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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

What is a miracle?  Miracle, as defined by dictionary.com is:

So this morning was a bit unusual.  For almost two years, I have been on *hatid* duties.  There's a driver provided by my in laws, so all I need to do is accompany Kailee and our carpool mates to school every morning.  Not once has a driver not shown up on time.  I think there was one or two occasions last year that the driver would call the guard or text me that they won't be able to make it.  I thought it was very nice of them to text or call to inform me, right?  Well, I appreciated that gesture very much.

So anyway - this morning, I was just supposed to bring Connor to school.  My Panget has asked me weeks ago that I would be on that particular *hatid* duty because he'll be too tired from playing bball the night before.  So okay, the arrangement was - that Yaya B will bring Kailee to school, while I will bring Connor to school.  You see, if I bring both of them to school, I would have to go back the same route three times (twice bringing them to school and once picking up Connor).  It was a good arrangement, right?  So this morning, I was awake by 5am, I couldn't go back to sleep even if I knew I can wake up later than usual.  So, I prayed the rosary - all 5 decades.  I still couldn't sleep.  So I tried the breathing technique that I use most night - that still didn't work.  Then my Fitbit alarm started going off at 5:30 and 5:45.  I noticed though that it was unusually quiet.  I did not hear a sound of a car engine starting up, nor car doors closing.  It was odd.  I looked at the time and it was already past 6:00am.  The usual time, we leave is about 5:58 to 5:59am, so 6am with still no sound at all was strangely odd.  So I got up, went out out bedroom door and said *Hello?*  then I heard Yaya B respond with *Ma'am, wala pa pong driver*.  GREAT.  I looked at the time, called the guard and asked who was supposed to come in this morning - and tried to call his number.  His phone was turned off.  So I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face with water, hurriedly dressed up and off I went.  I immediately went down, told Kailee to board the car and off we went to pick up our carpool mates.  I was in a hurry because I had to literally rush back home to be able to bring Connor to school.  I was dreading the traffic, it was the one thing I was worried about.

We left at about 6:10am.  I knew that at this time, for SURE there will be a LOT of cars.  Lots of cars + sleepy drivers + not so bright drivers + everyone rushing to be where they need to be.  I was expecting mayhem, traffic, and a LOT of waiting time.

But you know what?  By some miracle, the drive to school was smooth.  I was in awe, I kept looking at my Fitbit to confirm the time.  It was a strange thing to be honest because I knew at that particular hour - the volume of cars would be a LOT.  But it was manageable, I mean really manageable.  Cars were flowing peacefully, I was given way most of the time without much effort.  It was so strange really.  Strangely, wonderful and surprising.

Would you believe that by the time we got to ICA at 6:45, traffic was very light?  It was as if it was just 6:35!  Even the Yaya I was with was surprised!  We gathered, it was a miracle.  Kailee clocked in at school at 6:51am.  I can't explain it fully how it happened - but you know what time I arrived home?  I got home at 7:11am.  Would you believe that it took me just 20 minutes to get home?  While driving back - I was silently praying and saying *Thank you to God* for this morning miracle.  I am still amazed until now.  Thus, writing this.

Miracles do happen everyday.  I used to not believe it, until today.  There's really no explanation for the miracle I experienced this morning.  There's no logic in it to be honest.  I don't think there's a suspension of classes in ICA or Xavier or schools nearby.  At that particular time, cars should be on a traffic deadlock because most cars would be rushing to beat the 7:30am bell in school.

It was as if there was a divine intervention on the road while I was driving.

Thank you Lord, for this wonderful miracle.  I am not stressed out, nor really tired and especially not hilo hilo which is what I usually feel when I go on these back to back *hatid* sessions.

P.S.  I also saw a Sara Lee pound cake in S&R during the weekend and I have decided to offer it to St. Expeditus.  It was been YEARS (literally years) since I last saw a Sara Lee pound cake.  I think it's a sign.  So I am offering it up to him as thanks for this miracle.  I also passed by the Pink Sisters Convent to say my thank you to the Lord.

Thank you for this miracle.

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