Toy Review: Scruff-a-Luvs - Surprise/Reveal Toy!

Sunday, December 23, 2018


It's a reveal toy!  What exactly is a reveal toy?  Well, I for one had no idea what it was, it was only when I asked Kailee what a reveal toy meant, that I understood what kind of a toy it was.  It's literally a surprise toy, because you'll know the exact kind (or variant of the toy) you get, the moment you open the toy.  There's an excitement and rush that the child feels when they open the toy.

This is the Scruff-a-luvs.  It's a reveal toy - I'm excited to show you!

Scruff a luvs, I feel is more interesting as it's a reveal toy that you do more than just open!  See, that you'll need to open it to reveal what you got.  Well, you'll need more than just to open it, you'll need to wash your Scruff a luvs to know which kind you got!  You can get a cat, a dog or a bunny!

Coffeeglider Baked Goodies!!

Friday, December 21, 2018

I like to eat.  I'm sure it's quite obvious when you see my size.  Hahaha!  But in all seriousness, I like to eat.  But I'm quite a the picky eater plus I'm a creature of habit.  I like to try familiar food items, and one of them is bread and pastries.

Thank you to #CoffeeGliderPH for sending these goodies over for the family to try over the holidays.  I'm really excited to have them for breakfast and merienda!

honesbee + Shopwise: Gift, Party Essentials and Food items - CHECK!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Time is something that we have no control of, especially now that it's the holiday season!  Traffic, the Christmas shopping, meeting deadlines before the year ends.  Most everything is in a rush!  One of the best gifts I have received this year is the gift of time - time spent with my family, doing what is more important.  The food shopping, I have left it all in the hands of honestbee!  Thank heavens for honestbee - shopping for gift, party essentials and food items is such a breeze!

Lookie lookie here:

So in love with the alphabet pasta!  My kids enjoy eating them because they can see and spell words!  I know it's a babaw thing, but if I can get my kids to enjoy eating more - then I welcome it!  The pistachios are a wonderful treat too, as they come is a packaging that is just perfect for me.  The wine selection, the milk and other beverages - ready to be put in the cart and checked out.

I'm liking this collaboration very very much!

The Marketplace + honestbee = Noche Buena Shopping!

Monday, December 10, 2018

One of the things I really enjoy is going to a grocery or supermarket.  I would walk the aisle one by one if I had time.  I don't consider it a chore but instead consider it as a 'treat'.  But right now, having three kids - (one of them is a new baby) well - I need to manage my time really well.  There are times that we run out of certain random things around the house.  Before I can easily go to the supermarket and buy it - now, I need to consider will my baby wake up?  Will she want to feed?  Do I pump?  Or there are times that even if I plan it out, doesn't go smoothly because my baby is suddenly clingy that day.

My routine has suddenly changed, I honestly am not liking it - but what can I do right?  Thank goodness though for honestbee!  With honestbee, I am given back my time - time spent in picking up my son from school and bonding him on the way home and quality time spent with the new addition to the family.  I have to say, having bigger kids and a newborn - it's a freaking logistics nightmare.   Add to that the Christmas rush traffic and our lack of house help.

Soaps for a Cause: For the benefit of Two More Kids

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Looking for a meaningful Christmas Gift this season?  Well, my friend Shar is selling something really nice for a very very good cause.  You can get in touch with her at 0917-8341618 if you're interested.  Please be interested.  I hope you can consider this.

Christmas is just around the corner! If you’re still shopping for gifts, we are selling these soap sets for the benefit of Two More Kids.   Proceeds of the sale will help underprivileged kids who have congenital malformations of the brain, spinal cord and face.

Each set comes with 3 bars of soap and costs only 150 pesos.

For orders, kindly get in touch with SHAR 0917-8341618

Honey Dijon Babys from Racks

Friday, November 30, 2018

I have been a fan of Racks since they first opened.  Their meats are wonderfully charred and are so flavorful.  Honestly, I forgot how good their ribs are, until I had a taste of them again last night!

Last night, I went with the kids and my Panget.  I'm really glad that my kids liked the baby back ribs and they were eating them fast!  We tried Rack's holiday offering - the Honey Dijon Babys.

