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Friday, September 07, 2018

Oh gosh, been on gelai and that means - NOT GOING OUT AT ALL.

But you know, life goes on.
Needs have to be met.
Things need to be bought.

I am soooo thankful and GRATEFUL for honestbee as it helped me with things that I needed while on maternity house arrest (gelai).  I am able to buy what I need and what the baby needs, all with just taps on my phone.  So convenient, right?  WONDERFUL!  I can't be more thankful now more than ever - caring for a newborn + bigger kids' logistics + needs at home, well - it's a nightmare.

The solution - honestbee to the rescue!!

honestbee is the perfect app for moms wanting the best for their babies

Moms always want to provide the best for their babies. They nourish them with the best food, use the safest products, and dress them in stylish and comfortable clothes. But sometimes being supermom isn’t always possible. 

Braving the traffic, looking for parking, and lining up in the supermarket are only some of the hassles moms have to go through.  It’s a good thing technology now makes being supermom easier to achieve  with instant access to almost anything with just a few taps on our smartphones.

honestbee, Asia’s leading online concierge and delivery service, brings a whole lot of convenience through its all-in-one application which provides mothers access to the best products for her and her baby. There’s a special category in the app called Babies and Maternity which gathers all their partner merchants who offer high quality products for moms and babies.

One such merchant is Tiny Buds,  offering baby essentials that are natural to the tiniest drop. From having baby nasal cleaners, organic baby wipes to baby fabric softener sets, they take precaution and innovation to deliver baby products that new moms fall in love with.  “We are very thoughtful about millennial moms and how our products can be made available to them in the fastest and most convenient way possible. That’s why we partnered with honestbee, so we can  make sure that moms receive their Tiny Buds orders when they need them,” said Lorina Tan, Business Unit Head for Baby Care of Tiny Buds.

For wholesome sweets for moms and kids there’s Karabella, producing ice cream made with fresh carabao's milk and other locally sourced ingredients that are all 100% natural. “Working with honestbee has been really great so far because we know that our online reach is growing through the company's efforts. It is the perfect online platform to hold our products because our ice creams have been arriving at the doorsteps of our customers at pristine condition,” said Erika Wong, co-founder of Karabella.

Other merchants perfect for moms include Mustela, Parenting Emporium, Nature to Nurture, Baby Bjorn, Richell for Babies, Milking Bombs, Milkin' Mommies, Love To Dream, Mamas & Papas, Mother's Touch, Nosh, Mistine and Biolan. honestbee is constantly working towards partnerships with more and more trusted merchants to provide quality items that can be delivered at the comfort of your very own home.

Download the honestbee app for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and sign up for an account now. Visit
https://www.honestbee.ph/en/groceries/stores/traits/babies-maternity  for more information on the  Babies and Maternities section.

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