DIDIscoveries: Cocina Peruvia at Vertis North

Friday, January 26, 2018

It's been a long long while since I have been in a mall.  Traffic has to be one of the reasons of us staying home and it's really more comfy at home.  But for special occasions, well - I'd like it to be more special - thus, the decision to eat out.  

Thinking of where to eat is actually a task for me because I'm a creature of habit.  I like to eat at restaurants where I am sure that the food quality and service is good.  I finally decided to go to Ayala Vertis North since it's a nearby mall and we've never been there yet.  The mall is fairly new and still has a lot of empty spaces, but it does have a good number of restaurants - some I am familiar with and some are new.  

Cocina Peruvia caught our attention as it was new to us.  We've honestly never heard of it before, but you know what - take the plunge!  The menu looked interesting anyways.  Our server was very helpful, patient and gracious - he helped us decide what to get.  I didn't have any expectations on the food, I just wanted to eat and so did the kids.

First out was the Beef Heart appetizer, I am a picky eater, so this was just eaten by my Panget, the kids and Yaya B.  They all said it was good.  Connor and Kailee had no idea what they were eating but they said it was good beef.  Hahahaha!!  On his last bite though, I think Connor bit a pepper and declared it was *hang hang* ang stopped eating it.

I just at the salsa side dish and asked for seconds.  Hahaha!  Babaw noh?

These are the rest of the dishes:

 This above is the Adobo Peruvia, a Perivian pork adobo!

Their Verde rice with cilantro, I don't like cilantro but this was good, pasado.

Lomo Saltado, it's beef with fried potatoes, onions and tomatoes.

Pasta with Chicken and Olives.

All the dishes were aaaaaaaaahmazing.  They were all bursting with latin flavors, it wasn't overpowering but it packed just the right amout of punch for the taste buds.  I was so impressed that I ate spoonfuls after spoonfuls of all the dishes.  The combination of spices were perfect, one dish complimented the other and not one dish out shined the others. They all shined and impressed us all individually and together as a whole meal.  

The serving size was also good, we were told that it was good for 2, but I think it was good for at least 3 and at the most 4.   Price was was okay too, our total bill came out at a little less than P2,000.00, we had two bowls of white rice for the kids pa.  Not bad in my opinion.

We had a very wonderful dinner, the food was wiped out and the service was great!  I would definitely go back to try the other dishes.  

Ayala Vertis North

Mommymundo: Preschool Fair 2018

Monday, January 22, 2018

Shopping for a pre-school for your child?

Head on to Fully Booked BGC this Saturday - January 27, 2018!

Meet the people behind the school, get to know them and get a feel on which style you prefer.  This is the perfect opportunity for you.  Imagine, meeting and seeing the schools all under one roof.  Brilliant right?

Save the date, guys!

Golden Heart - Autism Awareness Fair January 28, 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018

Do you have any loved ones diagnosed with ASD?
Do you know anyone who has a family member with ASD?

would you like to know more about ASD and how to respond to people and families affected any this?

Then this is the event for you.

Come and join.
Most importantly, LOVE!

JCI Manila together with the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) is organizing an event aimed to raise autism awareness in the community called Golden Heart – Autism Awareness Fair to be held at the Midtown Atrium of Robinsons Place Manila on January 28, 2018.  This is aligned with Proclamation No. 711 declaring the third week of January as the Autism Consciousness Week in the Philippines. 

The fair is designed to be fun and informative.  It will feature resource speakers from leading experts in the field of autism, an art exhibit and talent showcase from talented individuals with autism, a sensory activity area and fun & games for the kids.  The event is open to the public especially to the autism community where everyone is invited to learn about autism and raise awareness in the community.   Individuals with autism, their families, loved ones and caregivers are encouraged to drop by. 