Focus on the meat and the flavor.  I have more pictures below

I was honestly surprised that the kids liked the flavor since they're unfamiliar with honey dijon.  They kept asking me for more!  I willingly obliged as they are picky eaters, so you can just imagine how happy and excited I was watching them eat spoonfuls of the Honey Dijon Babys!  I was honestly expecting the worst, that they won't like the flavor - but boy was I happily surprised that they liked it!  Woohooo!

Didi Update: What's been happening (so far)

Thursday, November 22, 2018

DISCLAIMER:  Guys, I'm okay.  Hahaha!!  I'm just sharing my thoughts.  I received a lot of messages (thank you to everyone who messaged me, it's so comforting to know you are there for me.  I appreciate it very ver much!  Thank you for reaching out!) asking me if I'm okay and if they can do anything to help.  I realized that my post may have sounded sad, I guess - but I'm not sad.  Haha.. I'm doing okay - it's just that there are some issues that frustrate me.  I really appreciate your concern.  Thank you!  Thank you!!

I have so many things I want to share, but as you may know I recently gave birth. It's quite a challenge to manage having three kids (two of which are in big school) and a household.  The quiet time I have at night is now used to sleep since I still feed at least twice every night.

When I was about to give birth, I must admit, I wasn't ready. I was all over the place a month before giving birth, trying my best to balance everything.  I hadn't found additional help for the house (and baby) I was still bringing my children to school every morning, picking up Connor mid morning and still going to the office. I was experiencing little discomforts here and there but it was nothing I couldn't manage.  People who know me can attest to this.  If I still can function - go lang ng go. It was only when I was asked to slow down by the OB a few weeks before giving birth that I realized what I was doing to myself.  Not that I'm complaining - but while resting I realized what kind of *work* I was doing to myself.  I was able to rest more physically, but emotionally - I was a bit more stressed. I found a helper, but realized that she was not in the right mindset. I had to close one eye shut with her shortcomings because I needed the extra pair of hands.

When I gave birth, it was a bit chaotic. That story would entail a separate post here.  Haha!  I had no one to stay with me in the hospital at night. My Panget had to stay at home because there was no one to watch after the kids at night.  In the end, we decided to hire a midwife at night to help me rest.  I gave birth via CS and since it was the hospital's policy to room-in, I was sure that I won't be able to do everything baby related by myself.  It was such a good decision because I was able to rest a bit.  I knew I was in good hands while the midwife was there.  She would assist me (feed me and serve my needs), wake me up when the baby needed feeding - we had to follow the every 3 hours feeding time.  She was a huge help.  (Message me if you need her service, I highly recommend her!)

When I got home - it was a different set up.  My trusted Pedia ordered us not to put the kids all in the same room - because the older kids are in big school, that meant that the baby would be exposed to whatever virus the older kids had.  So we had the baby in our room.  Confession, the older kids when they were babies never slept with us - they slept in their room and the Yaya would knock on my door when it was time to feed.  This was a whole new different experience altogether.  We honestly didn't know how it would be having the baby with us the whole time.

The first night with the baby was surprisingly smooth.  Shobe, who we named Parker is such a good baby.  She would just sleep and cry a bit when she's hungry or when her nappy is full.  I needed to be alert and feed her every 3 hours (the pedia and the midwife recommended this) and so I did them.  I was literally a zombie.  I was functioning with little sleep.  When I was about to doze off, well Shobe was waking.  It was really a big change of pace for me.  I wasn't used to waking up so often.  The breastfeeding memories came coming back.  I dreaded it - but welcomed it for the sake of Shobe.  I wanted to spend time with the older kids but then I had to be with Shobe since I had a househelp crisis.  I'm just very lucky to have Yaya B with us helping us in every way.  I was very lucky too because my mom prepared all of my meals to keep up with my gelai and help me regain my strength.
My body felt different from the moment I got home.  While I was in the hospital, I was immobile, but when I got home - there was no excuse, no midwife to help me with my needs.  It was all me now (when Shobe is with me)  Well, yes - Yaya B is there to assist me, but she had other things to do - like clean the master's room, cook and bring the kids to school.  Although, we had another set of hands in the house - well, we needed to instruct every little detail which was getting tiring.  We were so used to having helpers that knew what they needed to do.  We were just very patient as we needed the extra help.  Mabait naman, yun lang mabagal kumilos and walang kusa - something that isn't very new with the current wave of household helpers.

