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Friday, December 15, 2017

Locally is a juice brand made here in the country.  What is unique about it is that it's made from fruits found locally plus is humorous word play for each type of juice.  Look at the colorful and funny packaging:

I think it's so mighty that a local company decided to pursue juices and launch them this way - with a little humor.  It's really cute and entertaining.  I believe that we Filipinos are happier compared to other people in the world - we smile amidst challenges and this perfectly personifies the Filipino brand.  I was so entertained reading through the captions of these juices.  What's more is that the taste is delicious.  I love them all - I don't think there's one variant that didn't taste good.  My personal favorite is Mangosteen because, I don't eat Mangosteen.  Hahaha..  I tried the juice and masarap pala!  The Sineguelas, I just watch my mom eat it too - but now I can proudly say, I drank sineguelas!  Haha..

These juices come in bottles and in slim cans like this below:

My personal favorite from the brand is their Buco Juice / Coconut Water.  It's clear - yes, CLEAR and not yellowish.  It doesn't have an after taste and its very refreshing.  I have tried other brands in the market and have always wondered why the buco juice is not clear, but Locally's Merci, Buco is clear.  To prove it, I have a video below:

Another surprise for me was the other two variants of Merci, Buco - the Buco Pandan and the Buco Lychee.  These remind me soooo much of the local desserts that are so refreshing.  I'm glad that now, you can have it as a drink - brilliant, right?

Locally is available in the following areas:
Puregold Supermarkets
Robinsons Supermarkets
SM Supermarkets
South Supermarket
Rustan's & Shopwise
Waltermart Supermarkets
7-Eleven Convenience Stores

Try one, I promise, it's really really good!

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