School Diairies: Getting picked on in school

Friday, June 29, 2018

I know it happens EVERYWHERE because of all the news and media attention it gets.  But I have always been aloof on the topic, thinking - *Nah, it won't happen to me*  but it happened to my child, specifically - Connor.

It's barely been two weeks yet there have been incidents.  Mind you, they're not very alarming - but still incidents - just the same.  So what happened? 

1st Incident:
When I picked Connor up from school - he told me that someone punched him on the shoulder.  When I asked who it was, he mentioned the name of his classmate.  I was at first skeptical because the name sounded a bit foreign - but when I looked at his class list, I found the name.  I then asked what he did next and he said *nothing* but after a while he said he punched back.  I am not very sure on the accuracy of his account - so I emailed his teacher about it.  I was very impressed because the teacher replied swiftly, saying that she was aware of the incident because Connor reported it to her.  She said they will try and investigate on what happened.  And that if it happened again, that Connor should immediately report it to the teacher.

2nd Incident:
The day after I reported the 1st incident, Connor told me that this same boy called him names.  So I asked what the boy called him.  Connor said *He calls me a box!*  I honestly didn't understand what that meant but then I just brushed it off, but made sure to remember this incident.

3rd Incident:
Yesterday, while inside the car - Connor tells me that this boy teased him.  Saying that he looked like *Hello Kitty*.  I then said, it's okay since Hello Kitty is cute.  I think he took offense because he answered me with *But I am NOT a girl!*  Again, I brushed it off but made sure to remember it.  

I then decided to wait it out and see if this will reach a 5th incident (before I do something more than tell the teacher),  My Panget said why wait for a 5th incident, I said it was because I needed for the boy to repeat what he did - just to prove it's not a random a few times thing.  At least with 5 incidents, no one can tell me that it happened once or twice and won't ever happen again.

Then yesterday, when I picked up Connor - the teacher asked to speak to me.  She said that there was an incident that morning but they were unclear if it was punching or kicking.  Connor said he was punched, while the boy admitted he kicked Connor.  Both boys were taken to an office and spoken to, the boy apologized to Connor.  Teacher said that they have taken measures and have been reminding the boy to watch his actions.  I felt a bit relieved because the school was able to do something about it, I just hope that there won't be other incidents.  The teacher then said that she felt that the boy was just rough playing, so I just took it lightly.

Then while inside the car, Connor told me happily that he went to the Principal's office with the boy - and the principal spoke to them.  I was honestly confused because I was told by teacher that it was a teacher team leader/supervisor that spoke to the boys, but I let Connor tell his side of the story.  He said that the boy said sorry to him.  Then the teacher told them to use *gentle hands*.  Then after while he blurted out 'Mommy, I almost cried but I didn't'  I asked why he almost cried, he said because it hurt very much.  That is when my heart broke.  He was forcing himself not to cry - and that he felt hurt with the punch.  That means, this punch wasn't light nor was it a playful thing or rough play.  I do understand that there are some kids that are heavy handed but Connor was hurt enough to have the urge to cry.  And Connor doesn't cry unless he's really hurt (physically and emotionally)

I was already ready and prepared to let go of the issue to be honest, because I felt a bit better after speaking to the teacher.  But then Connor brought this up and I was again bothered.

How do you handle situations like this?  I am honestly at a loss and I don't know how to handle it properly.  As much as I want to confront, I know it's not the best solution.  I am trying different methods, but if these methods prove not to improve the situation - then I may need to go straight to the parent.

I need to protect my child too.  But I am exercising caution and patience as much as I can.  I can be a bitch and go on a total offensive - but I know it won't do me nor the situation good.

This is one test that is proving to be quite difficult.

And it's just the second week of school.

Letting go - slowly.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Kailee is now 7, she's in Grade 2 and my heart breaks a little.  I think it'll break more as the years pass.  Every morning, I wake up and bring her to school, I have been doing this for the past two years - this year is my 3rd year.  This year is different as I am the one who wakes her up and dresses her in the morning.  I know it's just been just a few days of school - but it's something I look forward to.  Maybe because I am pregnant and sleep is a bit disrupted - I tend to wake earlier than usual but it's a welcome change since I get to spend this time with Kailee.

