Happy 1st Birthday Belo Baby!

Friday, March 17, 2017

My kids are sensitive creatures.  I'm sure you've read it here on this blog that they have skin asthma.  Believe me, I have exhausted my time and resources trying to find them products that will not irritate their skin.  Last year, I was so happy to learn and experience Belo Baby.

It's been a year and what a year it has been.  It was filled with surprising discoveries!  I can only say good things, very good things on the Belo Baby line.  I'm very happy to share that my kids and I love love Belo Baby products.   Belo Baby products are crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms - and I am that particular mom.   I am so glad that Belo Baby products are found in most supermarkets and department stores.  It's so easy to find - and it suits my kids' skin condition.  I'm really very happy that you can find it most anywhere.  No need to worry about having the time looking for these products.  Thank you Belo Baby for being available most everywhere.

We love all three products!  But my kids' favorite has to be the Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash.  It's a two in one product that uses only natural ingredients and is gentle on the hair and the body.  Ever since trying these products last year, it has been a staple in the kid's bath time - and a staple in our travel toiletry kit too.  Yes, we have brought the Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash in ALL of our travels last year.  If only the bottles we brought can just talk - I'm sure it would have told tales of adventures, laughter and delight.  My kids would look forward to bath time (away from home) and look for their favorite Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash!

My personal favorite is the Belo Baby Lotion.  There's a reason why it's my favorite - I confess, I use this too on myself.  Hahaha!!  It was just last year that I learned that I too had sensitive skin.  My legs would feel really itchy and I thought that I had allergies or something.  And so when I finally saw a dermatologist, she suggested that I try and use products that I use on my kids.   To be honest, I was very skeptical - but since the product is being used by the kids - I might as well try it, right?  And so  I tried the Belo Baby Lotion on myself.   I was honestly nervous, I mean - seriously, I was dreading the process of looking for a product that would suit me.  Imagine, in my mind, I was already thinking of products to try had Belo Baby Lotion not work on me.  But you know what,  I was so surprised and happy that the Belo Baby Lotion worked on me!  To think that I'm already in my 30s, ha!  It was such a huge huge huge relief that I am *hiyang* with the product.  I'm impressed that a products made for kids can also be used by adults!  Hahaha!  No need to search far and wide for a product that suits me - Belo Baby Lotion works for adults and kids alike!

As for the soap, well - we have it in all our sinks at home!  I am at the stage where I try and instill in my children the habit of washing their hands every so often.  Cleanliness is next to godliness, right?  And what better product to use than Belo Baby Soap, it's gentle, it cleanses and it's made of natural ingredients.  I am not afraid anymore of having to worry that their skin gets dry and cracked from too much washing of their hands.

The BEST thing about Belo Baby products is that it's 100% Filipino.  I'm proud that a product like Belo Baby can compete with foreign brands in giving the Filipino kids and adults a product that is world class.

It's been a wonderful year Belo Baby.  Thank you to the Belo family for crafting wonderful products for kids.  I am so happy to have found your products.  Skin care has changed for us since we first used Belo Baby products.

Happy Happy 1st  Birthday Belo Baby!

Because we love love love Belo Baby products, the Belo family wishes to give you guys a chance to win their products!  Belo Baby has been so kind to sponsor a giveaway here on this blog!!  Yahoooo!!  Just post a comment with your name and valid email address sharing your Belo Baby moment!

Three (3) winners will be announced on March 24, 2017 :)

This giveaway is open to everyone in the Philippines!  Yes, you read that right - the giveaway is NATIONWIDE!  So happy that  #BeloBaby will ship your prized to you!!  So please join!!


  1. Belo Baby helps me bond with my baby. Since the products are crafted for my baby and the whole family, Budget-friendly, the whole family can use it and it will take care, protects and nourishes our skin. Making it soft and smooth to touch. And according to Doctors, touching, skin-to-skin contact can promote my baby's healthy growth and development. Belo Baby helps us to have a skin-to-skin bonding,because we're both have smooth and healthy skin. Love these Belo Baby Hair and Body wash & Belo Baby face and body lotion.
    Hershey Ann Gercio

  2. Kristine Pelayo
    My favorite Belo baby moment, I always put lotion on my daughter after to take a bath, I love how it kept her skin moisturized even during these hot summer days. I used it to her daily and it doesn't have any harsh effects on her skin. My daughter likes its scent so much. Every time I applied it on her skin, she smelled and smiled at me. It has a pleasant scent that is not strong or overwhelming at all, which I greatly appreciate. #BeloBaby

