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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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I finally took Kailee to her first play - Matilda.  I was nervous because I was not sure if she'll stay put while watching.  Good thing, I was able to bring my two nieces - who are veterans in watching plays.  We were just in time.  I honestly forgot that I enjoyed watching plays.  So when Matilda started, I had this nostalgic feeling like I was a child again watching my first play.  

The set was beautifully made.  I forgot how good the set designers are with making the props.  The lighting too was wonderful and the oh sooooo perfect sound system of a theater.  It really brought me back to when I was a lot younger.  

Every single actor on stage was amazing.  The kids most especially since they memorized all the lines and the songs and performed live!  Kailee was so engrossed and concentrated on what was happening on stage.  Kailee usually asks sooo many questions when we watch a movie in a movie theater, but this time - well, she was quiet and was observing.   I kept on glancing her way to see if she was bored - but she wasn't, she was very interested.

After watching, she told me that the kids were amazing.  I asked if she wanted to see another play and she said yes with her eyes beaming with happiness.

Achievement unlocked!

Thank you Yvette and Promil for this wonderful opportunity.  Thank you too for sharing this show to Promil users - it's such a wonderful way to pay it forward.

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