I must say, I'm very lucky that Shobe is an easy baby to care for.  She's a LOT different from the first two.  Well, maybe because Shobe is the third and we've somehow learned the grove of having a baby around.  Maybe that's the reason too.  But seriously, Shobe is a wonder - I must say, I attribute this to the Babyplus System.  It's really genius, I was skeptical at first, but know I'm a believer (that entails a separate post in this blog)

You see, Shobe is three months old - and I must say, my life is not the same.  It has changed so significantly that I yearn at times to go back to where I was.  I'm currently having household help issues again and I get stressed thinking about it.  I needed to go back to picking up Connor from school because the driver is not available anymore.  Top it with breastfeeding and pumping out milk.  It's chaos to be honest and I am amazed that I am still keeping it together.  There are dark moments when I feel sad, lonely and alone.  As much as I want to have quiet time and me time, I also need to consider how Yaya B is.  I don't like her to feel burnt out too.  We have managed to keep things in order the best way we can.  We have decided to forego the make sure everything is spotless clean in the house.  There was a time she needed a break and I of course allowed her to go home to celebrate her son's birthday and we managed everything sans Yaya B.  The kids were so happy to see her back, I was happy to see her back.

My body is so different now.  I easily feel tired.  My back aches when I bend to change Shobe's nappies.  I have sudden bouts of headaches.  I experiance random body pains.  I feel dehydrated even if I consume so much water (that I need to go pee so many times a day)  My walk is not the same too,  I limp.  Well, I think I limp.  I have sciatica now and is unable to sit for a long time.  When I lie on my left side, my but becomes sore and numbs.  I honestly don't know what to do anymore.  My hair has been falling off exponentially and I am very very very concerned and conscious that one day, I'll be partially bald!  My hairline has already moved back and it's a source of sadness for me.  The white hairs, I have come to accept but the falling hair and balding, well - that's something that really saddens me.

So many changes really and I'm trying my best to keep it together.  You can see with this post that my thoughts are all over the place.  I was thinking of writing everything in one post - but the storyteller in me needs to separate them.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be posting more about this topic soon.  My Macbook's battery is back in business so for sure I'll be writing more often.

May I just say.  Thank you for reading through this post.  As a thank you for reading this post.  I'd like to do a giveaway - a bar of Perla Blue!  Just leave your name and vaild email address on the comment section and I'll check back in a week's time to pick a winner.  I'll be using to choose a winner.  This is open to anyone who has a Metro Manila address so I can ship this to you.  You can earn a bonus entry if you can share this blogpost to your social media pages, just make sure to add the url of your share on the comment section.

Thank you again!!

Unilever x Shopee 11.11 DEALS

Saturday, November 10, 2018

So much is happening tomorrow, November 11 - the 11.11 SALE on Shopee!

So many deals with Unilever products!

Visit this

Here are some deals that you can look forward to:

Do watch out for FLASH sales tomorrow!

And just for tomorrow, use this code ShopeexUL and get 20% OFF when your purchase at least P1,000 worth of Unilever products!  And guess what - SHIPPING IS FREE!



Breastfeeding Essentials: Orange and Peach Breastmilk Bag

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Breastfeeding is something I knew I would be doing.  As daunting as it was, this was one sure thing I would be doing.  I vowed though, that I would try my best - and if it wasn't enough - then so be it.  I had a harder time with Connor compared to when I was breastfeeding Kailee.  I think boys demanded more milk compared to girls, and so I couldn't keep up.  But I tried my very best for 2 years.  Can you believe that?  I would seriously pump everywhere - and when you are pumping and saving milk, one of the things that you'll need are breastmilk bags.

I remember ordering at Amazon, boxes and boxes of Lansinoh breastmilk bags.  When friend and relatives came home, they would bring me my orders - this was the cheaper alternative.  But since the dollar exchange rate has been going up - this was not becoming economical.