Every morning for the past few days, we walk to her gate.  The walk is a bit longer than what we usually do for the past 2 years - but it's still okay.  I let her pull her stroller bag because I need her to know and feel that it's her bag and not mine (I just hold her lunch box for her).  When she enters her gate and taps in her ID - I can't help but have this proud feeling in my heart that she is doing okay.  But this morning, I felt a pinch in my heart - I felt sad and proud at the same time.  She was independently pulling her bag and walking to her room.  She had this confidence in her and a smile that tells me everything is okay.  But I am not okay.  I am having a hard time letting go.

As I type this, I have tears welling in my eyes.  Haha!  Pregnancy hormones!  I can't explain it, but it hurts - but I know it's something that I need to deal with as the years will come.  It doesn't get easier.  I remember an elder telling me that time flies by more quick when they start school - and it's true!  I can't seem to hold on to them and shield them from whatever - but I need to try because it's the only way for them to learn and grow.

Wish me luck guys.

Wish me luck.

Shortcuts, Laziness & the Easy life...

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I have noticed that people have become lazy.  I apologize in advance for stereotyping, but the younger generation seems to want everything done - short cut.  They want everything handed to them with ease.  Hard work seems alien to them.  They want things fast and would declare boredom in an instant that they're not being given what they want.

When I was still in school, I remember being told to read texts, directions and handouts two times or more, just to make sure you have all the details that you need.  So I was trained to READ THROUGH everything, painstakingly.  It was something that I didn't want to do, but had to do - and when I became an adult, it was beneficial because - I became patient enough to read through manuals, books and ads.  I remember to always read through everything, even the fine print, just to avoid those unfortunate instances.

Now, why am I writing about this?  Well, I came across a person in the FB Marketplace that sent me a message about some items that I was selling.  Apparently, she just saw the ad and assumed to have seen everything that she needed to see and KNOW and messaged me immediately.  I on the other hand, assumed that she must have read through the whole ad, was surprised and answered with ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I don't think there is any subtle interpretation of my reply - I was being sarcastic.  You see, things get lost in translation in messages, chat messages to be specific, as we do not hear the tone of the other person's voice.  I admit to it, there was only one tone that I wanted to put forth, and it was a sarcastic one.

She then replies to me angrily, telling me that I shouldn't have answered sarcastically.  Noted on the tone, but what I disliked was that - SHE DIDN'T READ THROUGH THE AD PROPERLY.  There was a READ MORE button, but she didn't even click it to read through the ad.  I had to encircle the READ MORE words and screen capture it just to make my point.  She then retorted that yes, she admits that she didn't click through it - thus her question, her point was that she was trying to make a *bargain* and began telling me how wrong I was to answer sarcastically.

I admit, my reply was sarcastic - but I think I am entitled to how I wanted to reply to something that I find really stupid.  I mean come on, DO DUE DILIGENCE in reading!  Blaming the other person's tone of reply to justify your shortcoming is what?  I mean, okay - I take responsibility for being sarcastic, but it was my reaction to the stupidity of the question.  I mean, I'm sorry but I really found her question or bargaining skills really stupid.  Who in their right minds would go and bargain without having all the information?  It's like going to a debate without all the details and just filling them in as you went along, diba?  Well, that's what I felt.  But you know what - I still apologized to this person that she felt offended, but seriously speaking - READ FIRST BEFORE YOU GO ON A TIRADE!

I feel that people nowadays just read through what they want to read and the rest they just make it up along the way.  WHERE IS THE DILIGENCE IN THAT?  I know most everyone wants short cuts, but there are just things that short cuts won't cut through!

Then I get another inquiry on the same ad asking me if I had pictures.  You know, the ad is COMPLETE with images, a group image and INDIVIDUAL images, but this person who asked was too lazy to click through the ad to look for what he's looking for.  LAZY.  I then had to tell this person to check the ad's images because I would be sending the same thing.  But the person didn't stop there, I was asked again for description of the items, to which I screen capped the image of the description and asked that person to READ!  But it didn't end there - the person seemed to be confused on the simple instructions.  In the end, I just gave up and stopped replying altogether.  I swear, my brain couldn't take it anymore.  I've had enough of these laziness to be honest.  ENOUGH!

I know every single person would want to have the best kind of bargain they can, but they can be nice about it and word it PROFESSIONALLY.  In this age of text messages and Facebook, people have become complacent and have become lazy and business ethics have been thrown out the doors and windows never to be seen again.

