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Saturday, October 07, 2017

What are my secrets to a long lasting relationship with my loved ones?  Well for one - LOVE, communication, patience and understanding.  One thing I learned being married for 8 years is tolerance.  Well you see, every single one of us is different, we each have our own quirks and habits which irritate the life out of one another - but since there is LOVE, we tend to turn a blind eye on somethings.  As the saying goes *Don't sweat out the small stuff*.  I have lived and breathe on this saying with my loved ones.  If it's not a very big issue - then let it go.  If it's an issue, then discuss and compromise.  We can't always win, right?  Communication is key too.  Learning to use the right words and the right methods to put forth your message is very important too.  Saying things when angry is a no-no but you know what, it happens so what I do is just breathe deeply and then say this in my head *Lord, Ikaw na bahala*.  Patience is a virtue, a really really hard one for that matter, and so it's very important that we exercise this all the time.  It's hard - but you know what, whatever keeps the peace - IT'S WORTH IT.

We personally use Del Fabric Conditioner.  Thus, when I saw this on Nuffnang's page, I made sure to make an entry.  And my first entry I think in - forever!  Hahaha.  I have picked this brand over other brands since having kids.  Believe me when I say, that I have tried so many brands out there and only Del has passed my standards.  My kids are Del Fabric Conditioner babies.  They have eczema, and I was told that using Fabric Conditioners have a not so good effect on their skin, but you know what - Kailee is 6 and Connor is almost 5 and they're doing great!  Hahaha.  No skin irritation for the past 6 years - amazing right?  A lot of professionals will tell you to stop using fabric conditioners but I risked it and well, we're very happy with the result!  This is the only brand that my children can tolerate and that smells oh soooo wonderful.  The scent is really long lasting and and the best thing for me is that - it's not overly fragrant.  There are other brands that you can distinctly smell from far away.  Did I already say that the scent is long lasting?  I think I did - hahaha!!  Del Forever Joy and Love now has 15x longer lasting bangoooooo versus a regular detergent brand based on consumer test in Metro Manila.  So even if my Connor is overly pawisin - he's clothes remain to be daintily fragrant.  Perfect, right?

Every week, I purchase this for the family.  

Here we are, Forever in love:

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