I'm so glad to have been invited to see the launch of Orange and Peach products.  Quite impressed that it's a local company that decided to sell breastfeeding essentials.  Price point is really good as it's quite affordable.  The best thing about it is that they ship nationwide.  So you can just imagine the speed and efficiency.  No need to hoard anymore - just check your stash from time to time.

The product I love the most now, since I'm using them are the breast milk storage bags.  The plastic is thick and clear.  The size is perfect.  There's a double zip to prevent leaks!  It's pre-sterilized and it can stand on its own and it's the same size as the brand I was using years ago.  I love it because it's so easy to use!  Another reason why I like it so much is that when you freeze it flat, the size is even, there is no side that is smaller than the other, so you can stack them up when you store them.

Another interesting product - silicone bibs WITH Pinoy inspired designs.  It's really cute that they collaborated with a local artist to depict Pinoy culture.  I won one and I picked the iconic lechon!

Bebe Chic Perry - a back pack, diaper bag!

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

To be honest, I never thought of a back pack as a diaper bag.  I'm used to seeing those sling type or shoulder bag types.  We used to have those Skip Hop ones but they've long been stored and I can't remember where we kept them.  It then occurred to me that a back pack is actually a brilliant idea, I mean it keeps both your hands free, you don't need to keep switching shoulders because a backpack balances the weight equally on both shoulders.  Why wasn't this explored years ago?

Two years ago, I met a co-parent Catherine - little did I know that she is a mompreneur and that she and her husband founded Bebe Chic bags.  It was only last year, when I bumped into her at ExpoMom North that I knew all of this!  She was manning her booth!  They distribute bobbleart bags, Cricut machines and Bebe Chic! Since bumping into her, we became friends and are in constant communication with each other.  And so after giving birth, she sent me a present, their newest design!!

I must say, this is the prettiest diaper bag that I have seen in my life:

Meet Perry, one of Bebe Chic's newest models.  This is a quilted back pack diaper bag.  Look at it, does it seem like a diaper bag to you?  Well, to me it's not - it looks so chic and so elegant right?  You know what I noticed, first when I received it?  The zippers!  Look at the golden color - you'll be amazed on how smooth the zippers are when you open and close the bags and enclosures!  I am one to always test zippers in a bag, an important thing is that the motion of opening and closing should be smooth without any stops or hitches - and I must say, the Perry's zippers passed my test.

This is the Perry's back side.  It's a backpack alright, but they've included some straps (left and right side) velcro that you can use to hang the bag on your strollers!  Brilliant right?  In my mind, since it's already a aback pack - there is no need to hang it on the stroller, but then here it is!  You can hang it on your stroller!  There's a zipper on the side that you can use as an additional compartment, inside it is a padded changing mat that matches the design of the bag!  Matchy matchy, I like!  The shoulder straps are soft and easily adjustable, just pull on the plastic attachment to loosen or pull the exposed strap to tighten - it's very easy!  So easy that you don't even need to take the backpack off your shoulders to adjust!

Look how roomy it is from the inside!  I like that it opens up wide.  No need to dig into the bag to look for its contents.  As you can see, you can put a LOT of stuff there.  There's also a zipped compartment at the back to keep your valuables.  There are also garterized pockets on both sides of the bag (inside).  Outside the bag there are also two insulated garterized pockets to hold keep warm or cool beverages (or breast milk)!  See that golden ring right in the middle on top of the zipper compartment?  Well, that's a ring so you can hang it on to a - hook!  Think public bathrooms, it's there so you can hang the bag while you get your things in order!  Hahaha...  Brilliant, right?!

I am so loving this very well thought of back pack type diaper bag.  It has a very stable bottom too, so it stands by itself when you lay it on a table, chair or on the ground.  It's doesn't look too kiddie, nor is it cutesy, but instead exudes a sophisticated elegant feel.  I'm so loving this diaper bag!  It's so stylish yet so practical.

Bebe Chic Perry comes in Navy and Black.  Classy, right?

Thank you Catherine and Mike!  Thank you for the love and friendship!  Thank you for thinking of us moms and parents.