Once I received an FB messenger inquiry, this message came it at almost 11:00PM (night time), I then received a follow-up message some 30 minutes after that and another one after an hour.  The last message came in at about 3:00am with an angry tone that was threatening, the message was somthing like this *Hindi ka ba talaga, magrereply?  Magiiwan ako ng negative comment! /So are you really going to ignore my messages?  I'll be leaving a negative comment!*  Imagine reading this the next morning.  I had to reply with *Hello, your messages came it AFTER office hours, no one was available to reply to your queries.  We are available now, and we will answer in a while*  We then received a reply *Hindi ba kayo 24/7?*  to which I answered that business hours were from 8am to 5pm during weekdays - the reply we got after this was the SILLIEST reply we have EVER gotten *Eh bakit pa kayo nasa Facebook kung hindi kayo 24/7*?  The whole office laughed out loud when we read the reply.  This person had the littlest brain ever, this person is unable to comprehend that being on Facebook doesn't mean it's being manned 24/7.  See his logic?  It's really really stupid!


Since my kids are now both in big school.  I have noticed that some parents want their children to have ease of everything.  We carry their bags, drop them off the nearest gates and buy what they want because it goes with the trend.  I know as parents, we want whats best for our children - but showering them with all these things, might not be all good for them.

I remember my SIL being surprised that I wanted to drop off Kailee at the gate of my choosing because of MY convenience.  She warned me that it was a long walk for Kailee if I dropped her off the gate of my choosing.  To which I replied, well - when I was younger, my mom didn't think of my convenience, so I would walk to my classroom with ease.  I honestly didn't notice that it was that far.  It was only when she pointed it out that I did realize, it was a distance.  But I told her, if I was able to do it when I was younger, Kailee should be able to do it now.  She then told me that Kailee's bag would be heavy, I then replied I knew because my bag was heavy too, but I never overly complained about it.  I mean, come on - we all went through that process, right?  So why make things easier for them?  In my mind, Kailee should be able to experience what I did when I was in big school.

Early on, I have trained Kailee to carry her own bag.  I must say that sometimes, when I see yayas and parents carry or pull their kid's bags I make little judgements in my head.  Some would say *Maawa na naman sa bata*, well they're kids - and they're resilient - depriving them of this experience will not be good for their future.  In my opinion, they will always feel the need of someone to assist them.  Where will independence set it?  Almost never.  I believe that instilling responsibility in kids is good, little bits of responsibility - like carrying their own bags and small chores at home.  I admit, we are spoiled in the house because we have helpers, but when we don't have a helper - the kids join in with the chores of helping me cook, setting the table and washing the dishes with Dada.  They seem to enjoy it and I'm glad that they are.

Just this morning, I witnessed a meltdown of a young girl.  She refused to pull her school bag so her Yaya was forced to pull it for her.  Just to give you an idea, the little girl was quite small and her back was the trolley type that looked really boxy that you can even sit on it.  It looked heavy, but since it had wheels, pulling it would be *easier*.  To be honest, her bag looks bigger that her.  In my opinion, pulling her back was something she can do - if she can't pull it, then she could have just pushed it.    When reached the gate to tap in, she had this troubling look in her eyes, worrying.  She then refused to let go of her Yaya's hand saying that she cannot pull her bag to her classroom.  The guard then tells us (everyone present there) that the little girl should have entered the other gate nearer to her classroom.  It is that kind of thinking that I feel is wrong, the convenience of the child is always thought of - but what about the convenience of the adult?  The little girl then turns on the water works and starts crying - the Yaya of course, won't be allowed to enter right?  So there they were, pulling and letting go.  The Yaya let go and left the little girl, but the little girl tried to follow the Yaya so the Yaya had to go back and talk her into going inside the gate.  It was a meltdown - something that I feel can be avoided - but hey, that's just me.  As I walked back to the car, I saw more little girls pulling their own trolley bags without Yayas or even any adult supervision.  I don't know, I just found it bothersome, but hey - that's just me.

I remembered my good friend K, she told me that she lets her son enter and exit in a gate that is quite far from her son's classroom.  In my head - far might not be *far*, but then she showed me a video and its was an endless walk - crossing a football field!  Can you imagine?  I saw him walking from one end to another pulling his stroller bag with him - and he'll do that EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I know it's easy for us to pick up after our children, but then what good will it do to them, right?  They will always rely on us for everything - and that's really not how it's supposed to be.  Yes, we can indulge them from time to time, but there are just things for me that you need to toughen up and let them do it.

