DIDIscoveries: Cocina Peruvia at Vertis North

Friday, January 26, 2018

It's been a long long while since I have been in a mall.  Traffic has to be one of the reasons of us staying home and it's really more comfy at home.  But for special occasions, well - I'd like it to be more special - thus, the decision to eat out.  

Thinking of where to eat is actually a task for me because I'm a creature of habit.  I like to eat at restaurants where I am sure that the food quality and service is good.  I finally decided to go to Ayala Vertis North since it's a nearby mall and we've never been there yet.  The mall is fairly new and still has a lot of empty spaces, but it does have a good number of restaurants - some I am familiar with and some are new.  

Cocina Peruvia caught our attention as it was new to us.  We've honestly never heard of it before, but you know what - take the plunge!  The menu looked interesting anyways.  Our server was very helpful, patient and gracious - he helped us decide what to get.  I didn't have any expectations on the food, I just wanted to eat and so did the kids.

First out was the Beef Heart appetizer, I am a picky eater, so this was just eaten by my Panget, the kids and Yaya B.  They all said it was good.  Connor and Kailee had no idea what they were eating but they said it was good beef.  Hahahaha!!  On his last bite though, I think Connor bit a pepper and declared it was *hang hang* ang stopped eating it.

I just at the salsa side dish and asked for seconds.  Hahaha!  Babaw noh?

These are the rest of the dishes:

 This above is the Adobo Peruvia, a Perivian pork adobo!

Their Verde rice with cilantro, I don't like cilantro but this was good, pasado.

Lomo Saltado, it's beef with fried potatoes, onions and tomatoes.

Pasta with Chicken and Olives.

All the dishes were aaaaaaaaahmazing.  They were all bursting with latin flavors, it wasn't overpowering but it packed just the right amout of punch for the taste buds.  I was so impressed that I ate spoonfuls after spoonfuls of all the dishes.  The combination of spices were perfect, one dish complimented the other and not one dish out shined the others. They all shined and impressed us all individually and together as a whole meal.  

The serving size was also good, we were told that it was good for 2, but I think it was good for at least 3 and at the most 4.   Price was was okay too, our total bill came out at a little less than P2,000.00, we had two bowls of white rice for the kids pa.  Not bad in my opinion.

We had a very wonderful dinner, the food was wiped out and the service was great!  I would definitely go back to try the other dishes.  

Ayala Vertis North

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