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Monday, May 07, 2018

My goodness.  I really dislike it when I need to call the hotline to dispute charges on my bill.  For our Bayantel landline - well, it's now absorbed by Globe - we were charged for a reconnection fee.  And that is for a LANDLINE!  Where the hell did that come from?  I mean, I can understand if it's a reconnection of a Globe handyphone because, well it's part of their so called *service*.  But a landline?  I mean, reconnection fee?  ARE THEY EVEN ALLOWED TO CHARGE THAT??

Okay, so I call the hotline to ask and verify if I really did request for a reconnection.  To be honest, I can't remember - but then since they *record* all of their conversations, might as well ask for the recording right?  If I hear myself asking for a reconnection, I will pay it.  But if I don't hear myself asking for a reconnection, then - they'll need to waive the fee.  So I requested this last April 23, 2018.  I was told that after 48 hours, I would receive feedback.  Note, I will RECEIVE feedback, I asked if I needed to call again and was told that I didn't.

Fast forward to today.  I suddenly remembered it, so I called the hotline and gave the reference number.  This agent I was speaking to was helpful, he said that he saw my complaint but was confused because there was a notation that said the *reconnection fee* was waived, this was made last February.  He wondered why I was even given a reference number about my complaint last April 23, 2018 - when in fact, it should have been resolved right there and then.

STUPIDITY.  My answer to him was simply that.  The agent I spoke to last April 23 was losing some screws that day.  He then makes the effort and tells me that he will make the *necessary adjustment*, but before he can go any further, he needed to verify the account.  He asked me the following questions:

1)  What is my account number?
To which I responded, I don't have it memorized.  I mean in all seriousness who memorizes their account number?!  Strike 1

2)  What is my current plan?
I have been subscribed with Bayantel for years and for a fact, I know there is NO other plan but a residential landline for a residential landline!  I mean, it's not as if it's a mobile phone with different tiered plans!  Strike 2

3)  What is my COMPLETE installation address?
Of course, this I can answer with pride, so I gave it.  But you know what, there was a follow up question.

4)  What is the STREET of the installation address?
Did I hear that question correctly?  I told the person I was speaking to - DIBA KABIBIGAY KO LANG SAYO NG COMPLETE ADDRESS?  Don't tell me hindi mo narinig?  Apparently, he did hear the address - what he meant was WHAT IS THE BARANGAY!  Goodness, pati ba naman iyon nagkamali pa sila ng tanong?

5)  When is the cut off of your bill?
Who remembers this?  I don't - especially for a LANDLINE!  I know by heart my mobile number's cut off - because that meant my free minutes and text messages would be refreshed!  Hahaha.  Strike 3!

6)  When is the activation month and year of the landline?
What kind of a question is this?  It's really really very STUPID.  Would you have an exact recolletion of when your landline service was activated?  Strike 4!

I was so frustrated with the line of questioning, I mean seriously - they're not basic, you need to have all the information on hand with you!  Even if you have the bill, you still won't be able to answer some of the questions?!

Why do these companies make it so hard for us to request for something that they did erroneously??!!

I'm sure the agent is at a loss for an explanation - he was just following the spiel.  His name is Jomark, by the way.  He then tells me that he has already made the adjustment.  BUT I need to wait for two (2) billing cycles before the waived fee will be reflected.


Why the hell do I need to wait for two billing cycles for a refund of a charge that they erroneously put on my account?!  I told him, if that's the case, then I might be disconnected again and again because I failed to pay for the *overdue* that is reflected on my account!?  He fell silent, he said that he can't do anything about it.  So I asked to speak to a supervisor.

And this supervisor tell me the same thing.  BUT with this line *Kung ayaw niyo bayaran....*  I refuse to pay for it?  HELL YEAH I REFUSE TO PAY FOR IT!  Why do I need to pay for a charge that was a mistake to begin with??  I told her to be careful with her words and not to just say them for the sake of saying something.  I hate it when I hear words just being thrown out without even thinking what it means.

So after 1 hour of back and forth, it was resolved.  The solution - my account will have a HOLD for disconnection until the refund is reflected.

Grabe.  1 hour talaga.

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