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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

I honestly didn't have an idea on what PayMaya was.  I had to ask a blogger friend about it, hahaha - yes, I was that clueless.  It's a very interesting concept - PayMaya.  I was glad to be able to listen and see what it's really all about.

PayMaya is basically a prepaid card.  One that needs to have load in order to be used similar to a debit card.  You can pay your utilities, make online purchases and more using PayMaya.  One thing I really liked about PayMaya is the convenience it has because of it's mobile app.  You see, you won't need an actual card to be able to pay your bills and purchase stuff online anymore.  When you register - you are given a virtual card (with a corresponding 16 digit card number that is powered by Mastercard if you're on the Smart/Sun network and Visa if you're on the other network)  You literally have the same benefits like those of a credit card - in terms of shopping online (Amazon & other shopping sites) you can use your virtual card number and go shopping anywhere in the world wide web.  You can receive cash or payments as your parents, friends or customers can load up or pay you via loading in ATMs, banks and other partner establishments.  You are rest assured that it will be accepted by shopping sites as you have the Visa or Mastercard logo on the virtual card.  Just make sure that you have enough *load* before you purchase, okay?

It's very convenient as we know most Filipinos don't own credit cards.  It's better than a credit card because you can monitor your expenses!  There will be no problems of overspending or going over the budget.  The best thing about it is that - all you need is a valid mobile number (from any local network) and a government ID to verify your registration to PayMaya (there's a step that you need to upload your ID for security purposes.  You can link your PayPal account with PayMaya and enjoy the numerous benefits of doing transactions online without the hassle of having to apply for a credit card and stressing that your applications may get declined.

In case you want to have an actual PayMaya card, you can purchase one on the site for P150.00, it can be delivered to your preferred address.  The convenience of the real PayMay card is that you can use it to withdraw funds from any ATM in the country - corresponding charges apply of course depending on the ATM company.

So easy right?  I was able to convince my brother to register and get his virtual card.  He was so impressed on how easy it was to do!  What's more is that you can link the PayMaya card to your Facebook account in case you want to boost your post or place an add.  Cool right?

I'm very excited on what PayMaya has in store for us in the coming months.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get the PayMaya app on Google Play Store or on the Apple App Store and start enjoying the convenience of having a PayMaya account.


PayMaya enables modern parents to save time, track expenses through digital payments

MANILA, Philippines, May 27, 2017—Millennials are known to do things differently, including parenting. With a number of them now experiencing parenthood, the generation of digital natives is maximizing technology to raise their children the right way, and to manage their household efficiently.  

PayMaya, the country’s pioneer and leader in digital financial services and mobile money, underscores how basic household transactions can be made hassle-free and more secure through an e-wallet. Designed for the underserved to have a safe and accessible means to pay online, PayMaya extends its services to millennial parents in search for a better way to pay bills, send and receive money, and more.

“As a generation that grew up surrounded by technology, millennials expect the same level of convenience in paying bills, sending money, and shopping online. PayMaya evolves with its market by empowering millennial parents with the financial services they need, in the most secure, user-friendly, and convenient way possible,” said PayMaya Philippines COO Paolo Azzola.

The Modern Household’s Partner for Payments

With PayMaya, consumers can pay utility bills in-app, anytime and anywhere. They can give their kids allowance or emergency money without leaving the office or while on-the-go. Parents can also pay the family driver or give the household help a grocery budget with just a few taps on their smartphone.

To help account holders keep track of their expenses, as well as the expenses of PayMaya cards linked to their account, a real-time SMS notification is sent for every transaction. A transaction record is also automatically updated in the app.

For parents who are also ‘digipreneurs’, PayMaya can be used to pay for webhosting and sponsored posts on social media. They can also rely on PayMaya to pay suppliers and receive payments from customers. For freelancers who receive fees from clients overseas, PayMaya can be linked to a global payment platform like PayPal to withdraw their earnings. Money transferred to their PayMaya wallet can be immediately used to transact online, pay bills, or withdrawn as cash in any Bancnet ATM.

PayMaya can be used to pay anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted, including seat sales, paid mobile apps, and on-demand services such as Uber, Netflix, and Spotify. Users can also save on mobile and data load in all networks with all bundles and offers at 5% off in the PayMaya app.

“We all know that parenting is not an easy feat. At PayMaya, we want to help parents manage their finances in a more efficient way through digital solutions. We work hard to lighten the load of our customers so they can have more time, energy, and resources for their loved ones and for their personal fulfillment,” said Sharon Kayanan, Marketing and Brand Head at PayMaya Philippines.

PayMaya is my reliable partner in paying bills. It saves me from the stress of commuting and waiting in line just to settle my utility and phone bills. Without a doubt, PayMaya helps me be more productive as a mom and blogger,” shared Ava Te-Zabat, millennial parent and founder of the blog ‘Artsy Fartsy Ava’.

Wiji Lacsamana, a tattoo artist, illustrator, natural perfumer, and millennial mom also shared, “Freelancing is more efficient now with PayMaya. It allows me to pay and get paid instantly without the need to carry cash, which I find inconvenient and unsafe. After receiving my payment from clients, I can immediately use PayMaya to promote my business through social media ads. No need to leave my studio just to withdraw money or make payments."

What is PayMaya?

PayMaya is a free and secure app that gives users a reloadable mobile wallet, which allows them to send and receive money, pay their bills, and shop anywhere online even without having a credit card. Users simply have to download the PayMaya app, register, load up in over 15,000 touch points nationwide. Smart, TNT, and Sun Cellular subscribers will receive a virtual Mastercard upon registration to PayMaya, while Globe subscribers will receive a virtual Visa card.

Users may also opt to have a PayMaya Visa physical card or Smart MasterCard, which can be linked to their mobile wallet. PayMaya physical cards can be used to pay in groceries, bookstores, malls, or any store that accepts card payments. It can be ordered online at, free of delivery charge nationwide.
PayMaya reloading stations include SM Business Centers, Robinsons Department Stores, 711 with Cliqq Kiosks, Petron stations along NLEX, Ministop outlets with Touchpay Kiosks, UnionBank ATMs, Shopwise, Wellcome, 2Go outlets, Smart Padala centers, Palawan Pawnshop branches, and online banking via BDO.

For more information, visit Join the conversation online by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @PayMayaOfficial. Get support at @PayMayaCares on Facebook.

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