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Monday, March 12, 2018

Recently, my Kailee celebrated her 7th birthday.  Time flew by so quickly right?  I can't believe she's 7.  While I was composing my IG post - I couldn't help but tear but up.  I was being emotional and I couldn't help it.  I was happy that she's healthy and is becoming a generally good person.  I just can't help but think that in a few years time, she won't be my baby anymore.  I know it's inevitable, but I guess - every parent has this image of their kids (even if they've become grown adults) as their babies.  I am one of those.

I asked her what kind of birthday cake she wanted.  She said she wanted a cake with a LOT of icing.  I have two sisters in law who are bakers, unfortunately - they were both full on that day.  So my next bet was Addie's Pasteleria.  I have ordered a chocolate cake from her before and I LOVED that it had soooo much icing!  I love icing too.  Hahaha..

I didn't hesitate anymore and sent a message to order.  Ordering is a breeze.  This time, I decided to order a mocha cake.  And boy was I glad I picked mocha because cake was light, it was fluffy, very flavorful - bottomline,  it was so gooood.  So good that even my mom who isn't so much of a sweet tooth liked it and asked for more!

Why are there two cakes?  Well, my mommy brain did an advance order.  I thought my Kailee's birthday was a few days away instead of 2 weeks away!  Hahaha..  Addie's Pasteleria was so nice to inform me that instead of paying for two (2) flower cakes - why not just make one a standard mocha cake, and then on the correct pick up date - the flower cake.  I was bowled over when they called to tell me that.

Addie's Pateleria - FB Page
They also have an IG account where you can send messages too and see their latest creations.

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