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Thursday, July 27, 2017

I'm a huge HUGE fan of Angel's Kitchen.  There was a time that I would bring friends and family to Angel's Kitchen for meals when I was still single.  I miss those days.  Hahaha!!

What I love about Angel's Kitchen is that they serve good hearty food.  No pretense, just straightforward good comforting food.  There was a time that I missed AK's food because of its distance to me.  But I am very very happy and excited that since last year - I have frequented Angel's Kitchen more often because I bring Kailee to school.  Angel's Kitchen is my #1 choice when asked where to meet for breakfast.  As you know, I am a creature of habit when it comes to food.  I like having mostly the same thing over and over again.

A few months ago, Angel's Kitchen opened with its new interior AND new dishes!  I have not tried all of them yet, but so far - these two are becoming new favorites:

I like pancakes, I don't love them - but I enjoy them once in a while.  Just last week, I thought - why not deviate from my usual order - so I took the plunge and ordered their Good Morning Pancakes.

I was very surprised when I saw the sizes of the pancakes!  They were huge - well, if you compare them with the usual sizes served in restaurants.  They're also very cutely - ROUND!  Look at the roundness!!  The pancakes were light and fluffy, but mind you - it wasn't airy.  I first thought, why wasn't it served with the usual butter - but you know what, once you take a bite - it's all buttery goodness.  I LOVED IT!  I have a new favorite for breakfast!  And when I say favorite - well, it hasn't been a week since trying it - but I've had the pancakes twice already.  Diba??!!

They also have this new dish, a very hearty and comforting dish - the Beef Spareribs Sinigang with Mangoes.

I was so surprised that the kids liked this dish!  I tried it and knew why - the dish not very maasim but it was very rich and good.  The beef spareribs are soft and very tasty, the soup is just comfortingly, goooood.  I wish we can have unlimited refills of the soup!  Hahaha..  Yaya Belen was surprised and said that beef ribs pala can be used for sinigang.  This so very comforting that it reminds me of my mom's cooking - especially on a rainy day like today.  Argh!  I'm craving for this right now.  Waaaah!!  This is something you'd want to have when you want share a hearty meal with dear friends and loved ones.  Imagine sharing stories and bonding over this Beef Spareribs Sinigang with Mangoes.  Lovely, just lovely!

I just also recently discovered this White Puttanesca Sauce from Angel's Kitchen's Mi Casa.  I was blown over when I tried it.  Mind you, I didn't try it with pasta - I tried it as ulam with rice!  Hahaha..  I loved how the pieces of ingredients were chunky.  I will buy more of this because this will come in handy when I get lazy to cook!  Hahaha..

So there you have it!

Please do visit Angel's Kitchen soon.  I'm sure you'd enjoy the old time favorite and have new ones with their new dishes.

I hope to bump into you there!

Angel's Kitchen
Connecticut Street, Greenhills, San Juan City
Tel. (02) 744-1018

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