Witnessing meltdowns and these things online made me realize how I want to raise my kids.  I want them responsible, hardworking, tough and confident.  There are so many instances that I wanted to step in and fight their battles, but I know it won't do them good.  As much as I want to shower them with all the love and care in the world, and shield them from the negativity and hurt - I know that they need to go through what they need to go through.  I will just be here for them.

But you know what - it's easier said than done.


Monday, June 18, 2018

I have been hearing about the #InstantPot for years.  My friend Kath says her friend who is now based in Canada swears by this appliance.  I also have been seeing it quite a LOT online.  It honestly looked really interesting, but then I thought - if it works the same as my slow cooker, I didn't see the point of getting one.  But then I've read that it cuts cooking time.  Well, let's just say I wasn't 100% sold on the idea.

Then last year, during the Black Friday sale, my Panget asked me if I wanted one - it was because it was sale.  He then told me he'd get me one, as long as I make sure to use it.

The Instant Pot arrived March.

The box looked so intimidating.  It was huge, bigger than what I was expecting.  I seriously was scared of all the buttons that I saw.  I then placed it back in the box and put it near the dining area.  Everyday, I would look at it - every so often, I would search for recipes online.  I never had the guts to use it.  My Panget eventually toldme to keep it in the storage room because he was getting tired seeing the box there.  So, I asked Yaya to move it to the storage room.  The I suddenly realized, I was ready to use it.  Hahaha!!

It was a little nerve wracking - I need to be honest, I was still intimidated by the machine.  I was very careful - treating it with gentleness and kindness (secretly telling the machine to be good to me) and I started cooking.  I misplaced the manual so I had to rely on the ever reliable Google during the last minute.  

I was trying to make Beef Burgandy.  So I carefully did all the steps - and the final one was to set it to Pressure Cook.  The recipe said 45minutes on High, and so I did.  

I was anxious and excited.  But I had faith, and waited.

After 45 minutes, I did the *steam release* and man did it take a while, I think it took about 4 minutes?

And then opening the lid.  I was nervous and scared.  I've heard horror stories of accident happening when people open pressure cookers.  But since most of the steam was released, I thought - it must be *safe* to open the lid.  I first turned off the unit by unplugging - I wanted to be sure and slowly turned the lid - and it opened effortlessly.  I took a peek and it looked wonderful - I immediately got a fork and forked a piece of beef and it crumbled.  I had to try it to believe, and it was so soft.  I can't believe that it just took less than an hour to make it soft.

This is what the Instant Pot can do for 45 minutes.  I was very much impressed.

The beef was so tender the sauce was perfect.  What usually takes 4-5 hours in a slow cooker just took me 45 minutes to make, 45 minutes!  Can you believe it?  Wow!

I think I was on an Instant Pot *high* because I wanted to cook again.  I finally decided on making Instant Pot Butter Chicken, I followed the recipe of and it came out perfect too!

The chicken breast also was so soft and not dry, the flavors were top notch - all thanks to the McCormick spices and the Garam Masala I got from Assad Mini Mart.

This Butter Chicken only took 10 minutes to make in the Instant Pot.  10 minutes!  If you include the preparation, I think all in all 30 minutes.  

Amazing right?

I'm officially a believer.

Disclaimer:  This Instant Pot was bought in Amazon and is on 110V, I know there's a local distributor already and I follow them on IG @instantpotph.  Instant Pot is also sold in Landers, a friend was able to buy a 6qt at Landers Arcovia.  What I have is the 8quart one.

Walang Pasok means No Rain

Thursday, June 14, 2018

It's been a standing joke.  For as long as I can remember, it has been known that when government agencies declare no classes, the rain suddenly stops.  The weather becomes more bearable.

Case in point:  Today's declaration of NO CLASSES

When it was declared this morning, I felt that it was a bit late.  Well, maybe because no one expected it.  No one expected it but when the message made it's round - well, it was a bit too late.  I received messages on my phone at 5:15am, I usually wake up at 5:30 to get ready.  Since my phone is on silent mode at night and it didn't seem to me that weather was that bad (well, it's been raining for the past few days) I didn't feel the need to check my phone.  I just noticed that my Viber has about 50+ messages.  I immediately woke up and tapped on it.  And true enough, classes were suspended by the Mayor.