Follow Bebe Chic on these social media accounts:
Instagram - Bebe Chic
Facebook - Bebe Chic

Fresh Milk by The Emerald Fresh

Monday, November 05, 2018

MILK is something that I absolutey love. Milk has to be my most favorite beverage in the world because it’s the first thing that I look for and buy when I go out of the country.

I remember when I was younger my mom and I would be going to Jusmag to purchase milk in gallons.  It felt so American because most TV shows and movies I saw from America had that iconic gallon of milk in the fridge.  When the US bases left the country, well - it was goodbye milk by the gallon.

Being a milk lover, I’ve learned that not all milk tastes the same. The taste is different per country. My favorite has to be from Japan, and it’s the Meiji brand.  I honestly have forgotten what milk tastes like in America and in Canada (but I was told by my godchild Alleya that Canada's milk is the best!)   I used to just buy small cartons of it on the first supermarket run. But then I realized I would need more small cartons, so I would just buy the big ones - big cartons and then later on a 2 liter jugs.  I mean - I’m sure to finish it anyway.

Here in the Philippines, it's quite rare to find *real* fresh milk.  I remember those glass bottles from Magnolia that my mom and ama would buy for us, but they're gone now (and if you still have those glass bottles left - you can sell it for a nice price, it's a collectible now).  What we have are those in tetra packs, and they taste different.  I miss the good old milk.

Now, there's whole milk, non-fat milk, low fat milk, skim milk and full cream milk.  I honest don't bother buying those less fat ones, I just get the whole milk - I mean, why?!  Hahaha..  I feel that skim is really watered down and I just don't like it.

In the recent years, there has been those *fresh* milk deliveries and I have tried most of them.  There are still a few brands out there that I haven't tried.  There are brands that I really like and there are brands too that I would skip.  But that's just me.  I am still very much open to trying other brands.  That's how much I LOVE milk.

So last week, while I was doing my usual Instagram browsing, there was this Instagram account that popped.  It was @theemeraldfresh, I saw in that particular post that they were selling fresh milk.  So I followed the account and sent a message asking how much their product was and if they deliver or pick up.  I got a reply a few minutes later.  So I put in my order + a delivery charge.  I asked how I can pay, and I was impressed because the accept COD, credit card payments or deposit to their BPI account.

Well what do you know, I received my order a few hours after my inquiry.  I was really surprised and excited!  The milk arrived ice cold - I was told by the delivery man to put it in the ref immediately.  Very good!  I mean, he knew how to handle his product well.  There are other brands that would not even inform whoever receives the milk to refrigerate it - they'll just hand the milk and that's it.  I was impressed with Mr. delivery guy's *added instructions* (even if I already knew that handling of fresh milk is delicate).  He was also eqipped with a credit card machine is very polite and courteous.  He was also ready to answer questions like where their office was and where his farthest delivery was (they deliver to Cavite and Laguna!)  When he left, I immediately tried the milk.

The Emerald Fresh's whole milk is the CREAMIEST I have tasted amongst all the brands that I have tried here in the country.  IT IS TRULY THE CREAMIEST!  And I looooved every drop of the milk.  Since I'm a milk monster, I finished it in one sitting.  I just had to finish it!  I mean, it was THAT good!  I swear, it's the best fresh milk (in Manila) that I have tried to date!  It was so good that I made a follow up order and received it last Saturday.  I ordered their chocolate milk too and its really good! Kailee and I love it.  Wishing they have the gallon packing for both whole and choco milk!  Hihi..

Place your orders now via Instagram of on their Facebook account.  I promise, you won't regret it!  And you know what, I just placed another order - this time 3 liters!  I'm very excited to have it with my granola and for shakes and smoothies!  See, I'm really a milk addict.  Hahaha!

Instagram - @TheEmeraldFresh
Facebook - 

Aeroblu (follow up) Review & Winners!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Its been more than a month of wearing my aeroblu footwear. Anong masasabi ko? It’s wonderful! Malambot sa paa. Talagang pang lakaran! I honestly thought baka madaling masira, but it still looks new kahit everyday kong gamit. I’ve found a comfy, pretty and affordable alternative for closed shoes!

