12 is 6 and 6!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

There was an interesting conversation between Kailee, Connor and I.  They saw that I have stretch marks on my tummy area.  Kailee then asked me why I have those stripes on my tummy.  I explained to her that as she was growing inside my tummy, my skin was expanding and stretching - thus the stretching of skin.  She looked at me in wonder - I guess she still didn't understand.  Our conversation then went to them telling me *Mommy, when I was a baby I used to drink milk from your boob*  I then forgot what we talked about next - but then it led to this topic.  I mentioned that I wasn't able to spend the same amount of time with Connor.  They both asked why, and I told them - well, since Kailee was the first baby, all my attention was to her.  And when Connor arrived - I had to split my time and attention between the two of them.

Then suddenly, Kailee's face lit up!  I honestly wondered why but was really curious to find out.  She said:

Mommy!  12 is 6 and 6.  There are 12 months in a year!  12's half is 6!  Why don't you spend 6 months with me and then the other 6 months with Connor!  That way, it's the same time!

I laughed so hard not because it was funny, but because it was such an innocent brilliant idea coming from a 7 year old.  In a perfect world - her idea would have been perfect.  I then asked her, what happens to Connor while I spend 6 months with her.  She then said - Of course, he'll stay with Dada.  Her answer seem so easy to do.  She then said that after 6 months with her, I should focus all my attention to Connor in the next 6 months.

I asked her again, won't I miss Connor when I'm with her and vice versa?  She had another brilliant answer, you can Facetime with Connor (and then her when it's Connor's alone time with me).


I love having these kinds of conversations with my kids.  Makes my heart fuller and makes me laugh and happy.  Nakakatanggal ng pagod when I listen to their innocent brilliant ideas.

So what do you think?  Is the 6 month rule fair?  Hahahhahaha!!

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