Autism is a lifelong disability that prevents afflicted individuals from achieving their full potential. It affects about 1 out of 68 persons.  Persons with autism have impaired socialization, communication and adaptation skills, delayed psychomotor development, abnormal response to sensory stimuli and peculiar patters of behavior.  They seem to live in a “world of their own” and seek to find meaning in their confusion by insisting on routine activities and repetitive behavior.

JCI Manila is a premiere leadership development organization. It is the organization where young men join to become better leaders.  Dubbed as the University of Leaders, JCI Manila believes that it is through reaching out to others that you learn more about yourself. That is JCI Manila delves into an array of projects such as community development, business, government, environment and more. The unifying force behind these seemingly diverse projects is a group of young men who want to become better leaders.

Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Philippines-Professionals for Autism Foundation, inc. (CARD, PHIL-PAFI) is a non-stock, non-profit education institution that is committed to improving the lives of individuals with autism, their families and caregivers by providing various programs and services which have proven to be effective in autism management.

#CampLiveBetter by Philam Life

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Catch the last webisode of #CampLiveBetter featuring Team Nico, Team Mond and Team Solenn as they battle it out with health and wellness tomorrow, January 19, 2018 at 2PM!!

Philam Life, the country's premier life insurance company, continues to differentiate its wellness proposition in the insurance industry through Philam Vitality.  To demonstrate how easy and rewarding it is to live longer, healthier and better lives, it introduced a wellness campaign called Camp #LiveBetter.  Remember the Vitality app that I featured last year?  Where you get rewards for being *healthy*.  I was so happy to received GCs from establishment because I linked my Fitbit with the app!  I was rewarded for the number of steps I achieved in a span of a few weeks. Winner, winner!

This three part webseries follows the 14-day hourney of three teams as they make the most out of their Philam Vitality-integrated insurance policies to train, strategize and have fun whle living healthier to make a change in their lives.  These teams are headed by Philam Life ambassadors Mond Gutierrez, Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff, who are each joined by a Philam Life Financial Advisor and a Philam Vitality member.

Watch the webseries here:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Innisfree Skincare Samples!!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

I've been sick since the holidays, I'm getting better - a bit, and so while I was home konmari-ng my way in the room when, I found that I still had these Innisfree skincare samples.

Because January is my birth month, I'm having a giveaway!


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I will pick out the winners randomly on my birthday January 25, 2018!  So hurry, you have 2 weeks to join!

NeilMed Sinugator for Sinus & Sipon

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

A few years ago, I discovered the NetiPot because of my severe allergies.  It has helped me since then.  I would use it when I'm not lazy, it takes a bit of time and effort since I need to put in distilled water + saline granules.  Then tilt my head accordingly to pour the solution from one nostril.  It was exciting for the first few weeks.  Then when I ran out of the saline granules pack, well - I stopped and forgot about it for a while, a really long while.

This year, when my in laws came back from Singapore - they sent this to us.

It's a different kind of a netipot.

When I received this (it was in a box) I took it out of the box and assembled it.  It came in disassembled - there's an instruction book for you to know which part goes where and etc.  Also, it has three pieces of Double A batteries that came with it.  I had to figure out where to put the batteries and when I did - the image above is what it looks like.

Next, I read the instructions on how to use it.  Unlike the netipot that I have, you didn't need to tilt your head for gravity to do it's job.  It has a electric pump (somewhere inside the body of the gadget) that functions when you press the blue button.  You can press it in bursts or press it continuously - depending on what you prefer.  I asked my Panget to buy the saline packs from Amazon and it arrived a few months ago.

I honestly did not have the courage to try it until a few weeks ago.  And man, did I regret not trying it earlier.  It was sooooo effective in clearing the sinus!  I have been sick since the holidays and now it's getting a bit worse, so I would do this every night and it helps me sleep and breath.

You will need to use a saline solution.  Trust me.  I tried it without mixing the saline granules and man was it painful on the nose!  Hahaha..  So make sure to distilled water with saline solution  when you do the nasal irritation.  I just hope that I won't soon run out of the saline packets.  Crossing my fingers!

