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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Color is the spice of life.  Well, to be honest, without color - things can be a little different.  My parents would tell me that they first saw television in black and white!  Movies - those Charlie Chaplin movies, were in black and white.  Imagine everyones delight when they finally saw TV in color.  I would remember watching period movies that emphasized that the show is now *In Color!*  And movies - how the colors takes us into another world.

When I first saw a Roy & Biv store, I was fascinated.  I mean, they were able color coordinate their displays and you don't see that everyday, right?  It was something different to me and so I would spend minutes just looking at the display rack of a certain color and admire all of the things on display, it was mesmerizing.  My Panget would always call my attention to hurry, I guess inside a Roy&Biv store - I was always get stuck in a moment.

So when I visited Roy & Biv Glorietta recently, well - I made sure to be alone this time.  I didn't want anyone waiting for me or telling me to hurry up.  As predicted, the same thing happened, what I thought was an easy task of grab and go shopping was not what happened.  I spent quite a while looking through the displays.  I walked back and forth looking at the stuff and thinking, what should I get.  I initially thought I'd stick to one color - but I didn't.  Hahaha!! :)

It was really mesmerizing, it was like I was in a daze.  I really enjoyed shopping at Roy & Biv.  Look at the pictures and for sure you'll understand what I mean.  I get easily drawn when I see a display of things of the same color.

I'm really a sucker for stationaries.  Even if I know I don't need them, I still get them.  Someday, maybe writing letters will make a comeback, hahaha!  I wish!  But seriously, I wish they'd make a come back.

I wish they'd sell the gum ball machines.  Hahaha!!  I would love to have one in the house.  Hihi.. :)

Visit Roy & Biv and enjoy the stuff they've curated for every color, they're really very interesting.  I'm sure you'd see something you'll like.

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