How a Chin implant can enhance your face

Friday, June 08, 2018

If you have a small, weak or recessed chin, it can cause the lower part of your face look much smaller than the upper facial area. This gives an unbalanced appearance to your face, as though your other features are out of proportion or enlarged in comparison to your chin. When you have a chin implant procedure (mentoplasty) performed by an experienced, highly qualified plastic surgeon who is known for fine caliber cosmetic and corrective facial surgical procedures, your face will acquire an attractive combination of harmony, balance and aesthetic beauty that only leading plastic surgeons can achieve.

Many chin implant procedures are performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures for the face, such as rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery), blepharoplasty (corrective surgery for droopy eyelids) or rhytidectomy (facelift). During your chin implant procedure, some bone from your jaw area may be shifted forward or unneeded bone may be extracted to make the implant easier to place. The chin implant will then be inserted, usually through a small, unnoticeable incision under your chin. Often, the attractive, modified lines of your new chin are enhanced further by some skillful bone sculpting of the jaw line by your facial surgeon.

Why a Chin Implant Will Not Cause You to Have a Masculine Appearance

If you are concerned about having a chin implant procedure done, even by a respected, experienced plastic surgeon today, because you think it will give you a masculine appearance, do not worry. The only reason this procedure would give you a masculine look is if your face and other facial features are strongly structured and masculine in appearance. However, if your facial shape, features and overall proportions are delicate and feminine, your chin implant will not give you a look of masculinity for the following reasons:

Chin Implants Complement Other Facial Features - Your expert cosmetic and corrective plastic surgeon will design your chin implant specifically to align with the size, shape and style of your other facial features. Your new chin will be structured to complement and emphasize your overall facial attributes, and its shape, size and contoured refinement will exhibit certain elements that are present in the other features and areas of your face. While revealing its own unique lines, form and character, you new nose will definitely display a 'family resemblance' to the other 'featured members' of your face.

Enhancement of Your Chin Will Balance Your Facial Shape - The overall shape and outline of your face will be much more cohesive and pleasing visually after your chin enhancement procedure. By giving you a more definite and dynamic chin structure, whether volumetric or delicate in appearance, your facial surgeon will create new and appealing balances that strengthen and improve the shape of your face. Its overall shape involves creation of subtle contours and nuances of line and form that you may not notice at first when looking at your reflection in the mirror following your chin implant. Both the full frontal and partially frontal views of your face will reflect a more cohesive and pleasing sense of natural beauty, alignment and allure. In addition, your profile will be sleek and artfully designed.

Features in Harmony Are Not Necessarily Masculine or Feminine - When facial features are balanced in harmonious alliance with one another in terms of form, shape, size and contour, they are not necessarily masculine or feminine in appearance. Seen together as visual components aligned to present a definite, unified image and sensibility, they reflect similar strengths of form and structure along with compelling subtleties and unique nuances that help define and distinguish your face as a pleasing, unified entity of physical form.

Your Chin Implant Will Be Custom Designed to Suit Your Preferences - Your expert cosmetic and corrective facial surgeon wants you to be completely comfortable and satisfied with your new facial structure. Not only will you discuss all aspects of your chin implant procedure prior to the date of your surgery, but your plastic surgeon will most likely show you digital images with overlays that help you view and select the shape, size and style of your new chin well before you undergo the surgical procedure. He or she will also have you view photos of patients who have had chin implants performed by your surgeon so you can see the before and after images as tangible results of this procedure.

You should have no worries or concerns about your scheduled plastic surgery procedure for a chin implant giving you a masculine appearance. Quite to the contrary, it will simply complement and emphasize the natural beauty and appeal of your other facial features while joining with them in harmonious alliance to form a pleasing and unified balance.

Your face will exhibit charm, tasteful lines and stylistic continuity that can only support and enhance your unique personal charm and natural attractiveness. You will look and feel your best with greater amounts of self-confidence and more mental drive to excel in all that you do.

Donald Roland, M.D. is a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in New York, NY. Dr. Roland offers his patients a practical and appealing approach to corrective and cosmetic surgical procedures.

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