WARNING: Gryffon Courier *You may SUE me*

Friday, December 22, 2017

12/22/17 UPDATE: The P80.00 has been returned last night.  After 15 days.

The search for a reliable courier is never over.  Simply because at one point, they will somehow fuck up a delivery, lose a package or just not pick up.  I don't usually complain here on my blog as I want this space to be a platform for positivity, but then when I heard what I heard from the person I was speaking to from Gryffon Courier, I knew I had to write this.

This holiday season, as we all now, Filipinos are crammers.  We like doing things last minute.  A few weeks ago, I saw this company, Gryffon Courier being suggested by people in a facebook group.  It caught my attention and convinced me to book a pick up.

The first transaction went on smoothly.  The second and the third as well, so for another package well I decided to use them again.  I mean what are the odds, right?

So, Gryffon courier told me that it had delivered a package last December 2, 2017 when it fact it only did on December 4, 2017.  I did not catch this lie early, I was only informed by the receiver that the courier was lying - how?  This is what happened:

Last December 3, 2017  the receiver emails me and asks me for her tracking number, since I was out, I only sent it to her last December 4, 2017 (Monday).  With this, I called Gryffon Courier and spoke to a certain Arnie, I asked for the status of the package I sent, so I gave her the tracking number.  She then told me that the package was delivered last December 2, 2017.  It made it wonder to be honest, so what I did  was to ask for the receiving copy of the waybill.  I was so impressed because Arnie emailed me the waybill with the signature of the recipient.

So I sent the image of the waybill to the receiver to confirm if it was indeed her signature.  And you know what the receiver replied with?  That the signature was not hers, and that she only received the package that same morning.

I thought, you know what - it might be an isolated incident.  I reported this to Gryffon via their emails, but I received NO REPLY.

Fast forward to last week (and more than a week ago).  I was sending 4 packages to Marikina.  When the rider came to pick it up, he told me that the packages were already EXTRA LARGE and that the rate was P80.00 per package.  I knew it wasn't an extra large bag because it was just the same size as other company's large bag.  But he insisted, even went as far as telling me that he might be charged by the company for collecting a wrong amount.  So I agreed, that I will pay the P80.00 per packaged, but when I call the office the next day and discover that it's only P60.00, he will need to return the overpayment to me the next day.  He agreed.

So I did my due diligence.  I weighed my package.  Asked for the measurement of the Large bag.  I discovered that this large bag was indeed P60.00 only.  The 80.00 is an extra large packaging - that is over 3 kilos.  My package was less that 3 kilos, it was even just a little less than 2 kilos.  I was able to speak to Arnie again and she confirmed that the package should have been only P60.00.  I then told her that I will be expecting a return of my overpayment of P80.00 (20 pesos over payment for 4 packages).  She said yes, and that she will be telling the rider to return it to me that same day.

There was no sign of the rider until now.

Last Tuesday, I called Gryffon to book a pick-up, I figured since I have P80.00 with the, I might as well use it, right?  Well, the rider never came.  So yesterday morning, I called Gryffon Courier to inform them that I am still waiting for the P80.00 to be returned to me, Arnie promised me that the money will be returned yesterday.  Yesterday came and went, still no sign.

So this afternoon, I called Gryffon Courier - the girl I spoke to was new (she told me she was new), I then asked where the rider was and to report that the P80.00 was still not returned to me.  I then heard people talking in the background telling her to ask for bank details, so they can deposit the P80.00.  I honestly didnt want to disclose those details to strangers, but they insisted.  I wanted to speak to someone in charge, but the people talking in the background were too chicken to speak to me.  Note that I wasn't shouting nor was my voice loud, I was just very insistent.  After a few words here and there the girls I spoke to said *Sabi ni sir, kunin nalang daw po bank details niyo idedeposit daw po*  I then asked, when?  Today?  They weren't sure.  I was already frustrated this time and said *Kung hindi nadeposit today, may penalty na P20.00/day for everyday na hindi maideposit?*  She then told a man, and the man said there's no such penalty.  So I asked to speak to this man.

This man's name is Eugene (Torres, if I heard it correctly) he then told me that he will PERSONALLY go to my pick-up address tomorrow at 2PM to hand me the P80.00.  I then said, what if he doesn't show up tomorrow at 2pm, do you know what he answered me with?


Where in hell did that statement come from?!  I was pissed!  I then told him, I am asking for an assurance that he will really come, why did he need to say those words to me?  He said, because I did not believe him?!  I told him, how can I sue you?  On what grounds?  That what he said was very very SILLY.  That we are all learned people why does he need to utter those words?  To intimidate?  To challenge?  What the FUCK for?  I cannot for the life of me understand, really.

So what did I do next?  I messaged the company on their facebook page.  I then asked for this name and position, and this is what his reply was:

This person belongs to a SERVICE BUSINESS and this is the kind of customer service that he offers.  My gulay.

I will NEVER EVER AGAIN use Gryffon Courier.


  1. Uh-oh! That’s sad! It shouldn’t have happened. It takes so much of our time looking for good logistics and medical courier deliveries. I would say that it is okay to take time and try out new companies. This way at least you will be able to find the best one. It was a good post though!

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  2. I was planning to use this courier since a friend of mine suggested it and the base rate is lesser than the rest but now i'm thinking twice of using it. Thank you for the review.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this article, and found it quite informative. And especially the part about tracking the parcel. Thanks for sharing! I generally prefer WPS to send parcel to Germany and would recommend it to all.

  4. Nice read and experiencing the same. May I know what service you are using now?