#MidaTurns20: Feast of the Pacific

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I dislike going to wet markets.  For one, I cannot distinguish a fresh seafood from an old one.  I remember being given tips to look at the eyes of the fish, to pinching a particular side of a crab.  Those tips have remained tips as I do not personally go to buy fresh fish in the wet market.

In this day and age, I am so very very thankful that good quality seafood is available in supermarkets.  I first saw Pacific Bay packs in S&R.  I assumed that this was imported as the packaging and design was really nice.  It was only last year that I learned that Pacific Bay is 100% Pinoy!  It was so refreshing to learn that Pacific Bay is Pinoy and that they are making seafood available for home cooks!  You know, it makes cooking so much easier AND convenient for us moms.

I remember seeing a pack of Pacific Bay clams in the supemarket - I was so happy!  I bought it and for dinner that day - I made Pasta ala Vongole!  Cooking that was so easy - the clams were already clean and ready to be cooked.  It has cut my prep time to more than half!  I was so happy with the outcome that I swore when I saw it again, I would surely buy a pack or two.  Unfortunately, that never happened again - as it was always out of stock on my supermarket runs.  I think I've got competition in buying them.  Hahaha!!  But the thought that it was available in the supermarkets, was comforting - ika nga, unahan nalang.

Baked Oysters were served during cocktails

I was very excited to be invited to celebrate Pacific Bay's mother company's 20 years in the business.  20 years in a long time - and in that long time, they company has developed relationships with the country's top chefs.  I was most starstruck on Chef Margarita Fores.  That night, there were four (4) chefs that showcased their expertise with certain seafoods offered by Mida Food.  Here they are below:

Hamachi made by Chef Lau

Pulpo a La Gallega

Shrimp Pomelo Salad by Chef Jonas Ng 

 Barramundi with Panettone crumbs by Chef Margarita Fores

A few days after, a bag of goodies arrived at my doorstep.  There was a pack of Jumbo Shrimps, they were already peeled and de-veined.  Convenient right?  So I thought, what have I wanted to cook for the longest time but couldn't?  Tom Yum Goong!  It was perfect.  My sister in law sent me some Tom Yum soup pack and what a perfect way to cook the shrimps! 

And here's the finished product:

The shrimps were still crisp to the bite.  It was very clean on the palate, no taste of *lansa* at all.  It was perfect!  It was really made for us home cooks, so convenient!

Thank you Mida Food for bringing to our homes and tummies the seafood we deserve!  Congratulations again!

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