the lenses.  I just need to emphasis - that the eyesight check experience in #OwndaysPH - really impressive and really really high tech.  Even Kailee was so curious on what was happening and what I was seeing.  Hahaha!!

So the verdict?  Well, according to the *test* I had astigmatism and needed reading glasses.  They recommended a dual lens but it was still up to me if I wanted one.  I told them that my only issue was the reading thing and that I didn't need to wear glasses all day to function.

I am turning 39 in a couple of days, so I guess this is age-ing telling me that I'm not getting any younger.  Well, I've long accepted age-ing, but one thing I have a hard time accepting is - blurring vision.

I'm still in denial.

My Panget has offered to get me glasses, he would always tease me whenever we're at the mall.  But I told him - I'm still in denial.

I might need to though, get glasses.  As I have this headaches - not massive ones, but small one - that I've honestly never experienced before.

So this is age-ing, huh??

Being sick, viruses and all those things..

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

In all honesty, I don't remember getting sick (often) as a child.  My visits to the doctor were very few almost non-existent (to my current memory).  I've never been confined in my life (except when I gave birth) and so I considered myself, very lucky in that aspect.  But there were times that I have certain memories of - they were mostly non-traumatic.  I remember going to this pedia in Manila who concocts his own medicine that tastes so good!  I remember drinking cough and colds medicine also.

But nowadays, since I became a mom - it seems as if viruses have now mutated into something stronger.  I hear terms such as viral (which I must admit, I still don't fully understand what it means), bacterial and etc.  Now, temperatures of 38 (degrees celcius) are the norm for fever, having 39 and 40 are alarming, but I learned that the thermometers we use (and have nowadays) have a +/- range.

I honestly miss those mercury thermometers.  The ones that I have now are an underarm thermometer, an ear thermometers and a no contact infra red thermometer - but guess what, they have DIFFERENT READINGS!  I don't understand it.  It makes me more confused, I don't have one thermometer that can give me an accurate reading - I must need to *average* it out just to be sure.  I make sure to try all of the thermometers that I have with me!  So you can just imagine the process.

Last December during the holidays, we were all hit with colds and cough.  I honestly didn't feel much of the holidays because we were mostly sick, even Yaya B got sick.  Shobe was the most kawawa out of everyone because she couldn't blow her nose by herself.  We had to suction out the sipon from her tiny little nose.  We had to do this often and it resulted with sugat on her outer nostrils.  Her voice was already paos from her screaming and crying.  It wasn't a fun time - it really wasn't.  The older kids naman, well - they're quite stubborn with blowing their noses.  I had to remind them every so often.  Instead of blowing it out - they sniff and snort it back in!  I couldn't count how many times I've lost my patience and yelled at them.  I was also sick, my head was aching - I experienced chills, body pains and etc., but I need to function despite feeling all those things.  It was really hard for me - I couldn't rest properly because I still needed to breastfeed and pump.  Yaya B was nice enough to take over caring for Shobe at night.  I felt so helpless - I just wanted to lie down and close my eyes and rest.  But of course that didn't happen right?  As I said, I needed to function - add the holiday stress with a helper that needed to be reminded every so often.

For the past week, I have been feeling it again - apparently, there's a virus going around that is quite - scary.  So for the record, I am sick - AGAIN.  So are my kids, except Shobe.  It seemed just like a week or two ago that my kids were well.  No one was coughing, no one had colds - it was a fairly peaceful time.  I know because I allowed them to have ice cream!  But guess what - they're sick AGAIN! We can't seem to avoid the viruses!  It's really really REALLY frustrating.  Connor had a fever when he got home from school - then after giving Tempra, he felt better and his temperature was back to normal.  But the next day - well, the next night - his temperature shot up to 39!  It was really alarming, I swear it was almost midnight and there he was - sleeping, but his temperature was off the charts (for me)  We monitored his temperature after that and put an ice pack on his head.  What the hell was happening, right?  OMG!  The next day, his temperature was lower, but it was still considered a low grade fever.  Our pedia advised to keep him home until his temperature becomes 37.3 and below for a period of 24 hours.  Mind you, despite having a low grade fever, he was still his old self - playful and eating naman, it's just that his temperature was higher than normal.  Strange, right?

I have been giving my kids all sort of vitamins already, and they have been taking them every day - just like me with Immunpro.  To be honest, well - since we're sick again - I can't seem to understand the effect of them.  Maybe we should try being vitamins-less for a while and see how that goes?  It's already quite often, because when I think about it - it's like every month, we catch something.  I swear, it's frustrating me already.

