Monday, June 18, 2018

I have been hearing about the #InstantPot for years.  My friend Kath says her friend who is now based in Canada swears by this appliance.  I also have been seeing it quite a LOT online.  It honestly looked really interesting, but then I thought - if it works the same as my slow cooker, I didn't see the point of getting one.  But then I've read that it cuts cooking time.  Well, let's just say I wasn't 100% sold on the idea.

Then last year, during the Black Friday sale, my Panget asked me if I wanted one - it was because it was sale.  He then told me he'd get me one, as long as I make sure to use it.

The Instant Pot arrived March.

The box looked so intimidating.  It was huge, bigger than what I was expecting.  I seriously was scared of all the buttons that I saw.  I then placed it back in the box and put it near the dining area.  Everyday, I would look at it - every so often, I would search for recipes online.  I never had the guts to use it.  My Panget eventually toldme to keep it in the storage room because he was getting tired seeing the box there.  So, I asked Yaya to move it to the storage room.  The I suddenly realized, I was ready to use it.  Hahaha!!

It was a little nerve wracking - I need to be honest, I was still intimidated by the machine.  I was very careful - treating it with gentleness and kindness (secretly telling the machine to be good to me) and I started cooking.  I misplaced the manual so I had to rely on the ever reliable Google during the last minute.  

I was trying to make Beef Burgandy.  So I carefully did all the steps - and the final one was to set it to Pressure Cook.  The recipe said 45minutes on High, and so I did.  

I was anxious and excited.  But I had faith, and waited.

After 45 minutes, I did the *steam release* and man did it take a while, I think it took about 4 minutes?

And then opening the lid.  I was nervous and scared.  I've heard horror stories of accident happening when people open pressure cookers.  But since most of the steam was released, I thought - it must be *safe* to open the lid.  I first turned off the unit by unplugging - I wanted to be sure and slowly turned the lid - and it opened effortlessly.  I took a peek and it looked wonderful - I immediately got a fork and forked a piece of beef and it crumbled.  I had to try it to believe, and it was so soft.  I can't believe that it just took less than an hour to make it soft.

This is what the Instant Pot can do for 45 minutes.  I was very much impressed.

The beef was so tender the sauce was perfect.  What usually takes 4-5 hours in a slow cooker just took me 45 minutes to make, 45 minutes!  Can you believe it?  Wow!

I think I was on an Instant Pot *high* because I wanted to cook again.  I finally decided on making Instant Pot Butter Chicken, I followed the recipe of and it came out perfect too!

The chicken breast also was so soft and not dry, the flavors were top notch - all thanks to the McCormick spices and the Garam Masala I got from Assad Mini Mart.

This Butter Chicken only took 10 minutes to make in the Instant Pot.  10 minutes!  If you include the preparation, I think all in all 30 minutes.  

Amazing right?

I'm officially a believer.

Disclaimer:  This Instant Pot was bought in Amazon and is on 110V, I know there's a local distributor already and I follow them on IG @instantpotph.  Instant Pot is also sold in Landers, a friend was able to buy a 6qt at Landers Arcovia.  What I have is the 8quart one.

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  1. Sana success din pag ginawa ko hehe saving your beef burgundy and butter chicken recipes!!