Connor had already been up, dressed for school and was at the dining table having breakfast.  Kailee was still asleep but was going to be woken up next.  I then told Yaya that there was no classes.  I heard Connor say *Hala* and I honestly didn't know why.  Yaya said it was because, he was already dressed up and ready for school.  I checked on the kids after a while and was surprised to see Connor in bed - ASLEEP!  Hahahaha..  I on the other hand wanted to go back to sleep, but I couldn't anymore.

My friend A asked why we didn't have classes, I said it was declared by the mayor.  She replied with *It'll be sunny later*.  Well, it didn't get sunny - but the rain stopped and it was cloudy.  My Panget would always say - consult for forecasts - they're quite accurate he says.  He's baffled why government officials don't check for weather forecasts.

I remember someone asking me to check PAGASA's weather forecast - so I went to the website but was mildly confused.  It wasn't very informative - it was very generic.  I get more detailed forecasts when I check my iPhone's weather app.  There is no hourly forecast - just a generic one.  See below:

This makes me wonder.  Is the one in charge just like me?  Unimaginative?  I don't know - but I'm sure a weather expert would be able to give more details on the weather right?  Or was it the fault of the encoder?  I am really baffled and sad at the same time.

But that's life - well in the Philippines.  The weather forecast of local experts are most of the time, incorrect.  In the past years, I felt that there was an improvement - especially with Project NOAH, but it was scrapped during this administration, right?  So we're back to the PAGASA website that doesn't look very enticing to navigate.  

It's quite sad that the state of weather forecasting has not improved since I was in school.  Declarations from mayors meant that the weather will not be bad and instead be good.  It's a long standing joke that I hoped would be changed through the years - sadly, it didn't.

So to everyone at home - enjoy the VERY long weekend.

DIDIscoveries: Panaderia's Spanish Bread

Friday, June 08, 2018

When I was younger, I would wake up to the smell of bread.  I was introduced early on to the humble pandesal, the pan de coco and the Spanish bread.

I will never forget the first time I tasted Spanish bread.

I was so amazed and surprised and very much in awe that a humble bread with sweet buttery filling can taste so good!  It was there that my love affair with Spanish bread started.  I would ask for it in every bakery that I go to.  Unfortunately, not all bakeries make them - and when they do, it easily runs out (obviously because of the yumminess!).

When we moved houses, there was no bakery nearby.  It was sad, but that was the fact of life.  Since then I would ask my mom to buy me Spanish bread - and most of the time, she would come empty handed - *they've run out!* she would always say.  When I was old enough to drive, well - I didn't realize that it was that elusive  I would stop is most street side bakeries that I would see and ask for it, but all my efforts remain futile - no spanish bread.  Either they've run out or they don't bake it at all.

Once I remember, our trusty driver handing me a bag of spanish bread, he said he remembered I wanted it.  I was so happy and excited, but when I bit into it - it was dry, tough and had very little filling.  I told him thank you and shared a piece of two to him.  When he bit into it, he gave me the same reaction - *hindi siya masarap*.  It was then that my search for the ultimate Spanish bread started, I think my driver too had that same idea.  So he would scour and buy me 2 pieces to try.  Most of our discoveries were not impressive, there was one that was promising - but it wasn't consistent.

I realized that maybe the baking technique and recipes then are different from now.  Now of course, there's technology at their side - new more cost efficient ingredients to be used.  So I just gave up, our driver gave up too.

Then last year, I would pass by this bakery along Scout Tobias in the morning after bringing Kailee to school.  I would see a long line inside this bakery.  I then told my mom about it and she said she's heard that this bakery sells good pandesal.  My SIL, L also told me that she buys their bread there.  So one Saturday, I decided to pass by and check it out.  I bought a loaf of *tasty* bread and asked if they had Spanish bread.  To my surprise they had Spanish bread - I asked for the price and it was a whopping Php16.00!  Yikes!  But I still bought two pieces to try.

In the car, I was so curious - I was also hungry and so I tried it.

And it was LOVE at first bite.

It was the exact Spanish bread taste that I had remembered from childhood.  The sweetness of the filling and softness of the bread.  It was sooooo wonderful.  My usual complaint on the other Spanish bread was that the filling was really few, but with this one - well - you had the right about of filling in EVERY bite, I repeat - IN EVERY BITE!  I told and shared to my mom and she said, it was good too!  The bread was soft and the filling very tasty!  I FINALLY FOUND IT!

THAT filling goes to the end, I mean literally end to end!

It was that good that I came back the next day to buy a LOT.  Hahahahaha!!

