Multiple Destinations with Uber - POSSIBLE!

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Now, it's possible - MULTIPLE Destinations with Uber!

I'm so happy, I have long wondered it this was possible and now - officially, it is possible!  Woohooo!  It's so nice that Uber has rolled this out this holiday season - it's perfect, right?

And it's so easy to do, with just clicks on your Uber app.  Wonderful right?

Now, you can drop off gift with ease, no need to book and rebook trips!  You can book up to three (3) stops using this feature.  You can now seamlessly pick up friends along the way with ease and comfort.  The route is now clear to the driver, no more confusion, miscommunication and mix-up.  This will be a HUGE help to all Uber riders and partners in the country.  One this less to stress about, right?
How it works:

To use the feature, tap “where to?” and then “+”. Add the addresses of the stops, and then request for the ride. Changes in the route can be done in the app, in real time. The driver will be automatically given directions to each of the stops so riders can sit back and relax the whole way.

The multi-destination feature is one of the many product innovations that Uber has added to their app to enhance user experience. Other features include scheduling rides ahead of time, saving frequented places, sharing ETAs, and requesting a ride for a friend.

Proving that technology is ever improving, you can be sure to enjoy the holidays your way with Uber’s new and existing features.


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