Thursday, March 15, 2018

I honestly have never tried bingsu.  Even during last year's trip to South Korea, I didn't have a chance to have one (maybe because it was so very cold!)  I have wanted to try it, but I never had the time.  I'm glad to have tried Snowbing - located in SM North Edsa's Main Mall.  It's the cozy space right beside Banana Leaf, apparently they're both from the same mother company.

Snowbing offeres not just bingsu, but also pizza!

It looks and tastes so good!  So refreshing, I swear it was a perfect treat for the summer!  The image above is the Cheesy Mango flavor, I honestly did not expect it to go good, together but it did!  Below is a closer look at their shaved ice.

Look how fine it is, I was bowled over!  I was just expecting crushed ice, but this was really amazing, so look closely!

Below is their signature Bulgogi Pizza.

Who would have thought, bulgogi on pizza?  Hahahaha!!

Finally, I can say that I've tried bingsu and I LOVE IT!  I think I'm craving for some now since it's super hot nowadays.  Glad that it's nearby too!

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Snowbing is located in the Main Mall of SM City North Edsa.  They also are in the Garden level of Trinoma.

Bump into you there!

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