The Odd Couple: Heard of Facebook?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I like enjoy watching Matthew Perry on screen.  But during the flight to HK, I already saw Friends.  On the flight back to PH, I thought - why not watch The Odd Couple.

And so I did.  I enjoyed it, but missed the gang.  There was something though, that was said in the show that left me thinking.  It was something that Felix said about Facebook.

Oscar (Matthew Perry):  Not everybody wants to share every painful detail of their life!
Felix (Thomas Lennon): Oh really?  Heard of Facebook?

This made me laugh out loud and think - it was so true!  I do see rants and raves on my FB feed, and so much opinion of so many many people all over.  I've read dramas from people and sooooo much more!  I'm honestly surprised to see that people are comfortable sharing intimate details in their lives in Facebook posts.  It's shocking to be honest, but hey - FREEDOM OF SPEECH RIGHT?

I hope people will understand that freedom of speech doesn't meant abuse of speech.  We all know our limits.  Think before you type.  Think thrice before you click the POST button.

If you can't be kind, be quiet.  I love love love this saying now and I try my best to follow it.  It's hard but you know what - it really helps.  Hahahahahaha.

As my mom would always say.  Less talk.  Less mistake.


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