Full Circle's Naturally Derived ALL PURPOSE CLEANER

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Cleaning my Macbook's keyboard is a pain.  Why?  Because it's WHITE!  The macbook that I have is actually the black macbook - it's the old version, circa 2008 I think or prior - this was a hand me down from my Panget and I love it to bits.  Unfortunately, the original black keyboard - the letter T specifically was broken aside from the track pad.  I was very lucky to have it replaced for free by iStudio's Larry Ang.  I even wrote about it.  

So you see, my keyboard is now white.  And as with ALL whites - they easily get dirtied.  I would always disinfect using alcohol BUT the discoloration was still there.  I can just imagine the germs that are on my keyboard.  Despite the discoloration, well I thought to myself - since I alcohol the keyboard twice a week, it's relatively clean enough.  

But I still got bothered with the discoloration.  The white keyboard became an off-white keyboard.  I then tried using a sponge with alcohol - it still didn't work.  Water + sponge didn't work too.  So I was resigned to the fact that my white keyboard will never be really white.

More than a month ago, I was sent this Full Circle Naturally Derived ALL PURPOSE CLEANER.  I honestly wondered how to test the product.  Then a lightbulb moment came - try using it on my macbook's keyboard.  I mean, that would really be a TEST to make.

Look at the space bar of my keyboard - it has become WHITE again!  I was amazed.  You can immediately see the difference with the color of the space bar and the other letters on the keyboard.  Having seen the immediate results, I made sure to clean the whole keyboard using Full Circle's Naturally Derived All Purpose Cleaner!

Amazing right?

I also tried to cleaning off pencil marks on the wall of the kids room.  Connor's in a phase where he likes to write on the walls using pencil.  Well, we tried erasing them, but it was hard.  Tried using alcohol, but it only whitened the paint but the pencil mark was still there.  And then finally, I had a brilliant idea to try this product.

See for yourself:

The best thing about this product is that it doesn't contain harsh chemicals.  The ingredients are water, plant-based surfactants and other naturally derived ingredients imported from the US.  

No bleach.
No dyes.
No phosphates.
No parabens.
No unnecessary chemicals.

This is one amazing product.

You may buy this online via their Facebook Page - FULL CIRCLE PH or their main website at:


  1. Wow amazing 😊. Mas natuwa ako no harsh chemical.lalo na kung may mga batang nakapaligid sa bahay tapos maglilinis ka ng gamit mo. 😊

  2. Merelle Joy TimoteoJune 02, 2019 11:09 AM

    Amazing product! Harsh free product pa. I'd like to try these amazing products