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Saturday, April 08, 2017

I am sooooo lazy to put on sunscreen.  I only put them on when I got to Subic during Holy Week.  In all other places that I go to even if it's sunny, I don't put them on at all.  I hate the feeling plus my skin gets all bumpy afterwards.

I have read soooo many articles saying how important sunscreen is even if you're inside the office.  Apparently, there are still UV rays found in indoor lightings.  I would always tell myself, I'm inside the office anyway.  Bahala na si Batman.

I am very loyal when it comes to skin care brands, so for sunscreen on my face I only trust a few brands, namely Shiseido and Neutrogena.  Shiseido is expensive, while Neutrogena well, it's not as pricey but finding it in Manila a few years ago was impossible.  I remember ordering all of my sunscreen in Amazon just in time for it to arrive before the Holy Week.  I was so happy when I saw Neutrogena sunscreen/sunblock being launched years ago here in Manila.  At least I won't need to order in Amazon anymore.

A day before I was to go back to Manila, Tanya, a friend messaged me asking me if I can buy her refills of an Innisfree Sunscreen cushion.  I got curious and started asking her all sorts of questions.  When I heard cushion, I immediately assumed it was a tinted sunscreen, but I was wrong - this one, the Innisfree Sunscreen Cushion is not tinted at all.  I'm easily convinced, especially if friends swear by a certain products.  So on my last day, I was eagerly looking for an Innisfree store or counter.  Sadly, I couldn't find one.  So I told myself, you know what - if it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

After our last lunch in Seoul, I was already telling myself, *lower your expectations* - if you don't see a store, then it's not meant to be.  On the way to the airport, I was secretly wishing that I'd see an Innisfree store or counter.  Imagine, the days before my friend messaged me, I was seeing Innisfree EVERYWHERE!  Hahahaha.. How ironic, noh?

When we were done checking in our bags, I still had to return my KT Olleh pocket wifi.  It was quite a distance to the Korea Telecom kiosk, so as I was walking there, I noticed a brightly lit store in the middle of the check in counters.  The store had no signs whatsoever, but I had a feeling that it was a beauty store.  As I walked closer, I saw the word Innisfree!  I decided to return my pocket wifi first before going to the store, I mean, I didn't know how long I'd take looking at the products!  Hahaha..  So I went back after leaving my pocket wifi.  The first thing I did was show a picture of the Innisfree Sunscreen Cushion refill to the staff.  I honestly didn't know what I was looking for, luckily she pointed to the products!  They had it in the store!  Yahooooooo!!  I looked at the price and it was 12,000KRW, I got 2 pieces for my friend Tanya and then decided to add another one for myself to try.  Since I only got a refill, I had to buy a compact to place it into - I let the Innisfree staff choose a design for me because I didn't want to think anymore.  Haha!  As I was about to pay, she then told me that some tinted lipbalms were on buy one take one, I picked a light shade and got a pair, one for me and one for Kailee.  Hahahaha!! :)

When I got home, I opened the refill and placed it on the compact.  I just looked at it and it was so cute and girly!  Hahaha..  Then last Sunday, because the kids were going swimming, I decided - why not try the sunscreen cushion to see if it works (para hindi naman sayang pera diba?), I was impressed that it was so easy to put on, it didn't feel greasy and heavy.  I even did retouch after an hour and it was so easy to do!

I was telling myself, sana pala these Koreans thought about this sunscreen cushion 10 years ago!  Hahaha.. But in fairness, I'm so glad that Koreans are very innovative when it comes to skin care products.  It's really considerate of them to think of a more convenient way to put on sunscreen without the icky icky feeling on the hands.  This is a great option for those always on the go.  I read also that you can put this on first, and then your foundation.  Galing diba?????

Now, I wish I had someone with me to peer pressure me into buying these stuff.  Hahaha!! :)  Thanks Tanya, you were instrumental.  Hehehehe...

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