Here is Connor demonstrating how to use it. Just put it on your nostril, press the button and voila!  Nasal passages are clean!  Make sure that you do this with a basin on hand or in front of the sink.  You don't want your snot on the floor and everywhere.

I don't think this product is being sold here.  So if you have the chance to buy it abroad - PLEASE DO BUY THIS as this is a really helpful gadget.  Just don't forget to buy extra saline packets!!

Starbucks 2018: New Drinks & the Year of the Dog!

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Starbucks welcomes the Chinese New Year with the Year of the Dog!

Look how cute the merchandise are!

Starting Tuesday - January 9, 2018, new drinks and food items will be available.

Press Release
Exciting flavors are brewing at Starbucks in 2018

As we welcome 2018, festivities continue on at Starbucks.

The coffee brand hypes up the celebration for its 20th anniversary, with decadent servings of flavor and a variety of exciting on the menu. 

Starbucks is complementing its signature Espresso Roast with sophisticated flavors like salted caramel and Okinawa brown sugar, expertly crafted into an assortment of beverages.

Starting January 9, Starbucks mixes in one of Japan’s most popular culinary ingredients, the Okinawa Brown Sugar, to create Okinawa Brown Sugar Latté. The elegant drink highlights the hint of molasses found in the sugar and fuses in light caramel for a less sweet, coffee forward drink.

A returning favorite, the Salted Caramel Mocha Crumble, combines deep chocolate and espresso flavors with toffee nut syrup, layered with a delicious combination of whipped cream and caramel sauce. The beverage is topped with a blend of turbinado sugar and sea salt for a perfect sweet and savory taste.

 “We love to constantly surprise our customers with new flavor combinations. This season’s beverages complement our signature Starbucks Espresso and whisks in premium ingredients, like Okinawa brown sugar from Japan, for a modern twist.” said Keith Cole, head of marketing for Starbucks Philippines

Starbucks treats for the New Year
Apart from the double offer of flavor innovations, Starbucks also gives a preview of the fun that 2018 has to offer.

For one, the adorable barista bear collectible has two new looks for the upcoming season. The 20th Anniversary Bearista Bear wears the classic black apron with the 20th anniversary logo of Starbucks Philippines. The Bearista Bear also dons a Philippine Flag inspired Frappuccino® pin. On the other hand, the Bearista Bear Dog is all about the onset of the Lunar New Year.

Collectors will enjoy the pup illustrations on the Lunar New Year merchandise as it highlights this year’s Chinese zodiac which is the Earth Dog.  With these specially-designed tumblers, mugs, and Starbucks Card, coffee fans and dog lovers alike have something incredible to look forward to. 

As 2018 is a special year for Starbucks Philippines, the coffee brand goes all out for its big 20th anniversary treats. Starbucks Kape Vinta Card holders will earn the chance to win one of the 20 Starbucks for a Month and 20 Starbucks for a Year, when they activate their card anytime in January. Winners of these big anniversary treats will be announced on January 22 for the Starbucks for a Month, and February 12 for the Starbucks for a Year. 

Don’t miss out on the many, flavorful surprises from Starbucks. Grab their new signature espresso beverages in all Starbucks stores. Find out more on how to savor your coffee and the best of 2018 by visiting www.facebook.com/StarbucksPhilippines/.

Welcome 2018 + Giveaway!

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Happy New Year!

I'm mighty excited on what 2018 has in store for me and my family.

I am releasing positive vibes to attract positive energy to us!
My family and I have been feeling under the weather since Christmas.  There seems to be a bug going around that made us have cough colds and low grade fever.  I on the other hand has been experiencing on and off muscle spasm and stiffness.  It's really a hassle, I can only attribute it to signs of aging.

Anyhoo, I am wishing you guys a WONDERFUL 2018!

And to start the year right, I am giving away - a Serenitea 2018 Planner!  And I will ship this for FREE nationwide.  Just leave the following details:
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This giveaway ends on 11:59PM of January 7, 2018.