The Marketplace + honestbee = Noche Buena Shopping!

Monday, December 10, 2018

One of the things I really enjoy is going to a grocery or supermarket.  I would walk the aisle one by one if I had time.  I don't consider it a chore but instead consider it as a 'treat'.  But right now, having three kids - (one of them is a new baby) well - I need to manage my time really well.  There are times that we run out of certain random things around the house.  Before I can easily go to the supermarket and buy it - now, I need to consider will my baby wake up?  Will she want to feed?  Do I pump?  Or there are times that even if I plan it out, doesn't go smoothly because my baby is suddenly clingy that day.

My routine has suddenly changed, I honestly am not liking it - but what can I do right?  Thank goodness though for honestbee!  With honestbee, I am given back my time - time spent in picking up my son from school and bonding him on the way home and quality time spent with the new addition to the family.  I have to say, having bigger kids and a newborn - it's a freaking logistics nightmare.   Add to that the Christmas rush traffic and our lack of house help.

That is why, I am so giddy with excitement that I can now do my Christmas Noche Buena grocery shopping at The Marketplace via the honestbee app!  It's simply WONDERFUL really, truly WONDERFUL!  Now, all I need to do is tap on the items that I wish to purchase on the app and voila - all I need to do is wait for my purchases to arrive.  Amazing right?  The Marketplace is loaded with premium items from a wide selection.  They have fresh produce, deli items, wines and spirits and so many more!  It's everything we just a tap away and delivered right to our doorsteps.


So what are you waiting for?  Plan and add to cart all of those goodies that you need for your noche buena shopping at The Marketplace via the honestbee app.  Do it NOW!!

Hey, don't forget the wine!!

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