  3. As a Dad, The best Belo baby moment I loved my daughter Belo baby lotion and I use for her daily activities in her school, and so far, it has worked wonders in keeping my daughter's skin soft and smooth. so I can say that it can lasts longer than the other brand. Aside from being affordable though it's a 100% natural product, the cleansing properties is really nice it's very gentle and has a pleasant smell too. #BeloBaby
    Jeffrey Agustin

  4. My son Daryl has a very sensitive skin, even when he still a baby up until now.. He usually has rashes that are really itchy plus there are times that he also has irritations even in his scalps turning into wounds already.. We have tried different products, some are even expensive but it never worked for him.. Not until Belo Baby has launched last year, its own line of skin friendly products for babies even kids.. I've decided to try it out since I am very desperate to find a product that would really work for my baby, and not only that Belo Baby works for my Daryl but it is also very affordable, (budget friendly din.. Haha) So from then on "Only Belo touches my kiddos skin".. We will definitely stick to Belo Baby..:)

    Angelica Monique Lugtu

  5. My daughter is using Belo Baby Products since it was launched last year and since then we did not switched. We love how the hair and body wash lathers gently and smoothly on her hair and skin. Even I is always excited every bath time because we will be using again the safest, the gentlest, and the baby scent products that take good care of our hair and skin. Bath time is our Belo Moment, our special bonding moment because it our time to lather each other and play with the bubbles! I have no worries that our skin will get irritated even if we stay longer in the bath with our dancing and singing with the bubbles and banters because Belo Baby makes us and our head to toe very happy. After taking a bath, we never missed to put on the face and body lotion and it even smoothens our skin too, we are applying lotion to each other and dab Belo Baby cologne to complete our routine. I love the bond the Belo Baby creates with every mom and kid. We love it and we are so thankful because there is a baby product specially crafted for our baby and for the entire family.

    Happy 1st Birthday Belo Baby! This is a start of more and more milestones to come! Thank you for creating products that really take good care of our skin and a product that is a channel of creating a special bond of mom and baby. Continue to make every home happy and full of healthy hair and skin and of course full of cuteness, sweetness and love. God bless you a real big!

    Roxane Montierro

  6. Happy 1st birthday Belo Baby!
    We love Belo Baby because I am worry-free when my little one uses it. It is Hypoallergenic,chemical-free, safe and gentle leaving a clean and fresh skin— definitely safe for our little ones! A must try excellent baby product!Thank you so much Belo Baby because you always made our bonding extra special! Not only with my little one but with my whole family.

  7. Happy 1st birthday Belo Baby!
    We love Belo Baby because I am worry-free when my little one uses it. It is Hypoallergenic,chemical-free, safe and gentle leaving a clean and fresh skin— definitely safe for our little ones! A must try excellent baby product!Thank you so much Belo Baby because you always made our bonding extra special! Not only with my little one but with my whole family.

  8. We really love Belo Baby product, kahit sa play time nya nagagamit din nya ito, im happy na creative si Baby na aaliw ako everytime na nakikita ang Anak kona ganyan ang ginagawa nya.
    Bello Moment hindi lang every Bath time during play time din 😍
    Love na love ng Anak ko ang Bath time nya, i think @belobabylove help me na makapag bond kami ng Baby ko dahil mas na eenjoy namin ang Bath time nya na safe ako kahit mag babad sya sa soap nya, kaya naman super nag eenjoy kami every bath time nya. After din maligo sa pag Aply ng lotion nya gumagawa ako ng Shape sa skin nya at nag eenjoy sya, kaya naman mas nadadag dagan ang closeness nami ni Baby ko.
    This is our Belo Moment,

    Jennifer Pasion-Potian

  9. I was able to use this product when I got pregnant with my firstborn last year. Being a first time mom, I was wary of using products that would harm my baby. So when I saw this product, I thought if its safe enough for babiea, it would be good enough for me too. My favorite would be the face and hand lotion as I love the shea scent. It's very moisturizing and not sticky at all. My son is now 6months old and he's hiyang with the soap. The pedia gave the thumbs up as his previous soap used to dry his skin and gets irritable. Now he enjoys bath time and loves splashing around.

    Rodchelle Moratin

  10. This comment has been long overdue. Still I would like to say thank you Didi and Belo!!! I was able to receive the prizes for my little one. I'm sure bath and bonding time would be a lot more special now that he has the complete line of products. Thanks much!