I received a couple of messages regarding pneumonia and some other virus going around.  I don't know if there's any truth to it, but I think we really need to be cautious.  So guys, avoid crowded places in the mean time.  It's better to be safe than sorry, right?

One part of me says - exposing them/our bodies to these kinds of things will make us stronger.  On the other hand, I am not sure if this is the right way?  How about you, what is your opinion on this?  What do you think?

JAPAN VISA for YAYA: A Guide on how to successfully get one

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Happy New Year!

One thing I really like doing - filling up forms!  Yes, yes and yes!  I am weird that way but it's a good thing because since we all hold a Philippine Passport, that means forms need to get filled up - and I'm lucky because I willingly lovingly do them!

When we travel, we usually bring Yaya B along.  I keep getting asked why - well, we want Yaya B to experience traveling but most of all well, we need the extra help while traveling!  Our favorite place to go to is Japan - and when traveling to Japan, well - you need to get a visa!

So, why this post?  Well, I want to help out all those who are considering bringing their Yayas along to their trip - especially to Japan!  We found it very easy to apply for a visa for Yaya, as long as the requirements are complete.  Please make sure that all Yaya's requirements are AUTHENTIC!! You don't want to be black listed.  Remember that!

What are the requirements:
1)  a VALID Passport
Of course you need a passport right?  Make sure Yaya has one.  And if she has a Passport to also note of the expiry date of her passport.  There's this universal 6 months before expiry thing that you NEED to take note of!  Remember!  Remember!  Make sure to check her expiry date and make sure that on your dates of travel - well, that it still has another 6 months away from expiry.

2)  PSA Birth Certificate/Marriage Certificate (if married)
The Japanese embassy requires that your Yaya has a PSA (formerly NSO) birth certificate that is issued within one year from your application.  This simply means that if you are applying Yaya's visa on January 10, 2019 - the time stamp on Yaya's PSA birth certificate must be at the very most - dated January 11, 2018.  They're very maarte with this one, the reason being the PSA changes papers every so often.
  A)  Additional forms NEEDED when Yaya's Birth Certificate is a LATE REGISTERED one
    A.1)  Form 137
          Let's face it, not all of our Yayas finished High School, so having a Form 137 is highly
          non-existent, but there is a way - well, I found a way!  Just write a letter, explaining why Yaya
          doesn't have one.  Have her sign that letter too!

    A.2)  Original Baptismal Certificate
          For additional proof of identity, the Japanese Embassy requires this.  Simply ask Yaya where
          she was baptized and call that Parish to ask for an original certificate.  Make sure that there is a
          phone number indicated in the certificate, just in case the Japanese Embassy wants to verify.  I
          know it's quite difficult to trace, I personally had a hard time tracing Yaya's but if there's a will,
          there will be a way!

3)  Picture
Make sure to have Yaya's picture taken in a photo center with the required size.  Don't worry, the photo center will know the size - all you need to say is I need a photo for Japan Visa and size it for such.  Bring two (2) pieces just in case.  Write the name, birthdate and signature of Yaya at the back of the picture

4)  Application form
Download a form, fill it up correctly and accurately.  If you will be the one to fill it out for Yaya, make sure to brief her on the contents and explain it to her before having her sign it.

5)  Employment Certificate
Simply make a generic employment certificate stating that Yaya is your nanny and also state how long she has been working for you.

6)  Letter of Support and Guarantee
You will need to have this affidavit notarized.  It should be two different forms, but I compiled and made them one and the same.  This is your way of saying that you will be the one supporting Yaya's trip financially.

7)  Original Bank Certificate
The Japanese Embassy needs this to be able to know that YOU will be supporting for Yaya's expenses while in Japan.

8)  ITR
This is also an additional financial document that will support your claim that you are financially capable of spending for Yaya's trip.

9)  Photocopy of Your VALID Japanese Visa
For the Japanese Embassy's reference that you can actually AND validly accompany Yaya to Japan.

Well, that's about it guys!!  Good luck!

We go to Discovery Tours (in Makati) for our Japan Visa requirements.  They work fast kasi and their rate is the cheapest amongst all the travel agencies.

The Japanese Embassy usually gives Yayas a 3 month SINGLE entry visa.  So, don't apply very early!  But also don't apply too late.

In case you have questions - please feel free to email me at

Happy New Year!