It’s now my choice of footwear when I go out for errands, supermarket runs and etc. I bring it with me sa car when I have a formal occassion that I attend. Para habang nasa car, comfortable and well rested ang feet! How I wish may heels na ganito or wedge. Hahaha!!

But in all seriousness these are affordable comfortable shoes. The best thing is that its matibay (durable) and is available in so many places! Madaling hanapin, di kailangan hagilapin. Perfect, diba?

The insoles are soft, comfortable lakarin. When I take it off pag uwi ko, i thought na pudpod na ang insoles. But guess what?! It bounces back to its original state! Amazing diba? Parang mala memory foam ang dating! Kaya I’m super impressed.

The winners of my giveaway also have great feedback. Read some
of them:

You can purchase Aeroblu Footwear at SM Supermarket, Hypermarket, Savemore, Robinsons, Waltermart, Baguio Country Mart and online at Lazada and Shopee! You may also visit their official Facebook Page - AeroBlu Philippines - and website-

Review: Biolane Moisturizing Spray

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Lotions have been a part of my kids' regimen since they were born.  I personally do not remember hearing from my mom that they had to put lotion on me and my twin brother.  Honestly, putting on lotion was foreign to me until I was in college.  I still dislike the feeling a lotion leaves when I put it on my skin.  Would you believe that it was only recently that I appreciated lotions?

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I heard from a friend that they use a *spray* type of lotion.  This got me curious and so I asked what brand - I was surprised to learn that the brand is Biolane.  Biolane, we really use - but the real lotion kind, the one in the tubes.  Since Shobe (a term for younger sister in Hokkien) 's lotion was running out - I decided to buy one to try.

Yaya immediately tried it the next morning.  She was skeptical at first, so was I.  But you know what, we were really amazed on how little of the product can go a long way.

So far, it's been great.  It's really economical (since you pump the spray just a few times), application is really easy and fast, it's non greasy (my favorite!  I hate greasy and slimy feel!) and the scent is really mild and lovely that I want to hug and kiss and smell Shobe all the time.

We all love it!

I will update this post when I finish the bottle.

Biolane is available in Shopee - Biolane
They have a physical store at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall

Biolane is hypoallergenic; ZERO alcohol, ZERO parabens, ZERO phenoxyethanol and phthalates and is formulated with active natural ingredients.

(This is NOT a sponsored post as I paid for the product myself)

Big Guys Pizza: BBBB (Big Bad Bacon Burger) Pizza!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Go big or go home.

Well, that's the case for the Big Guys Pizza!  They came up with the BBBB or Big Bad Bacon Burger Pizza - it's an all meat pizza loaded with bacon, burger and mozzarella - PLUS bacon bits on the crust!

See those strips of bacon?  I was so amazed to see them on the pizza!  I mean seriously, most pizzas just have bacon bits, this one from #BigGuysPizza have actual bacon strips.  Now, isn't that something worth trying?  And who doesn't love bacon, right?  Even my kids were excited when they say the huge pieces of bacon!

I am also one of the few that likes pizza crust.  I know for a fact that some people leave it or throw it out when they eat pizzas, but me - i really like like them.  And so when I saw the bacon bits - ding! ding! ding!  WINNER guys!  We have a winner!

Look at the generous bacon bits!

Lovely, just lovely!  This BBBB pizza is available on the menu, so you can order this!  Pricing is as follows:
10inches is P298
15inches is P498
20inches is P698
36inches is P1,598

Order through their new hotline and get 10% OFF!  Call NOW - 231-1212!!

This pizza is also available at Food Panda, Honest Bee, Eatigo and Metrodeal

There's no excuse now - so what are you waiting for?


Haakaa Silicone Pump Review

Friday, October 05, 2018

I have to be honest, one thing I didn't look forward to (having a baby) is breastfeeding because your body is not your own.  It entails a LOT of sacrifice and effort too.  But don't get me wrong, I still decided on breastfeeding my newborn, there was no question on that.  I just told myself that I'll do it for as long as I can, no pressure.