I was so glad to have found a childhood favorite again.  I was so excited that I would buy it every time I had the chance and HOARD!  I would keep a stash in the freezer just in case.

I'm just really happy that I found the holy grail of Spanish bread!  So if you are also into Spanish bread - I swear to you, try this one and you'll understand why.

Happy eating!

How a Chin implant can enhance your face

If you have a small, weak or recessed chin, it can cause the lower part of your face look much smaller than the upper facial area. This gives an unbalanced appearance to your face, as though your other features are out of proportion or enlarged in comparison to your chin. When you have a chin implant procedure (mentoplasty) performed by an experienced, highly qualified plastic surgeon who is known for fine caliber cosmetic and corrective facial surgical procedures, your face will acquire an attractive combination of harmony, balance and aesthetic beauty that only leading plastic surgeons can achieve.

Many chin implant procedures are performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures for the face, such as rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery), blepharoplasty (corrective surgery for droopy eyelids) or rhytidectomy (facelift). During your chin implant procedure, some bone from your jaw area may be shifted forward or unneeded bone may be extracted to make the implant easier to place. The chin implant will then be inserted, usually through a small, unnoticeable incision under your chin. Often, the attractive, modified lines of your new chin are enhanced further by some skillful bone sculpting of the jaw line by your facial surgeon.

Why a Chin Implant Will Not Cause You to Have a Masculine Appearance

If you are concerned about having a chin implant procedure done, even by a respected, experienced plastic surgeon today, because you think it will give you a masculine appearance, do not worry. The only reason this procedure would give you a masculine look is if your face and other facial features are strongly structured and masculine in appearance. However, if your facial shape, features and overall proportions are delicate and feminine, your chin implant will not give you a look of masculinity for the following reasons:

Chin Implants Complement Other Facial Features - Your expert cosmetic and corrective plastic surgeon will design your chin implant specifically to align with the size, shape and style of your other facial features. Your new chin will be structured to complement and emphasize your overall facial attributes, and its shape, size and contoured refinement will exhibit certain elements that are present in the other features and areas of your face. While revealing its own unique lines, form and character, you new nose will definitely display a 'family resemblance' to the other 'featured members' of your face.

Enhancement of Your Chin Will Balance Your Facial Shape - The overall shape and outline of your face will be much more cohesive and pleasing visually after your chin enhancement procedure. By giving you a more definite and dynamic chin structure, whether volumetric or delicate in appearance, your facial surgeon will create new and appealing balances that strengthen and improve the shape of your face. Its overall shape involves creation of subtle contours and nuances of line and form that you may not notice at first when looking at your reflection in the mirror following your chin implant. Both the full frontal and partially frontal views of your face will reflect a more cohesive and pleasing sense of natural beauty, alignment and allure. In addition, your profile will be sleek and artfully designed.

Features in Harmony Are Not Necessarily Masculine or Feminine - When facial features are balanced in harmonious alliance with one another in terms of form, shape, size and contour, they are not necessarily masculine or feminine in appearance. Seen together as visual components aligned to present a definite, unified image and sensibility, they reflect similar strengths of form and structure along with compelling subtleties and unique nuances that help define and distinguish your face as a pleasing, unified entity of physical form.

Your Chin Implant Will Be Custom Designed to Suit Your Preferences - Your expert cosmetic and corrective facial surgeon wants you to be completely comfortable and satisfied with your new facial structure. Not only will you discuss all aspects of your chin implant procedure prior to the date of your surgery, but your plastic surgeon will most likely show you digital images with overlays that help you view and select the shape, size and style of your new chin well before you undergo the surgical procedure. He or she will also have you view photos of patients who have had chin implants performed by your surgeon so you can see the before and after images as tangible results of this procedure.

You should have no worries or concerns about your scheduled plastic surgery procedure for a chin implant giving you a masculine appearance. Quite to the contrary, it will simply complement and emphasize the natural beauty and appeal of your other facial features while joining with them in harmonious alliance to form a pleasing and unified balance.

Your face will exhibit charm, tasteful lines and stylistic continuity that can only support and enhance your unique personal charm and natural attractiveness. You will look and feel your best with greater amounts of self-confidence and more mental drive to excel in all that you do.

Donald Roland, M.D. is a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in New York, NY. Dr. Roland offers his patients a practical and appealing approach to corrective and cosmetic surgical procedures.