In the recent years, there have been so much innovation when it comes to breastfeeding.  I have seen this Haakaa silicone pump in my social media feeds and I have heard great stories from friends who swear by it.  So when I learned I was having a new baby, there was no question in my mind of using one.

I brought it with me to the hospital when I gave birth, but wasn't able to use it then.  I honestly, didn't know how.  I remember using it within a week of giving birth, and was quite disappointed with the output.  I then realized that I just gave birth and so my milk hasn't come in yet. I knew I had to be patient.

As the weeks progressed, I would try and use it - it was very satisfying seeing the milk output.  I would remember before my pedia suggested that I use an electric pump (on the other boob) while feeding the baby.  It was such an unimaginable act because it entailed a lot of acrobatics, I didn't bother with it anymore.  But I do remember thinking, that the leak from the other boob (while feeding on the other) was wasted.  I guess that was how it was, the breast pads that catch the leaks are just thrown out.

The other day - this was the output.

Yesterday - this was the output.

I was so amazed!  It was such an incredible feeling seeing all this saved milk - and all without much acrobatics and effort!  I swear, this Haakaa pump is such a wonderful invention.  It takes getting used to but when you get the hang of it, it's addicting seeing the results!  The best part of it is that, you won't need anything else actually - just the Haakaa silicone pump itself and let the natural suction do its job and voila!  I just need to say it again - WHAT A WONDERFUL INVENTION!  My mom was surprised that this was an actual pump!  She was used to seeing me with all those contraptions.  With Haakaa, I don't need to use a manual pump as a short-cut, this is the REAL manual pump!  It's lightweight, sturdy, made of silicone and is very easy to clean!  I love love the bottom suction as it eliminates accidental spills (I've had my share of breast milk spills and I know the heartbreak of seeing it on the floor).

So thankful to have this product available locally.  Haakaa is exclusively distributed by Quirks Marketing and is available online from Milk & Honey Online Baby Store.  It comes in two (2) sizes, the 100ml and the 150ml.  I suggest you get the bigger of the two.  It's BPA free, made of quality food grade silicone, super easy to use (it becomes hands free!  But of course, as the Haakaa fills up with breastmilk, you'll need to hold it lightly), it's really easy to clean too and portable!!

To the mom and family from New Zealand who made this Haakaa silicone pump (they have this product patented) you have my heartfelt gratitude on your wonderful product!

It's such a wonderful gift to give and receive.
It's available online from Milk and Honey Philippines - an online baby store.
*Lid and Flower stopper are sold separately. They also offer sets in case you're interested.

Just a tip, there are quite a number of imitation of the Haakaa pump.  I suggest you buy this, the ORIGINAL and it's patented!

Haakaa is packaged so nicely, take a look:

Star Margarine: Dino-rrefic Story Book!

Monday, September 24, 2018

I am a Star Margarine kid.  I grew up with Star Margarine on my bread and on my rice.  I would remember asking my mom to buy Star Margarine so I would never run out of Star Rice every meal time.  Hahaha!

I'm glad now, I can share this love of Star Margarine with Kailee!  She loves the Caramel flavor of Star Margarine - and honestly, I also do!  We were both amazed on how good it was.  So, every morning - Kailee would have bread with Star Margarine Caramel for breakfast.  There was a time that I scrambled and looked for a supermarket that sold it, as the supermarkets nearby didn't have it.  I remember buying 6 pieces just to make sure that we won't run out!  Hahaha..

Kailee in her *gadget phase* she would almost always ask to borrow the iPad or my phone.  I most of the time decline because I feel that the content of what they are watching/doing are blech.  When school started, she would ask for my laptop because she wanted to read.  She would go to this certain site and pick a book to read.

I'm so glad that Star Margarine has an interactive website that features an interactive story book!  We tried one adventure together and she enjoyed it very much.  It's nice because you can do it together and bond over the adventures.  It's quite cute because it involves uploading your own images on the site - makes it personal.  And the kids enjoy seeing themselves on screen!  Hahaha

You guys can join in the fun!  Just log into and voila!!

Try it and I'm sure you and your kids will have fun!  Think of it as a bonding moment between you and your kids.  It's gadget time with something good coming out of it - spending quality time and learning.  

What are you waiting for??